Some good things

So much goodness all around here today and you know why? IT’S PROPERLY RAINING.

Rain heavy enough that you can HEAR it. Now if that’s not good, I don’t know what is. Wish I could send it all around the country to the places it’s needed most. We need it round here too – there will be happy cows and potatoes and that makes me happy. The fire has been roaring but there’s some warmer weather on its way again tomorrow.

Speaking of sunny weather, how gorgeous was this new frock from Birdsnest I wore a week or so ago? It’s bound to get a thorough workout throughout the summer months. Very comfy and flattering I would give it 5 stars!

Can you spot those hot new Frankie4 EDDiE’s too? These were the ones that I made a video about that will also get a full FLOGGING this summer. I love a shoe that is a sandal but a heel that can be dressed up or down. Now I just need some more places to get dressed up to go to!

Speaking of flogging, did I mention that I have started ANOTHER sticker exercise chart? That’s right, when it comes to motivation I am basically a 3 year old who likes the visuals of a ye olde sticker chart. I have done them before in my past as you can see here.

And here.

Oh, and here.

Did you know that’s it’s the 2 year anniversary of #notafatmoleforchristmas and I am pretty much brining it back with Lucy on board. Look at our fancy sticker chart this time around! With added pictures of my brother’s pool where we will be for Christmas where we want to not look like fat moles. Let’s do this. AGAIN!

Harps went to the zoo on Monday night with Rob for a special sleepover at Roar & Snore. You might remember that Daisy and I did it many moons ago (5 years in fact) and had a ball. She loved it. I was so happy for her to have some special time alone with her Dad – she is often forgotten about being the middle child who just gets on with things – and she works SO hard at school. I’m thrilled she loved it.

Speaking of loving, I made that baked cheesecake again the other day and was reminded just how delicious they are. Not good for being a fat mole, but delicious nonetheless. I didn’t refrigerate it straight away as I prefer to eat it non chilled but do what you will with it, it’s cake and it’s good any way which you look at it. Good way to use up those strawberries too – please keep buying them!

The pink tree in the village is also in flower at the moment and has me screeching to the girls as we drive past “LOOK AT IT GIRLS LOOK AT IT”. But seriously, LOOK AT IT.

It’s also Tulip Time at the moment if that’s your thing. We usually go once it’s all done and dusted. I do love a tulip though and ONE DAY I will remember to plant pots FILLED with bulbs for the front door. One day. That day will be when full Bev country level gets unlocked.

And lastly, I will leave you with this. Because if that’s not good, I don’t know what is. Dorothy is BEYOND at the moment with her talking and cuteness. She’s something else. What are we going to do when she grows up?!

What’s good around your place this week?
The end of term that is fast approaching certainly makes the list for me!


  1. So many good things, it must be the day for it!

    This morning I wrote a blog post of 26 things that make me happy.
    It made me even happier than I already was to write that list. Yay!

    Hooray for sweet Dot, sweet dresses, sweet strawberries and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

  2. Cheese cake looks awesome, always think a baked cheesecake looks too difficult to attempt.
    Made Belinda’s mother in law”s yoghurt cake this afternoon, impressed my afternoon tea guests, so easy and soo delicious, thanks for sharing the recipe with your blog lovers.

  3. very good. Thank you for sharing!

  4. My wisteria it’s absolutely glorious can’t stop taking pics of it

  5. Gorgeous stuff Beth, Autumnal here in the UK but the forecast is for a couple of days in the 20s before plummeting…… Our newspapers have even forecast a dreadful Winter again??? Cheesecake looks amazing, have you read/seen the latest book by Nadiya Hussein, she was the winner of our GBBO a couple of years ago, OMG her food is lush, easy to prepare and cook and it has the most incredible upside-down cheesecake recipe!!!! It’s available on Amazon, so worth it. Xx

  6. Hi Beth
    Gorgeous post – as always – thank you! I need some motivation to get fit/loose weight for Chrissy. A few years ago (cant remember how many) you wrote about an app that you can use with a friend so you sort of compete with each other/keep each other accountable – can you remember what it is? I’ve searched past posts but can’t find it.
    And I love the sticker chart, need to resurrect those stars stickers I was using when I last went to the gym in January 😉
    Love the blossoms and so glad you got some rain
    Blackheath has an incredible iris festival one weekend each October, with a little CWA morning/afternoon tea stand in the community hall where it is held – worth a visit, the iris are out of this world!

  7. I loved #notafatmoleforchristmas when you started it, maybe I need to join in but mine will just be #notanunhealthymoleat40 because I feel like I need to sort out all my food issues once & for all before I turn 40 in April. Explain your chart to me, are you doing 5:2?
    What’s good around here? Well my mother-in-law arrives tomorrow so for the next week its like I have a wife! Yay for me!!!

  8. Well, we are smack bang in the middle of school holidays (I wish it was the beginning, I love holidays), and it’s Carnival of Flowers time here so the city is covered in blooms and visitors.
    It’s a nightmare to drive anywhere and we are moving soon, so letting the kids have friends for a sleepover amongst the packing boxes tonight (crazy woman).
    I’m determined to not be a fat mole for Christmas and considering joining the gym with a friend who is getting great results. Not sure about that one really, I like exercising alone. So keep these motivational posts coming Beth, I need them.
    Your home looks so cozy and relaxed and I love it when you talk about the village. It sounds so friendly.
    We have also had RAIN! Not enough, but….RAIN!!

  9. yes all lovely beth!
    hellebores and jonquils delightful eye candy!
    you look great in that outfit too!

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