A wedding anniversary weekend in Canberra

The post weekend blues have hit hard for me since we got back from the most fun weekend I have had in a while. 2 nights away with my sister and her husband to celebrate our wedding anniversaries (we have the same date but 6 years apart I think) that we booked and planned at the end of last year and what I gave Rob for Christmas. Isn’t it the best to have something to look forward to? And isn’t it the worst when it’s been and gone and you no longer have anything to look forward to?

Let me show you what we got up to anyway, before getting too sad.

We left lunchtime Friday after much organisation. Mum had Lucy’s kids and Rob’s Mum came down from Sydney to look after ours. Lots of shopping, running around and pick ups/drop offs orchestrated we were on our way around lunch time. We stopped off at a winery overlooking Lake George for a late lunch and glass of wine just to fully appreciate the fact it was 3pm and we were hanging out drinking ice cold riesling and not doing the preschool pick up.

We checked into our hotel (Ovolo Nishi) which had changed names and ownership since the last time that Rob and I stayed here back in 2014 when it was Hotel Hotel. A quick costume change before free happy hour in the foyer and then dinner out. Nothing better!

We had a great dinner at Italian & Sons followed by a few cocktails at the The Tipsy Bull and hitting bed before midnight…is there anything better than knowing you won’t be woken in the night by your offspring? Nothing. Except I usually STILL wake and worry about what they are doing for their Grandmother so you actually can’t win.

Saturday morning was breakfast followed by a little lie down in bed to catch up on a Netflix show before going to the movies and then dumplings and beer and then a fireside G&T before heading out for the evening. Can you see how great that sentence is? It was everything you would hope that to be!

I was wearing some new Frankie4 EMiLY boots all weekend that have a heel on them – great style will be sure to give a full run down on these on Insta as they will be worn a LOT this coming winter.

Saturday night we hit a local bar (Black Market) across the road from the hotel for some fabulous cocktails before going to the Matt Corby concert which was amazing. What a performer live – so good! And! We weren’t the oldest people in there!

Sunday after a sleep in until 8.15am (this is UNHEARD OF for me) we had breakfast, and a trip to the National Portrait Gallery before hitting the road back home to the kids, and life, wondering when we can do it all again. You can see why the post holiday blues have hit hard….so many cocktails. So much good food. So many laughs. Not a worry in the world…take me back!

I can’t recommend enough the joy of a couple’s weekend away. Sure it takes a whole extra level of organisation than a girl’s weekend away because there are Grandparents or friends that have to step in and look after them but my GOSH the fun of being an adult. Of being silly. Of chatting uninterrupted, of making no plans, doing things together or things on your own, well it’s just plain FUN and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

All I can say is…save up. Book it in and work out the logistics later! You won’t regret it.

Have you had a couple’s weekend away with mates?
Got anything fun coming up?
Tell me what we should do next to stop the post holiday blues that doesn’t cost much!


  1. It all looks fab! Black Market and Tipsy Bull are two of our Canberra favourites. Where did you find the dumplings and were they top notch? We are heading there in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait!

  2. Great thanks! Will check it out 🙂

  3. Lazy Su is yum, but I would choose Akiba over Lazy Su. Their pork buns are *mwah*

  4. Oh Beth I’m totally hearing you on the post holiday blues… I turned 40 in March and we had 5 nights in Palm Cove with another couple without our kids!!! It was absolute bliss!! Cocktails, wine, swimming, reading, massages, dinner at non kid friendly places at non kid friendly times with uninterrupted conversation!! On repeat for days… So good for all of us! Returning to reality was very tough!! We are already trying to work out where to go next and when can we fit it in as footy/netball season is just about to start!!! Add Peppers at Palm Cove to your list!! We used a luxury escapes deal that was awesome value! X

  5. Great thanks! Will check it out 🙂

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