Apple of my Eye

Sponsored by Limited Edition Tic Tac Green Apple

Things which are green:


The fresh green leaves springing to life on my crab apple tree.

Craft Paddle pop sticks.

Limited edition Tic Tac Green Apple.

What better way to celebrate all of these things together then to make me some country toffee apples! You’ll need:

First things first you have to make the toffee. I know! Scary, right? I was TOTALLY scared. But if I can do it…you can too! I even went and got a thermometer! Somehow I think my “thing” at the next School market will be toffee apples.

Take 4 cups of sugar, one cup of water and 1 teaspoon of white vinegar into a heavy based saucepan and bring it on the boil. Once it’s boiled, it needs to simmer for 20 mins or so (until it reaches 150 degrees c which is the hard crack stage). Who knew?! If you wanted to colour the toffee red or green just add a few drops to the mix before it starts to boil.

While that’s bubbling away, take a melon baller and cut out small balls of apple, making sure that there is a little green skin on the top.

Then push in the paddle pop sticks. When I do this again I will use plain sticks and NOT the coloured ones as I don’t think the green is food safe! So use PLAIN WOOD. You have been warned!

Then you can add some ribbon. Hello country gingham! Look how cute you are!

By this stage the toffee should be ready. Place the hot pot into a baking dish filled with cold water so that it stops bubbling.

You then need to dip the apples into the toffee, then put the tops (skin side down) into a bowl of Limited edition Tic Tac Green Apple. You need to work fairly quickly and place then onto a baking tray lined with baking paper.

They just need a few minutes to cool and stick.

And there you have it!

I think these would be great for a kid’s party, or School Fete and dead set, if I can tackle this, I PROMISE you can too! Remember how cool toffee apples were when you were a kid? Me too, me too.

You know what else is green? THIS!

And you can win it!

To celebrate the release of the Limited Edition Tic Tac Green Apple the kind peeps at Tic Tac would like to give you a chance to win a Green Apple Kitchen Aid! There is 1 Apple Green Kitchen Aid mixer up for grabs for readers of Woogsworld & BabyMac. For your chance to win, just think of a name for my toffee apple creation and leave it in the comments below.

The comment judged the most creative across both blogs by Tic Tac will win the Kitchen Aid. Entries close at midnight Thursday 20th September with the winner announced on Friday 21st September. Australian residents only.

So…what should I call this recipe?

With thanks to the Limited Edition Tic Tac Green Apple.
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Recipe idea was taken from Pinterest here and the toffee apple recipe sourced and adapted from a few recipes on


  1. Taccy apple πŸ™‚

  2. Such a great idea! (had a chuckle about the colored paddle pop stick fail, I’ve done that before too… Ah what’s a little dye between friends)
    I like that these are a manageable amount of toffee apple, not that huge, sticky impenetrable blob we used to gorge on then ultimately discard once we’d given ourselves a belly ache.
    Love how you styled them in the jars! Gorgeous!

  3. Polka dot pops!

  4. Grapple sticks!

  5. Tic Tac Toe-ffy Apples

    PS they look fantastic and i love your photography!

  6. This is not an entry, as we are friends and people would cry: “Rort!” but I wanted to say you are very creative, Beth. I admire your courage in tackling toffee.

  7. Tic tac toffee apple explosion

  8. Tic Tof Tac Apple Bites

  9. Ticcy Taccy Toffee Pops

  10. Tic Tapples

  11. This is not an entry, I just wanted to say well done Beth. I admire your courage in tackling toffee.

  12. Apple Tic Tof

  13. Ticcy taccy toffee

  14. Sticky Ticcies!


  15. Tic Tac Tof App

  16. Tic Tac Toffee Topper

  17. Stickle Tacs x

  18. Apple Toffee Tic-Tac-Crunchies!

  19. Tic Tac Apple Bomb

  20. Apple Crunchy Bites

  21. Tic Tac Baby Mac Apples

  22. Tic tac babymac, kitchen aid a woog

  23. Baby Mac Tic Tac Mini Toffee Apples

  24. Snap Apple Pop


  25. Tic Tac Toe-fy Apples!

  26. Grapple sticks πŸ™‚

  27. Tic-Tapple Pops x

  28. Ticcy Taccy Toffee Tidbits

  29. Tic Tac Toffee
    (you know, like tic tac toe) πŸ˜‰

  30. Tic Tac Apple Pop!

  31. tic tac toffee apple …..shocking, I know. I haven’t had a coffee yet, just a tea. πŸ™

  32. Tic-tac toffee pops

  33. Well Done Betty. Very impressed. It certainly bought back many memories for me. Sarah x

  34. MacTac Apples

  35. Tic, Tac, Pop!

  36. Kermit ?

  37. Tic Tac Pops

  38. Apple pops

  39. Tickle tackle hard green apples

    aimee d

  40. Ticky- Tacky Apple-tastic Sticks should be the name.

    Or TAS for short.

