Beautiful Lucca

Lucca is just a quick 10 minute drive from our villa and a beautiful place to explore. My Mum and step dad have come and visited Lucca about 3 times now, always singing the praises of its beauty, shopping and of course food. We headed in there this morning for a good look around and explore and it did not disappoint.

Lucca is a city of about 90,000 people in Tuscany, a walled city famous for its in-tact Renaissance era city walls. Once the walls lost their military importance they became a promenade for walking or riding a bike around looking down on the gorgeous city below. It’s also the birthplace of composer Puccini…opera and music an important part of the culture of this pretty town.

I adored the little streets, fabulous cafes and piazzas to sit in and some superior shopping. It was such a lovely place to get lost in, far less touristy than Florence, I hope we can get back here again one day.

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Mum, I can see EXACTLY why you love this place so much. We think we found your apartment, and of course there is a little something in our suitcase for you, and some postcards from the girls making their way back to you too x


  1. I am in shock l just saw my boy sam the black & white cat in the photo has exactly the same markings as my boy Sam, thank you for the beautiful photos l have enjoyed them.

  2. grazie beth!
    I am soo loving this trip for you!
    you are capturing the essence most beautifully hun!
    I can smell it!
    ahhh! … much love m:)X

  3. Just beautiful Bev – can’t wait to go back to Italy and explore the North!

  4. gorgeous, luff all these travel snaps. Are you doing much shopping? Home wares? napery? antiques? x

  5. HI Beth, I’m probably too late with this recommendation, but in case you head back into Lucca, our family suggest Pizzeria da Felice. Our kids still say it’s the best pizza in the world. Just a hole in the wall, but the line outside tells the story. Thanks for sharing your travels, I can see, hear and taste it all again like it was yesterday

  6. Wow great shots Beth, I am walking those streets and feeling the heat!

  7. Sue McCarney says

    Yay!!! You found our apartamento…
    SO happy, Lucca has captured your heart,

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