Autumn April days

We finally have daylight in the mornings which makes waking up a little easier. Each morning when I creep into Daisy’s room to open the blind there’s now a line of grey light around the window which makes things a little easier to pull the covers back and get on with it.

I make her tea and toast, we sit and have a natter just the two of us before anyone else gets up. This term has seen such a huge change for our days and I have cherished her needing me again, looking to me for guidance and advice. I know it won’t be forever but it’s been really special for us both.

The days are quiet when all three girls are at school. I usually don’t even put music on, just the quiet tapping of my keyboard as I try and power through as much in the short time before they are home again.

The garden and village is an explosion of colour from the leaves and the last flush of roses. Our grass green and thick after some good rain is carpeted with coloured leaves.

The light has turned magical again, that late afternoon sparkle that happens in April where the sunsets are glorious, the sunshine extra special and low. It’s my favourite time of the year, where the end of the day comes with an extra sense of gratitude for what it has given us.

After the kids have gone to bed and the laptop comes back on for a few more hours of work, I am glad to have the company of the fire’s shadows crackling away again next to me. I’m trying to read before bed, but before I even begin my eyes are heavy as the cool night creeps in.

It’s April, and I’m glad it’s here.


  1. Tracey Vidler says

    Such beautiful words Beth, thank you for sharing. I need to embrace the quiet more and value the small moments ❤️

  2. Beth, I love that you find beauty in things, in our world, in vegemite on toast. It is fabulous! Thank you

  3. How does Daisy like her tea?

  4. April is THE BEST month and autumn is THE BEST season. Love all of your pictures.

  5. Loving how you write of the mindful moments in the busy day, thanks Beth

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