The Throne Rangers: A podcast for Royal enthusiasts {ep 19}

It’s been a minute since Stacey and I sat down for a chat about all things Royal Family we have scratched yours (and our) itch with a brand new episode of your favourite podcast: The Throne Rangers. There’s been a LOT happening too you guys: The King’s Cup regatta, the start of the new school year, Megs and Haz in hot water over trips to Nice, Megs over at the US final, her new clothes collection and of course Cath’s SENSATIONAL hair. How could we forget that? Answer: We never will.

Of course you can have a listen below:

Or you can listen through your favourite podcast streaming service like iTunes or the like here. We hope you enjoy this episode!


  1. Listened for the first time today – loved it. To answer your question about the state of uk politics right now (I live just north of London) it’s a bit scary and weird – very unsettling trying to resist the polarisation that is being forced on us ,at every turn – kindness is the answer. Also we love Meghan and Kate. Don’t believe the papers or Katie Hopkins. Looking forward to the next episode.

  2. Off to listen now, thanks ladies x

  3. Hi Beth, I love your podcast but I have to disagree with your statement that no one cares if the Sussexes are using private jets. Tomorrow 10’s of thousands of people will protest about climate change – it’s one of the biggest issues we have ever faced and to take multiple private flights for holidays whilst the rest of us are frantically switching off lights and cutting out plastic is a mis-step in my opinion. The royals have done well to modernise and become more relatable in recent times but this shows a lack of awareness. Air travel is a fact of life but It really wouldn’t kill them to get on a commercial flight with the baby – we’ve all done it and most of us didn’t turn left as we entered either!

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