Brazil on the Hill

I think it was a few months ago when Lucy and Chris (my sister and her husband) decided that they would have a “just because” party. They both are the hardest working people I know…with their own businesses and small kids they spend their entire lives working (weekends included). Our social lives are a lot like theirs: we don’t really have one apart from catching up together for drinks or the odd dinner before we start a new week all over again and you know…work!

So a party was in order and these guys KNOW how to throw a party. Ask any of their friends: when you get invited to one of theirs you know that you go and you know that you are in for a GOOD time. The best food, flowing drinks, they are the most generous hosts that truly epitomise hospitality: maybe that’s because that’s where their roots are from (where they met when Chris was a chef and Lucy worked at a local pub and then many years working together in restaurants). I wrote about one of their dinner parties they hosted before here.

The theme for this one was “Brazil on the Hill” they both lived together in São Paulo for a little while before they lived in London so have a passion for the food and drink of Brazil (and their house is on the top of the hill in the village). All we knew was that there were going to be lots of cocktails: Caipirinhas (Brazil’s national cocktail made which is created with a fiery liquor from sugar cane, called cachaça) Batidas etc and plenty of Brazilian street food like: Picanhas, Pastel de queijo, chicken coxhinhas, Pao de Queijos and Feijoada…to name a few.

The dress code was white (as is traditional on NYE to wear white and then change up the colour of your underwear to what you want to attract in the new year: red for money etc) and just quietly everyone looked FABULOUS and it was a touch of the RHOBH as Kyle used to throw her white parties.

The weather had been so shite in the lead up (no rain for months and months and then pouring rain, but it held out for a little bit) and then hasn’t stopped since! There were just a few of these cocktails made and consumed on the night, here’s my first of MANY.

The food and drink were flowing…as were those Brazilian’s tunes pumping out that you just can’t help to salsa along to (despite having no skills whatsoever)!

The weather turned a little in the evening but it didn’t stop the fires from producing some amazing steak with chimichurri and the tunes from pumping….in FACT as the night went on and the cocktails KEPT flowing we decided that dancing in the rain would be a good thing to do. Of course!

And of course from here on my photos look like this: my ISO and speed shutters were all wrong so let’s just leave things here.

It was such a great night thanks to our generous hosts who put together such a wonderful afternoon and night for everyone they invited. Their generosity knows no end, and for someone that got to enjoy it I can say THANK YOU. And for the rest of us, we all work so hard doing so much for so many people, I think we should all host a “just because” party every now and then, let off some steam and dance in the rain. I think the Brazilian Gods above would agree!

Anyone got a good party coming up?
Been to a memorable house party or hosted one yourself?
Anyone got any Brazilian tales to share?


  1. That looks like the best night, but all that white. I don’t do white at all, my laundry skills just aren’t up to white and I’m a magnet for grot.
    I have a friend who throws the best gatherings too, they always look so fantastic and are great nights. I think it comes down to attention to detail and not winging it like I do, did, I did back in the day when I hosted events.

  2. What a stunning party 😍

  3. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful night. It must be lovely having your sister living so close.

  4. This looks SO fun! What an awesome party theme. I’m not sure I could come up with a Brazilian menu!
    Because I’m = a teacher who can’t turn her brain off while I read, I thought I’d let you know that you don’t need apostrophes for “Caipirinha’s, Batida’s, Picanha’s, chicken coxhinha’s, Pao de Queijo’s”. Feel free to tell me to rack off 😉

    • Karli NEVER stop telling me this…I am USELESS. Rob is usually the one to correct me so thank you. One day I will work it out (or not). Thanks x

  5. Love, love, love it!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing, what a fabulous party!! Xxx

  6. All good, girlfriend. I’ve got the apostrophes, you keep doing the recipes and life inspo x

  7. We had a hippy themed party a few years ago called Smithstock (our surname is Smith) it was so much fun and the costumes were fantastic.

    Now I want to go to Brazil, it looks wonderful

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