The Throne Rangers: A podcast for Royal enthusiasts {ep 21}

While our last episode was all about Megs and Hazza, we have an entire episode dedicated to the Cambridges and their tour of Pakistan and more. So much going on with these guys!

We cover of every angle and outfit of the tour…Cath (and Will) really trotted out some pearlers for us.

There’s so much to discuss, along with all your questions for us too. You can have a listen here:

Or check out on iTunes here

Thanks so much for listening and supporting us with likes, comments and questions…we hope you enjoy this episode and will be sure to be back again soon when normal Throne Rangers and ALL coverage of the entire Royal fam is covered off.


  1. Hi Beth, loved the podcast, thank you. For what it is worth I thought the Cambridges totally nailed the Pakistan tour. Oh my goodness…I thought that arrival photo of them getting off the plane was next level, the lights, the awaiting crowds, the glamorous travel outfits. I want to look like that at the end of a flight!

    The all white cricket outfit was another fashion highlight for me, so cool and casual looking. Cricket has never looked so fun and easy.

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