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You guys it’s dark and freezing as I write this huddled by the fire before anyone wakes. I was up for hours in the night with a cold that I have been avoiding at all costs (too busy/no thank you/I’m fine thanks/move on) but I dragged myself out into there darkness to get the fire stoked and filled with wood, the central heating on so that when the first person wakes in a little while the house is warm.

Such is the life of a Mum, all the quiet unseen jobs that need doing to keep things running smoothly. Never praised, never acknowledged but always appreciated…I think. I took this photo of our lot on Saturday night as we headed out to the pub for dinner. I still marvel at the fact that Rob and I, a couple who took a fancy to each other 16 years ago have created a whole family, a whole life that is just so precious to us both. I am so lucky.

I have resigned myself to the fact that our new job is just driving children around to various engagements. This term has been BRUTAL for extra cirrcicular stuff, I never knew how one week could fit in so many car trips.

At the moment I am doing around 800kms plus a week – and Rob does a whole heap more too – it’s madness. I literally cannot wait for the school holidays where we will have 3 weeks off it all. The afternoons I had where we came home from school and quietly pottered about or played, ate afternoon tea while I prepared a delicious dinner seem like a distant memory.

Yesterday I cleaned the house including mopping all the floors after entertaining on Sunday afternoon. I cleaned a few windows, and felt on top of things for a few quiet moments. These moments are few and far between at the moment, so when I see them I make sure I stop and cherish them. The stunning simplicity of moments like these are my meditations, my joys. I never read the book the God of small things, but I remember seeing it on my Mum’s bedside but that’s something that has always stuck with me. Precious, tiny, often mundane moments that make me so happy and what I always take time to acknowledge: the steam rising off some washing up into the morning light, stuff like that. And freshly mopped floors, always the shining floors.

Sunday afternoon we hosted a little surprise soiree for Lucy for her birthday. Chris had organised the lot and we were merely the location for all our friends to gather. It was a lovely afternoon of eating, drinking, chatting and celebrating our beautiful Lucy. She works so hard all the time, with the kids and her business, she literally runs from morning to night so it was so lovely to see her stop and enjoy an afternoon.

We finally got some rain at long last! A whole night of drenching, soaking, glorious rain. With this cold I am hoping that I can stay in my pj’s all day. It’s been a cold week with the fire on non stop. Winter really is here, despite my total and utter confusion that it’s June? SOMEHOW?

I went out last week to celebrate Miss Rabbit’s birthday to the Taphouse in Moss Vale (man I had never been there but it was SO good). Loved the food – we had bog bowls of mussels with fries, endless prosecco and lots of sharing platters it was just so much fun. Living where we do we usually just go to each others places so the chance to dress up, get picked up in a car and driven somewhere was pretty special.

I wore some new pants from Arlington Milne that I was given that I absolutely LOVE – wide leg and comfy they are like pj’s but VERY stylish ones!

Now I can hear people waking, the kettle needs to be boiled, breakfasts to be made and lunches packed before we start another day. I am hoping that the rain continues to fall, the fire continues to keep us all warm and I can get to stay in my Pj’s for as long as I possibly can. I need to get better for the end of the week when it’s going to be VERY busy with the ball preparation.

Have a good day Tuesday friends, thanks for the catch up x


  1. Get better soon Beth- if your brave enough, eat a few cloves of raw garlic. My husbands old wives take that works everytime. Mine is horseradish & garlic tablets by blackmores

  2. Just love reading your blog. Your pace reflects our own with 2 small children, home to nurture and cat to keep alive;) Keep writing please. Gems x

  3. I love reading your posts and your reminders to stop and enjoy the small stuff like a lovely clean floor or windows. Have a happy week

  4. Michelle says

    Beautiful! All of it. I too have learnt that this is my life…..I don’t just “try to get through it” anymore……I am living it and enjoying 😊 every little bit!

  5. Bronwyn Tattersall says

    You might have already tried it, but I swear by the Ethical Nutrients immune defence tablets. One every day but if you are feeling off then one twice a day.
    As we had snow here last night, today I am into lemon and ginger tea as everyone around me is falling like flies with the endless cold.
    I feel your pain with the km’s. I do 477 between 3 neighbouring suburbs a week and am so over it. I don’t want them to grow up but man I want them to make their own way to things and back again…..
    I just LOVE your loungeroom – so warm and inviting.
    Bronwyn xx

  6. Time for a cut onion by the bed? Keep cosy Beth.

  7. You’re a great mum and I’m in awe of all the things you do. I’m sure the girls will look back on their childhoods as a wonderful time. The driving stuff can be very wearying, especially given the distances you need to cover. I found it tough despite only having one child, albeit a very busy one. My years of driving her around were followed by her learning to drive, which was even more of a struggle. I hated being in the car while she was learning (so That was delegated to an instructor and her dad) and it’s only now that she’s nearly off her P plates that I’ve stopped worrying every time she drives herself anywhere 😂

  8. Operarach says

    Love hearing about the endless quest for cosiness/mumness and just being… especially love the food associations that come with it!!
    Everytime I think I should diet I check you out and go “yeah…nah” x

  9. If you haven’t already I urge you to read the book “The Gift of an Ordinary Day” by Katrina Kenison. Check out the 7 min video on you tube dated Dec 3, 2009. This book is one of the best boos I’ve ever read and her writing had me pictured in everything she was doing as if i was there. Given your post this is even more relevant…you know the saying “The Days are Long and the Years are short”. Watch the video and get the book…it is great. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  10. Hey Beth, I’m feelin ya! Mum of 2 kids; one secondary, one primary. Hubby away last week – I did 22 trips of drop off and pick up in 2 days! Faarrk and bloody petrol prices are killing me! But seriously my eldest is year 9 and I reckon I’ve only got a good 2 more years of the after-school activities with her. I try and relish it now – my most favourite times are the car trips where we just talk (or they talk freely/download). I love these moments so much and these humans I am raising- nothing like a captive car trip for some honest convos! Love your recipes too x

  11. I love seeing your photos of family life, food and your home. My kids are adults, but boy I miss them being little, running from one sport to another and being run off my feet. Now my happiest times are with four generations of my family together for a big feast, much like yours. Lots of food, sharing platters and drinks. Beautiful photos and memories being made Beth x

  12. That driving sounds heinous. But it sounds like the girls are totally immersed in life! Go team. I’m also yearning for holidays and down with a frustrating sore throat (took the day off school but BOY it is is easier to be there than plan a day of absence). Can’t wait to see the ball update xx

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