The Throne Rangers: A podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {ep 14}

It’s that time again – a brand new episode of the Podcast has landed just in time for your Easter holiday listening. There’s LOTS to cover off and a disclaimer: due to a recording error the last 2 mins were cut off abruptly but we can assure you that not much was missed there! In the meantime let’s take a look at what we cover off:

Haz & Megs have left one cottage for another and are currently spending some time massaging her perineum in preparation for what’s to come (spoiler alert we actually don’t know if that’s what is happening) but we discuss the baby moon, baby birth date predictions etc etc.

And also a little of what they have been up to (which is not that much).

There’s MUCH to discuss about Cath and Will and THOSE rumours. Here they are with Rose in fact!

Cath was seen with her Maj…

Chuck and Camilla were seen having a frolic in the Caribbean…

And there was some black tie action with everyone looking FABULOUS.

So much to cover off really so let’s just get into it. You can listen to the post here or on your favourite podcast app…

Or you can listen through iTunes here. You can also check out Veggie’s recap on the episode in this post. 

Hope you enjoy and apologies again for the sharp ending to episode 14. Also, we have been doing the podcast for 12 months now…thanks so much for listening and following along x

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