Monday meal ideas: Chorizo

Good morning friends! I have woken by the beach this morning which has been the loveliest weekend with my sister and the kids – pre school holiday treat if you will. We had perfect weather and a very relaxing time – we’re heading back home to deal with work and a normal week for the little kids who are still at school this week but then come Friday? School holidays!

I have been cooking with chorizo quite a bit lately – maybe it’s the cold weather that calls for comfort and spice that comes with chorizo, whatever it is I am all for it and well and truly on team CHORIZO this week…every week!

Here are some of my favourite recipes:

Baked chorizo risotto
Pork & chorizo sausage rolls
Chicken & chorizo tray bake
Miss Rabbit’s chorizo soup

I hope that you guys have a great week ahead – looks like there are lots of you on holidays already – plenty overseas according to my Instagram feed so enjoy the warmth or the cold the break or school (like us)…hope it’s a good one for us all


  1. i love your recipes thanks beth!
    really, i don’t like to cook much these days! … lazy!
    but i am inspired by yummy food! … must taste good!
    much love mxx

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