The Throne Rangers: A podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {ep 6}

Just when you think things can’t get busier on the Royal schedule we have ALL of the things in the past fortnight. We’ve got birthdays & events galore!

Let’s not forget Trooping the colour for her Maj where we get to enjoy the family balcony spectacular!

My fave is watching Kate in full parenting distracting flight. I have a 3 year old too sister, I am feeling you.

Speaking of Kate in flight, the very next day she was at a charity polo match where she was hanging with the kids and you know, running in espadrilles. Which you do when you are super human.

Her Maj has been in lots of purple and lilac, Wills on bikes and Megs and Haz doing their newlywed thing in carriages.

You can catch up on ALL the details on this week’s episode (Episode 6) online here:

Or you can check it out on iTunes here. Hope you enjoy!

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