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Good morning friends. Maggie woke up at 4.40am this morning because she was excited about a playdate this afternoon with a friend, it’s been a long morning already with HOURS left before she even gets to school and even longer until this afternoon. Isn’t it good to have things to look forward to though? We all need that to help us get through. Right now for me it’s our break at Christmas. Can you believe this time next month it will be Christmas Eve? Me either.

I’ve gone early on the Christmas decos and I couldn’t be happier with my choices to be honest.

In a world of worry and angst and fear I believe that fairy lights could be the answer. A little hope, a little magic and reminder of all the good that still exists in the world. I can’t wait to get our tree this weekend and enjoy that smell of fresh pine and sparkle at night. We could all use a little Christmas magic this year, I say go for it.

The roses are magnificent in the garden at the moment and I have bunches of them on every surface I can find. The kids and Rob are a little bored at my constant exclamations of “LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE JUST LOOK” but seriously. Look at them! Rain in their roots for the first time in a long time and they are rewarding us with darker colours, glossy green leaves and an abundance of blooms. Thank you ladies, we sure needed it. It’s balm for the soul.

And don’t get me started on the sweetness that I planted the weekend that we first went into lockdown in Australia. They were literally a seed of hope, I wondered if things would be better when they bloomed, and in so many ways the world is so much worse than it was then. But I keep looking at them, knowing that things move eventually, seasons pass and this awful time for so many people will eventually pass. On we go, ever moving.

Speaking of other lovely things, we had the most wonderful drinks at our friends BEAUTIFUL newly renovated cottage in the village on Saturday night. This place you guys, you’d die. I was dead.  Custom made everything, the most beautiful style and design. One of the great joys of living where we do is the beautiful homes we have been lucky enough to sneak into and this one was a real gem. Such a generous treat to have someone invite you into their home and share a piece of their heart isn’t it? It just never gets old for me, like a kid when I was little and I would go into a friend’s bedroom. I just LOVE this stuff.

And I do love taking a little hostess gift as you know. A little posy of herbs from the garden, a teeny little bird feeder for their new garden and a new platter from the shop from Lucy and I. Thanks for having us boys, what a treat it was x

I’ve also pimped up the front door for the festive season and it’s making me so happy to walk in and out all day (which I do, a lot). Hydrangeas really make it feel like summer. And it’s almost here you guys. Somehow.

And so I go with my day, it’s now time for tea and toast for the teenager, and a countdown for the 5 year old about when it’s time for the play date. Rob has gone away for 2 days with work – it’s just SO bloody good to finally see him with some work again for the first time all year. It’s flat chat with the shop (have you had a look yet? We have so much good stuff in there right now). So the weeks fly by with all the craziness that comes with retail this time of year. Thanks for sitting with me for a while.

I hope you are ok. Are you ok? Holding up? I hope you can deeply smell a rose, admire a fairy light or make a corner of your home look cute and make you happy. Invite someone over and show them some love. It’s the simple things you guys. Don’t we know that this year more than ever.

Hope you have something to look forward to as well x


  1. This actually made me cry, realising how sad I am and how sad my home is.
    I just need to make a corner of my home cute and happy, just a tiny space that reflects who I am.
    Your place looks fab and those roses oh my….allergies prevent floral displays here sadly.
    I wasn’t even sure I’d bother with the Xmas decs this year as no kids home now and we are going to them for Xmas this year, but seeing your fairy lights maybe I’ll do lights
    Cheers Kate.
    PS the slippers arrived so beautifully wrapped, as they are a gift for my daughter I haven’t opened them, they look too gorgeous.

  2. What a treat for the eyes this is. And you cannot underestimate the power of fairy lights! Instantly makes me smile.

  3. How sweet are you taking a gorgeous gift with you! Do you see the bird feeder, sorry I couldn’t find it in your shop. Thanks sarah

  4. A lovely post with some great reminders. The simple things are so special and often overlooked. My Mum has always said enjoy your home filled with family and friends and you’ll always have great memories. We have started Christmas decorating at work and at home and I am just loving it ❤️

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