The Throne Rangers: A Podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {ep 13}

Just when you think there can’t POSSIBLY be more in the Royal family…the last two weeks happen. SO many outings. SO many things to discuss. Pop on your headphones and sneakers or make a cuppa or gin and tonic and settle in for this great listen.

Like, Megs and this short dress and double handed stomach hold on International Women’s Day.

And Cath going all Harry Potter out and about…

We’ve had costume changes from Megs on the same day…why Megs why?!

An awks moment with Haz on stage…

Speaking of awks, let’s talk about Cath wearing her shirt backwards shall we?

When she NAILED it at the Commonwealth service. Maaaaaate…

And of course, DRESS GATE when she either altered or had another dress made at the same time which makes us THINK that she had it altered but in fact it was a new dress. It had everyone up in arms (well in our world at least)…

You can listen to Episode 13 below:

Or you can listen through iTunes here.

Hope you enjoy!

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