The Throne Rangers: A Podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {Ep 9}

Phew! Veggie Mama and I FINALLY got our shit together and recorded a brand new episode of The Throne Rangers and it’s jam packed with post summer Royal Goodness!

There’s been a little break over the summer for the Royals but they are slowly and surely coming back into the spotlight from their Cotswold cottage (apparently Meg’s Ma Doria spent some time there too).

Haz and Megs (the newly names Duke & Duchess of THIRST) have been here…(Como darhhhhling)

Hanging with this bloke you may have heard of…

Can you even imagine what that would have looked like when the 4 of them, the twins and the nannies met on the terrazzo for a Spritz to discuss how they can continue to save the world? Sigh…

They also managed to get to the Castle of Mey in Scotland to spend some time with Camilla and Chuck where I spent more time than I should have scouring images of the interiors of that place. Also imagine being there! Now THAT is a holiday I would like to spend time in!

There’s been appearances at Hamilton the musical (check out the bloke in the background getting a better look at Megs!)

Everyone thought that Megs was #preggers when she see wore this Jason Wu frock…I was more interested in the 1992 electric blue sling backs with diamond feature! They ALMOST fit!

And then wore ANOTHER black suit.

So make a cuppa, don the active wear and get those headphones on, pop it on the stereo while you do some jobs around the house or mow the lawn and enjoy this brand new episode of The Thrones Rangers! You can listen to it here!

Or can listen through iTunes here.

And if you have ANY intel on the upcoming Royal Tour please let us know as we will be doing our best to stalk them out! Enjoy friends x


  1. I wish Megs would tell Harry to stop wearing black shoes with blue suits!!

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