Monday Meal Ideas: Mid week family dinners we love

We are now into week 3 and hitting our straps with the routine of the term. Rob is now home and has no plans to go anywhere for a while (yay!), the girls are well and truly back into the school term and are already on the countdown for the end of the term and year. I am running around with lots of new Christmas stock arriving in the shop and am seriously scratching my head wondering how on EARTH it is going to be November this week? This year has been the fastest EVER.

In the meantime, dinner will need to be made so I thought I would share some go-tos that will get a run this week. Faves that the girls love and eat and might make someone happy in your house too.

Fish finger burgers
Chicken pot pies
Lamb wraps
Pork & chorizo sausage rolls

What’s on for you this week? I have a couple of trips up to Sydney (Wednesday for a meeting and Thursday for another meeting and then catch up and sleepover with Nikki from Styling You) I cannot wait to see her face to face as we hardly ever get to these days…we haven’t seen each other since her label launch in February. Other than that there will be busy shop stuff, kid stuff and hopefully a chance to get some exercise in.

Hope you all have a great week friends! x

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