Well it’s ABOUT time we were back with a new episode don’t you think? Sheesh, you take a couple of Mums with school holidays and everything turns to SHITE. But! We are back with a brand spanking new episode which is jammed pack with ALL OF THE THINGS. And weren’t there a lot of things over the past few weeks?

Throne Rangers Podcast

Where do we begin? HERE.

Haz and Megs went on a tour to Ireland where a few amazing folks were trotted out, like this one. AND there was neat hair! Not a tendril in sight.

And this one. Hashtag not preggers.

And then this one where you could see all of the boob action. Imagine what a normal person would look like in this number? Sheesh. See also: neat hair! And that little leprechaun with the dogs!

Speaking of Megs, she did have a bit of a problem when she trotted out this Oscar De La Renta expensive sheet/tablecloth arrangement for a family wedding. Even Haz is a little confused about the whole thing….really darls? It’s not our favourite.

But speaking of favourites, can we take a moment for the fabulousness of THIS ensemble? My fave. From the lot of them….5 stars from the Throne Rangers!

There’s LOTS more to discuss too like THIS visit…OH NO YOU DITN’T.

And a certain tonal Christening….oh Louis!

Wimbledon! Caribbean holidays! Too much to mention…

Do you should totally just go and download the episode and have a listen. Which you can do here:

Or you can listen through iTunes here. Hope you enjoy this episode x

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