Monday meal ideas: Easy back to school mid week cooking

And so the school holidays are coming to a close for us here. They have gone fast haven’t they? Sure there have been endless days and like most of our holidays not a great deal going on…but here we are ready to head into a busy year and I can’t help but think it went so fast.

We have got some BIG changes here this year with Maggie at Preschool 3 days a week and Daisy in Highschool and 4 different places to drop kids at all week…it’s going to be crazy. I need to get organised with the time that I have juggling it all and that means some meal planning and days batch cooking so we can fill our freezer. While it might seem annoying at the time I know it will be worthwhile.

But before I get THAT organised, here are some easy mid week dinners that I will be cooking as we ease into it. Meals that can be made easily, will be eaten by the kids, served with a quick salad or packed with lots of greens. They might help you out too this week.

Green Pig Pasta
Pork & Chorizo sausage rolls
Chicken fried rice

Good luck this week friends, there are going to be tears, fears angst and change and we all need to remember to be kind to each other and ourselves. We’ve got this, we really do x


  1. Thanks Beth – these look delish and well worth the effort to get the whats-for-dinner-job done wholesomely with homemade love.

    Take the next few weeks in small and steady steps – a gentle pace will make it easier to pause when you need to and not fall over – rather than storming around like a whirling dervish when a sudden stop could leave you spinning out of control! We’re all backing you and each other to roll with the change and create a new normal. xo

  2. Love your recipe tips Beth. Hope the first week back for your girls was as smooth as can be with all the new changes. Your fried rice is a regular in our household. The tiredness has hit the youngest – 3 days in and she’s knackered!

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