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Skin stuff: what I’m using Feb 2021

You know the drill, it's the new year and we are all being served up a shit tonne of ads from various beauty companies telling us ways that we can improve ourselves, our skin...our lives! There are recipes on TikTok that we should be making that are easy, lists too download, it's all quite … [Read more...]

Skin & Hair Update: Good stuff I’m using and Perioral dermatitis update

Just in time for m 42nd birthday a few weeks back I managed to get the dreaded perioral dermatitis back again. Insert eyeroll here. DEAD SET. For those that may be new here, this is a skin condition I have been getting for the past 6 years. SIX. You can read about it in these posts: Initial … [Read more...]

Skin Update: What I have been doing/using

I felt like I did this last update post not that long ago and I just checked and it's bang on 12 months. Huh! So maybe it was a long time... It's been about 2 years now since I tried to be a grown up and look after my skin. You can check out this series of posts to see a little about my trial … [Read more...]

Skin update: What I have been doing/using

I thought I'd do an updated post on one I wrote a few months ago about what's the best products to put on my face. There were SO many good comments and more than a couple that doubled and tripled up on what was good. So thought I would do a solid round up on what was suggested by lots of YOU and … [Read more...]

Skin update (Go-To & Perioral dermatitis)

I think the last time I posted about my skin I may have promised to do a further update in 3 weeks time. And that may or may not have been almost 3 months ago. But anyway! It's here nonetheless! It was about mid April this year, APRIL (which I kind of feel like was only last month) that I … [Read more...]

Go-To skincare: 3 weeks in

This is not a sponsored post...I ponied up the cold hard cash for all the products myself but wanted to share how things were going with it....3 weeks in. You'll remember a few weeks ago now I said that I was going to try out Zoe's skincare range (Go-To) as I was officially getting old, the … [Read more...]

Skin deep

Is there ANYTHING better than a cool change after a hot day? Overnight one swept through here so that when we went to bed and it was 25 degrees we woke to 10 this morning...delightful! I've had a productive morning stacking wood for the fire that will be on tonight, mopping floors and pottering … [Read more...]

The Fear. The wooze: 5 mins in my skin

So, I am 12 weeks this week. That magical number which *should* mean that I start to feel better soon, that my energy will slowly come back, that I get to see that I actually have a baby inside of me. That it is healthy, and doing all it should be. I should be excited to be so close but I have to … [Read more...]

Maggie is now 8!

Somehow our baby turned 8 last month. HOW I ASK YOU. Remember when she was one? And then two? And then three? And then four? And then five? And then six? And then seven? And now eight. I know it's so cliche to say how fast it all goes, but my … [Read more...]

Our family trip to Uluru-Kata Tjuta

I didn’t even let myself think about planning for this trip until the day that we left for the airport hotel. I was CERTAIN that one of the family would get covid and that all the plans would go into a spin and if I didn’t think it would go ahead, that it actually might. Which may have been the … [Read more...]

Life at 43, 11 months, 3.5 weeks

The days have done that turn now, where you can see that they are longer at 5.30am when there's light and at 5.40pm when it's still not dark yet. The birds, the buds on the trees and blossoms and roses are starting to wake up and the promise of it all is as exciting as it ever has been. No matter … [Read more...]

One pan Asian roasted chicken & rice

I made this again for dinner this week after making it up on the fly a few months ago. It's really such a great, simple and tasty mid week dinner that I thought I better get on the blog so we can all find it easily enough. Like any one pan dish I think these are genius as there's less washing up, … [Read more...]

Trinny London: 4 weeks in

One of the most requested messages I have one Instagram at the moment besides RECIPE?! is how are you going with Trinny London? Is it worth the money? Are you loving it? Are you a little meh on it all? So I thought I better give you guys a proper update given it's been about 1 month now since all my … [Read more...]

A little mid week woo woo

Most mornings I wake up and while Rob makes my morning coffee I spend a riveting 5 minute telling him the intricate details of whatever dream I have had. It must be truly fascinating for him (sorry Rob). I have always been a vivid dreamer, someone who has a strong intuition for things or people, … [Read more...]

He did, he did, he did

Before Rob's Dad died I remember reading, or having someone tell me that nursing someone when they are dying is much like witnessing and helping a birthing mother. The passage of life, both in and out similar in so many ways. I remember telling Rob, not knowing if we would all be there at the time, … [Read more...]

The year of firsts

Yesterday morning I woke up with a song in my head. It goes round and round, an itch that needs to be scratched until I listen to the song. This was Billy Joel's Allentown a song I loved as kid in the 80's, and one that become infamous again with my Father in law when it was his 60th and he hosted a … [Read more...]

Good Things

A new day and morning is certainly a good thing isn't it? Light from about 5.40 around here, spring birds singing and the most glorious spring days. We have had a little blast of cold weather so it's a chilly 1 degree outside, but the fire is going and the wood pile stacked high and it's the end of … [Read more...]

The weight

On the weekend I opened my pantry and could no longer stand the sight of the shitfight that was in front of me. You know the drill: corner pantry that you can't see into properly, a pandemic and an over supply of tinned tomatoes, things pushed in front of what is behind, wedged until the whole thing … [Read more...]

One pan Greek lemon chicken with yoghurt & risoni

I have been meaning to put this recipe together for weeks now and now that I have come to do it...I can't really remember what I put in it! Helpful isn't it?! This was something I made up as I went and definitely needs a little tweaking but it's a delicious one pot wonder (actually two as you have … [Read more...]

Birthday bliss at Bask

I always love the chance to escape somewhere for a weekend - everyone in buy family (mostly ME) know how much fun holiday Beth is. She relaxes, she sleeps in, she doesn't make the bed, she leaves clothes all over the floor and she loves to cook and read. The chance for holiday Beth to come out is … [Read more...]