    All these photos are very Martha Stewart-living-the-Domestic-Dream. So Soothing on Monday.

    Meanwhile can I just say I luff a kitchen aid mixer with every cell and fibre of my being? Any piece of kitchen equipment that comes with its very own gear box is immensely comforting during Life’s Challenging Times.

    Let’s face it Beth, Life’s Hard. Get Cooking I say.

    Don’t forget to plant a quince tree.


  41. They kinda remind me of lotus pods so maybe ‘Apple Pods’ (Kelly Walters)

  42. Eve’s Temptation

  43. TAPS ( a condensed/mini version of toffee apple!)

  44. Tic Tac ToFee Pops.

  45. “TIC TAC TAFFEY APPLES…”…yes…i think it’s a winner Beth :-)..xx
    T.T.T.A FOR SHORT!!!

  46. Apple Mac Tic Tac Paddy Whack Toffees

  47. Tic Tac Blossoms

  48. Tic Tac Green Apple Toffee Pops!
    They looks beautiful and I am going to give them a whirl on the weekend for my kids.
    Sue Nelson

  49. tic tapple
    “a tic tapple a day keeps the doctor away”

  50. Stickle Tacs


    Tic-Tapple Pops xx

  51. With a tic tac
    Baby Mac
    Made a toffee app

  52. Sticky Lime Drops

  53. Tic-Tapple-icious pops

  54. Toffee Tic-led pomme pops!

  55. Good luck everyone, I have had this Green Apple Kitchen Aid for years and it works a dream and is handsome as hell! Even a touch retro!

  56. Shit I wanna win this but can’t come up with anything!
    Tic Tac Tacky Baby Apple Pops?

  57. Tic tac apple clusters. Yum!


  58. tic Toffs

  59. Green martian pops from the planet of Tic Tac!!

  60. Tacky Apple Tacks!

  61. Tic Tac Lick Suck Crunch

  62. Apple Tacs – dude, my mind is all in a tither – imagine the show pony factor with that baby on your benchtop! eeeeeep!!

  63. Baby MacApples πŸ™‚

  64. Well here goes “Tic Tac Toffee – apple on a stick”
    Best wishes,
    Belinda from Newcastle.

  65. Tooth-killer thrillers. They look like they’d be worth it too! Sarah

  66. I don’t know how you do it Beth πŸ™‚ Tiny Tic Tac Toffee Apples

  67. Apple Mac’s,

    Or how about …


    Oh my LORD πŸ™‚

    Love your stuff x

  68. Tic-tac Grannies – they look to me like cute grannies with green hair! I obviously need more coffee today! Would love to win this for a close friend who has been lusting over the green kitchen aid – I have a blue one & I love it!

  69. Tic Tapple Toffees
    Tic Tackle Tapples

    Talk about tongue twisters.
    Oh my goodness how awesome it would be to have that Kitchen Aid on my bench! The cooking goodness you could do with that.

    Love the photos and love the fact you were brave enough to tackle toffee, not something I have worked up the kitchen courage for. Great comp Beth.

  70. Ms_Clutterbuck says

    Not So Tricky Sticky Ticcies

  71. They are too cute.

    How about Tac tini?

  72. Tic Tac Paddy Whack Toffee Apple Snack

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this fantastic competition!! πŸ™‚

  73. Lisa Suzanne says

    Hi, what about:

    Tic Tac Baby Mac Toffee Apple Snack


  74. what about…. Apple iPops

  75. tic-Apple toffee pops.

  76. I think they look like flowers!

    My suggestion … mini apple tic-tacky toffees

  77. ‘T’-Squared Toffee…your friends will be green with envy!
    (yep, that’s about as tacky as the toffee)

  78. sticky ticky tacky toffee.

    say that 3 times fast.

  79. Taccy Appys!

  80. Mac’s appletacs

    These look fantastic!

    Well done

  81. Grapple Pops! Agree on the brave factor of toffee – last time I made toffee ended in two fingers stuck together and second degree burns

  82. YUM!!

    What a great idea.

    Can’t wait to try! Thanks πŸ™‚

    Holli xo

  83. Ticci Tacci toffee apples πŸ™‚

  84. Apple Max.
    i tacs
    Green Afros.

  85. They look like a little family…so…
    The T T MacGreen’s with baby Apple!

  86. sticky ticky tacky toffee apples
    (or in reality icky sticky ticky tacky toffee apples)

  87. tic tac apple bites????

