Monday Meal Ideas: Warming winter family dinners

Here we are on a VERY bleak and wet Monday morning. I’m waiting for some daylight to survey the water damage outside it has been such heavy rain for over many, many hours. The weather calls for comfort cooking, for food when hungry kids get in the door late they can smell what’s cooking and say “Oh yum, what’s for dinner?!” These are all simple and tasty and can be whipped up ahead of time too if you want or can get organised during the day.

Baked chorizo risotto
Ricotta gnocchi with tomato veggie sauce
Baked ribs and pasta (2 dinners in one dish)
Chicken fried rice

How is your week ahead looking? I have Lucy away on holidays so am running the shop by myself so a little more workload for me there. Kids are back into and busy with sport and then next weekend we are heading away for the weekend which I am excited about. Victoria, we are all thinking of you and hope that the week ahead is as good as it can be under current circumstances. NSW, I sure think you are teetering on the edge…always anxious to see what comes of a new week ahead.

For now I will anxiously await daylight and see what the day will bring: trees down, flooding, power out etc etc. Wish us luck! Have a great week friends x


  1. Made Rob’s lamb shanks yesterday! Very one loved them – they are definitely going on the list for a regular appearance! They were so good, and easy to make. Thanks for sharing😉

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