The Throne Rangers: A Podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {EP 8}

Oh Hai Megs!

Oh hai there Daisy Jenks (recently married to Charlie van Straubenzee one of Haz’s best mates). Or as we like to call him in this CRACKING episode 8 of The Throne Rangers, Charlie Bendy Straw.

That’s right, episode 8 of the Throne Rangers is now live and covering off all of the things that have been happening over the past fortnight. Spoiler Alert: not all that much as Lillibet takes her summer holidays up in Balmoral. I like to picture her here like this, surrounded by the comforts of tartan carpet, not a speck of dust in sight.

I also like to think of old Phil looking this like circa 1972, although I doubt he’s doing too many barbies these days. How hot does Anne look BTW…again with the tartan…sigh.

There was a polo match that we cover off where Haz and Megs were on show in a good one. I mean look at that frock!

Look at the TENSION as Haz watches on…”on the cheek Megs, on the cheek”

And then showing Nacho (yes, that’s his name) how it’s done. CORRRRRRRRRRRR BLIMEY.

We cover off Daisy & Charlie Bendystraw’s wedding where Stacey was NOT happy with the choice of Meg’s frock…

As well as Charles and Camilla who are getting stuck into the sprit of summer at the Sandringham Flower Show (now THAT is my idea of a good time).

Cheers to Episode 8 of the Throne Rangers my friends…hope you enjoy! You can listen to it here:

Or you can listen through iTunes here. Hope you enjoy this episode!


  1. don’t… understand… that…. skirt…

  2. Can not believe that pic of Anne! She looks amazing! And I have to say I like Megs’ skirt!

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