The Throne Rangers: A Podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {ep 12}

We know, we get it, it’s been waaaaaay too long since Veggie and I got together to discuss ALL things British Royal Family. Since November in fact! And there has been just a few things going on since then. JUST A FEW.

Megs has been up to A LOT. She has touched her stomach 56 billion times, she has had huge dramas with her Dad, she had her friends rally around her in an article in People magazine, she went to New York for a baby shower, she has been on a Royal tour to Morocco where a lot of buns and capes were spotted. It’s been exhausting keeping up.

And then of course keeping things regal like the QUEEN that she is, Cath has been busy at home wearing superior frocks.

So make a cuppa, pop the headphones on while you go for a walk or gym workout and enjoy this jam packed episode. We promise we won’t be so long between episodes again. We blame all our children. Oh! How about how Charlotte is called Lottie?! Cuuuuute.

Now, you can listen to this jam packed episode below:

Or you can listen through iTunes here. You can also check out Veggie’s recap on the episode in this post. Also as an added bonus you can check out a video here of when we were on the hunt for Haz & Megs during their Royal Tour to Sydney last year:

Spoiler alert: I drove A LOT

We hope you enjoy this episode!


  1. Hi Beth, was the photo with the horses taken in Morocco? Who is the lady in the red jumpsuit? I have adored Kate’s frocks lately, superior indeed. Just lining this podcast up now…thank you x

    • Ooh hello Jane, I can answer this! The horses were indeed Morocco, and Red Jumpsuit Lady is Amal Clooney. I totally dig the one-shoulder white floaty number, Kate looked like a dream x

    • What Veggie said! Horses were in Morocco – this is a great shot isn’t it? And Amal Clooney is something else. Imagine how cold her feet were! Kate nailing it as ever with two amazing gowns in as many weeks. Thanks Jane x

  2. Pamela Timmons says

    Where are you!!!!????!!!! There has been bucket loads of news, events, Andrew, Meghit, etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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