The Throne Rangers hit the Royal Tour Road + special podcast episode

For Royal tragics like Stacey and myself, the past week has been a TREAT for all things Megs and Haz! There’s been baby news! Excessive hand holding! Baby bump watch! Costume changes! And what appears to be, better fitting shoes. With Harry and Meghan on our home soil it would have been rude to NOT go and stalk them down, and that’s exactly what we did last Friday!

Friday morning I was up and at them at 5am and on the road not long after to try and make it to Bondi where Haz and Megs were due to arrive. The odds were against us as Stacey’s flight into Sydney was delayed due to fog and Sydney traffic meant that it took me well over 3 hours to try and get there. I hightailed it, frantically looking for a car park (no mean feat In Bondi on a regular Friday) and finally ran down to the park where I finally spotted them! A mere 100 metres away. There was no chance for a hand touch, but it was alright by me.

While they were on the sand enjoying good vibes…

I was a hot and sweaty mess looking for a car park and finally running down the hill.

There were plenty of people checking it out. A LOT of women in active wear. And a lot of designer dogs.

But then! There they were! Behold the pixelation! It’s like a Van Gogh painting.

From there it was back on the road to the airport to pick up Stacey and then get to their next engagement: a visit to Macarthur Girls Highschool in Parramatta. The fog has lifted, the sun was out and we managed to see them as they drove by. Not entirely sure it was worth the 1.5 hour drive in thick Sydney traffic..

While we were outside in the sunshine…

They were inside like this:

And then they were there…and then gone.

From here we drove back into the city to get close to the bridge where we knew Haz was climbing at some stage that afternoon. We needed to hydrate as it was so hot.

The people watching from there was truly fabulous. So many undercover police all staking out the area in their plain clothes – once you spotted their ear pieces you could see that pretty much every man in the area was actually a policeman. When we saw old Daphne being wheeled out and heading down to the bottom pylon we knew that we were in the right area…which we were! Haz arrived not long after and we got to see him when he came back down and met one of the people in the crowd we were hanging out with.

It was just like the Royal wedding when you do a lot of waiting around, you become friendly with the other crazy people around you – comparing stories and pictures – there is always a lovely atmosphere and down here was no exception. Some great people amongst all the reporters and TV crew (who are SO pushy).

One day we will get our own live cross!

Not sure I will ever master short hand though.

We then called it a day and headed home where we recorded another episode of Throne Rangers podcast discussing all things Royal Tour. You can have a listen to that here!

Saturday morning we were up and over to the opening of the Anzac memorial where we got a great view of them. This was our view:

And this was what the “real” press got to see. Hazza in his full dress uniform and sword thanks mate!

It was a great end to an exciting 24 hours…with more touring to go we will be sure to be across it all in our next episode of the podcast too.

Have you enjoyed the Royal Tour?
Me too!


  1. Susan, Mum to Molly says

    Poor Meghan in that last sword shot – looking a lot like she is trying not to batf…

  2. Thanks for the full and thorough reporting! I hope you had as much fun assuming your intrepid, girl reporter persona as I did following your adventures on IG on the weekend and looking at your pics today, What a great public service you perform👏. If H & M knew of your talents surely they’d commission you to cover the christening! 📸 💐🎉

  3. I’ve been having such a great time following them….the locations, Megs clothes, Harry’s uniforms. Such a nice reprieve from the political crazy circus we’ve got going up here in the states. Thanks for this post…love your photos!
    Renee in Northern California

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