Good Things

A new day and morning is certainly a good thing isn’t it? Light from about 5.40 around here, spring birds singing and the most glorious spring days. We have had a little blast of cold weather so it’s a chilly 1 degree outside, but the fire is going and the wood pile stacked high and it’s the end of term tomorrow.

The Waratahs are out too.

My friend Mrs Munro dropped them off to me late Saturday afternoon after Mr M took to her tree with a chain saw. I am so grateful they are just glorious. Isn’t nature wonderful after all the droughts and fires to still be able to produce things like this?

Our spring garden is a joy to behold at the moment too. While it’s not at it’s peak as yet – the clematis and the wisteria will be another week or so yet, the green of the new growth and the lawn after it being a dry crisp in December and January is astounding. Gardens huh? They truly are living lessons in life and acceptance and joy.

It’s coming up to 10 years since we moved here if you can believe that, and if you have been following me for as long as that. Amazing isn’t it? I STILL get excited and can’t believe that this place is ours. That we get to raise out family here and that this is our life. It STILL amazes me. How lucky we are.

All the wonderful friends we have made, the places we get to experience, the produce, the food, the people the place. I have been ruminating about it all and hope I can put it all into words when the time is right.

Some things I have been using that are also good that were worth sharing with you guys are these. Obvs not sponsored because no there is no paid work for bloggers anymore…

These bits of make up I got a few months ago now from Mecca.

This mascara.  It’s excellent. Great length and I can get it off at night using Go-To oil cleanser pretty easily (I sometimes need a little Miceller water after but it’s great. As is that oil cleanser.

This eye shadow palette is also excellent. Working with a make up artist earlier this month she raved about Too faced as a brand. Get onto it.

Also love this highlighter that you need just a wee bit of on the tops of cheeks and anywhere that the light hits (think middle of forehead, down the middle of nose etc). I like it.

This is the very best shampoo going around is you have blonde hair, but all her products are the very best. You can get it from Priceline. If you see it, buy it all, that’s an order.

Buy these tomatoes too from Woolies because they are CUTE. Although I can’t find them online so maybe they were limited edition and maybe they are all gone now. SAD FACE.

This spray for dishes. Riveting I know, but it’s actually really good and more than that, SATISFYING. Spray and leave and rinse. It got the burnt bits of a spat Bol pot last week that I had turned up too high. Spray that foamy spray and tell me you aren’t sold too.

And speaking of sprays, I have been using this perfume for the last little while and I love it. Although the sprayer bit is broken so it shoots out a line rather than a nice spray which is a bit sad. But it’s lovely nonetheless.

But that’s enough about me and my good stuff, tell me everything that you know that’s good.
I bet there’s heaps to share?
A good makeup trick?
Something from your garden?
Something you made?



  1. My little flower farm project is coming to life and the ranunculas are so pretty. The garden is my saviour!

  2. These cans of Mutti tomatoes are so cute! I grabbed a bunch from Woolies @ Corrimal in both the cherry and standard italian tomatoes. We are using them for styling this week in a new kitchen design my partner has completed They’ll look great as props (and then we can eat them)

    I have spent the week making a gorgeous linen robe (Lucie Robe from @wearethefabricstore) and pj set for my girlfriends birthday and dance costume making for my daughters first dance eisteddfod this year. A busy but great week for me making for others.

  3. Somethings I made:
    Made Annabel Crabb’s punched cucumber salad again last night – DELISH. Also, this might be the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made:
    Something from the garden: Did a swap with a colleague at the end of the term and she brought me a bouquet of lavender and I bought her some rosemary.
    Beauty stuff; I’ve been wearing less makeup because I’m on school hols but have been reminded of how much I love the Go-To Tinted Zincredible. Just enough coverage to make me look alive.

  4. LOVE that hair range, I’ve got literally everything.

    The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is THE TITS. hand down best mascara ever ever ever

    Anyway love you bye

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