Monday Meal Ideas: Vote 1 PASTA

When you are slowly making your way to the finish line of term 3 and you still have a WHOLE week to get through (give us strength x 3) I think there’s only one thing for it. COMFORT. And when I say comfort, I mean carbs. I mean cheese. I’m talking about creamy, delicious, life giving pasta. And that my friends is what will be getting a run in our house this week. I need dinners that can be made easily and without thinking that will be eaten. Here are some of my faves that you might to give a go this week too:

Ottolenghi’s one pan harissa bolognese
Tuna pasta
Smoked Salmon & chilli linguine
Spinach & ricotta cannelloni

How is your week ahead looking? On holidays already? Seems like everyone one except NSW! Why can’t they match up the holidays?! We have 5 days to get through and then we are on holidays and on Sunday, on our way to New Zealand. We are all SO SO SO excited. Just this morning I have allowed myself to think about it and I have butterflies of excitement thinking about being somewhere as beautiful as that…no work in sight and time with the family. Bring it on!

Hope that you all get through the week in one piece and if you are already enjoying your break hope it’s fabulous x


  1. Beth, I love this. You are counting down until your trip to NZ for the school holidays – I live at the bottom of the South Island and am counting down until our family holiday to Oz!

    I hope guys have a wonderful time over here and get to some of the non touristy spots.

    • Would love some local tips for us Sarah – have a great trip!

      • How far south are you headed? If you’re flying into Christchurch and driving south down the coast, make sure you stop at Riverstone Kitchen. Amazing food, fabulous playground and an actual castle!!

        Don’t miss the Margaret Mahy playground in Christchurch. Maggie (and your big girls) will adore it!!

        I have heaps of tips for the Queenstown- Wanaka area if you’re going that way. Do head up to Glenorchy if you have time.

        It really depends where you’re headed. A cold snap has just hit today, so you might want to pack your winter woolies!!

        • We are flying into Queenstown – staying in Wanaka for 4 nights and then into Queenstown for 5 so way down south x

          • Do walk up Mount Iron while you’re in Wanaka. It’s a bit of a slog but the views are glorious (we do it with the kids and then take them to Edgewater for scones afterwards).

            Fresh snow down here today!

            White and Wong’s is Amazing!! Fabulous food!! Highly recommended.

            Have a wonderful holiday

          • Thanks so much – appreciate it!

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