  88. Baby Macs Tac Toffee

  89. Tic Tastic Apple Pops

  90. Sticky SubLIME Sticks

  91. Lickee Stickee Toffee delicioushee

  92. They look like a little family…so…
    The T T MacGreen’s with baby Apple.

    Sorry forgot to add my name in previous post.

  93. Green with tic tac envy toffee apples.

  94. How about Victory Apples

    ‘Coz they look like they’re wearing wreaths on their heads, and because you were victorious in producing the toffee!

  95. They look like weeny little apple trees – Tic Tac Toffee apple Trees!!

    GOD how I’d love to win one of those mofo bad boys! x

  96. Tacky Apples.. Yum



  97. Tacky Apples – Yum


    Jodie-Ann Hand

  98. How about ‘Tic Tac Knick Knacks’?



  99. Tic-Tac Toffee Apple Pops…
    I love the styling and recipe idea Beth. These looks gorgeous. The bite size is so clever.

  100. NIC NAKS
    That way we can say… just getting some nick nacks that I don’t have to dust. Just polish off!!!!

  101. Goody green Tic Tac drops!

    Green limousines… (Tragic fan of the Badloves was I…)

    Tic Tac Apple Stix

    Tic Tac Paddywhack…

    Yeah, I’ll stop now.

    Great price Bev, just superb!


  102. Baby Macs Apple Tacs”

  103. How cool are these… “T-apple s-Tics Tacs”… methinks. X

  104. ticky tac baby mac apples!

  105. Niesh- Baby Mac Toffee tack pops!

  106. Green with Envy candy Apple πŸ™‚

  107. Tic Tac Tempters
    Tic Tac Teasers
    Tiny Tic Tapples




  110. Apple Mac-a-Tacs

  111. Maybe Ticcy Taccy Toffee Appys?

  112. Tic Tac Toc Pops!

  113. Apple-icious Toffee Mac Tac’s

  114. The Green Gabbles

  115. hi beth, is there room for me too…
    teeney tic tac trees

  116. Tickle Tackle Tapples.. say that fast 10 times!!

  117. Tic-kled Green Apples

  118. Toffee Tacles

  119. Apple {Baby} Mac

  120. Tic Tac Paddywhack Pops πŸ™‚

    Jen Clark

  121. Belinda Doyle says

    Tic Tapple Pops πŸ™‚

  122. Baby tic taccled toffappes πŸ™‚ Yes, toffappes is SO a work and you know it!! You know, like frappes, appes and canappes, come on admit it, you say canappes instead of canapes……….. surely πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  123. Apple Blossom

  124. Kairan Hanson says

    Tic Tac Apple Macs

  125. Tic tac apple stack

    That kitchenaid belongs on my bench!!! It would complete me! Deb Eng

  126. Kairan Hanson says

    Tic Tac Apple Macs

  127. Tic tac green apple baby macs!

  128. Rachel Ahern says

    Tickle Pops

  129. Oops! Forgot my name! Derrrrr
    Holly Geiger
    Tic tac green apple baby macs!

  130. Kairan Hanson says

    Tic Tac Apple Macs

  131. Mac Taffy Apples

  132. Baby Mac’s Tickity Tackity Apple Pops

  133. Toffee Tapples

  134. green apple trees

    tic tac apple smack

    cactus apples

    kirrilly dowling

  135. Toffee Tapple Tic Tac Poppies

  136. Tic tapples!!

    I’m going to give them a try!! Yummo

  137. Baby appletacs by Baby Mac

  138. Baby Ticcy Taccy Scrummy Greeny Apples

  139. Baby Appletacs by BabyMac

  140. Stick-tic-apples

  141. Tic Mac baby apples

  142. Ticcy Takky Sticky Apple


  144. Stick-Tic-Tapples

  145. ‘Old school toffee apples with a Tic Tac twist’. We all know I have Tabitha so I dont want to seem greedy, but imagine – Pink and Green! x

  146. Tic Tac Apple Mac – someones probably done that.

  147. Jenelle Coote says

    Tickle Tackle Apple Crackle

  148. The BIG apple πŸ˜‰ …. Taking you back to new York!!!

    Tic tac APPLEmac

    Kim Bibby x

  149. Granny Smiths in curlers

  150. Green Goblin Gobbles

  151. There’s a tic tac app for that!!

  152. There’s a TIC TAC app for that!

  153. Baby Mac tic tac gaps (green apple pops)

  154. tic tac green apple splat

  155. Mini tic tapples or topple pops! So very cute and I’d give anything to win that kitchen aide!!

  156. Mop Pops – they look like little people with mop top hair dos and bow ties πŸ™‚ Jacinta b

  157. tic tac green apple splat

  158. Appley apple pops (so easy you can do them in your sleep πŸ˜‰

  159. Caroline Coady says

    Toffee Apple Tic Tac Toppers

  160. Appley apple poppers (so easy you can make them in your sleep)

  161. There are so many good suggestions! Hard to compete… I thought they looked like grannies too, so I’m going with Green Grannies (I’m sure there are many out there!).

