Monday Meal ideas: Rainy weather food

Is it wet where you are? My goodness we have had some rain over the past week it’s been extraordinary. Literally not stopping, ok from torrential to shower then back to torrential, everything feels wet and muggy and slippery and just gross. Including me! And don’t get me started on the laundry situ we have going on. Sigh.

Here’s some comfort food to get cooking when it’s gloomy outside that will definitely make you feel good on the inside.

Vegetarian Lasagne
Sunshine rice
Beef stove top casserole
Tomato, vegetable & risoni soup

How’s your week looking friends? I am running around like a crazy woman making sure we are all organised to go away and that everything is lined up on the home front for the girls. It’s going to be stressful, it’s going to go way too fast and it’s going to involve a sweaty neck…come on sunshine…I need you!

Hope you all have a good one x


  1. Cate Lawrence says

    Nice, it’s been raining the last three days here in Berlin-so much for spring!

  2. So much rain! And too hot to put the fire on to dry out the house or any of the 10,000 loads of washing banked up.

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