  162. My husband says Granny’s Delight.

    I say, Granny’s Green Apple Tic Tac Delight!

  163. Toffee apple orchard

    I love the ribbon!

  164. Baby Mac Grenoffie pops – Mia Laing

  165. Tic Tac Toffee Apples

  166. Spring Sticks!

  167. Tic Tac Topples

  168. Green ‘not Gwenyth Paltrow’s daughter’ delights

  169. Appletinis! They look so good. Would be the hit of the fete round these parts.

  170. Apple Pop Sticks!

  171. Ticcy Apples
    (Georgina Clark)

  172. B’Mac t’apples.
    Yes, this is my very lame answer….but every name I thought of involved a very immature primary school tic tac/barbie joke.

  173. My comment wont publish on blogger either… but I say call em’ GRABOPPLES!!!!! Step Right Up and Get Your Tasty GRABOPPLES!!!!…. catchy hey! – Helena Van Every

  174. Green ticky toffees. X Toni

  175. Charmaine Campbell says

    Candylicious Tic Tac Apples

  176. Kermit the pop

  177. Ticky Tacky Apples. XToni

  178. The apple tic tac tofee cluster…sure to be a jaw buster!!

  179. AppletasTIC TACs

  180. Yvonne Edwards says

    Summer apple bites!!

  181. I think toffee apple tactics. Rember the ads tic tac are my tactics? They look yum!

    Ally Bithell

  182. Little Tic Tac Apple Men
    Rebecca Simunic

  183. knick knack paddy whack, baby macs tic tac snacks!

  184. Tic Tac Marbles

  185. Apple Popticles

  186. Bianca Devjak says

    It has to be a catchy name for kids so…
    Tic Tac Meanie Greenies!

  187. Apple-A-tac

  188. Apple taccy pops

    Sky – [email protected]

  189. Fantas-tic-tac Apples

  190. Envy Buds?
    Tic Tac Apple-icious?
    Tic Tac Candy App?

    Why can’t I get my Google account to work?

  191. Sarah bettinsoli says

    Candy apple lolly pops

  192. Sarah bettinsoli says

    Candy apple lolly pops

  193. Miranda hendra says

    Apple fantictac- tactic pops

  194. Toothfurkers…?
    I’ll take 3 please.

  195. Apple Tic Tastic, cause you know tic-tacs are my tactic!

  196. Very clever! I think they look like beautiful little green chrysanthemums or Daisys, perfect for spring! I would call them ‘Green Daisy Pops’ – why not? xx

  197. Baby Mac-a-tac apples πŸ™‚

  198. Mini Apple Macs 1.0

  199. Hi Beth, first time I’ve commented but have to say I love your blog and this prize rocks!! I would call them: tic tac Christmas pops, thanks again for the opportunity and love checking in everyday xxx
    Lisa Oliver

  200. Fresh granny pops

  201. Apple Army Pops – Felicity Ryan

  202. ‘Blimey limey’ toffee apples

    Deanie/ [email protected]

  203. Tic Tac Apple Zaps

  204. Something easy and short for kids to say, “TWATT” sticks (toffee with apple tic tacs). Cheers, Christy ([email protected])

  205. Those are seriously cool! I am terrified of toffee. I would call them Apple Green Gobbles. LOVE the colour of the kitchen aid xxx

  206. MacApple TacStick

  207. What a great toffee apple. My name would be “apple tic tac T.O.E.S.” or just “tic tac T.O.E.S.” where T.O.E.S. stands for toffee on elegant sticks (because your green sticks with the gingham ribbon are so cute and add a touch of class to the humble toffee apple).
    Chris ([email protected])

  208. Ticky tacky sticky apples

  209. Tic tak apple crunch

  210. David 'Keith' Fedirchuk says

    sTic sTac?

  211. Tapple Pops

  212. Tic Tac Toff-ee-licious

  213. TicTastic Apple Pops!

  214. Well they’re a taste explosion, blowing away your tastebuds…
    So…”Granny Smith & Wessons” !!

  215. Sanjay Hackett says

    Tic Tacular Toffees

  216. Baby Apple Zapples

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