Weekends filled with too many bubbles & not enough sleep

Didn’t I limp to bed last night? Sheesh. I gave it a red hot go over the weekend in some pre birthday celebrations, which I suppose is exactly the thing to do when celebrating a big ticket item birthday like I will be this week. I wanted to share with you some of Saturday night as I had SO much fun – completely spoiled by my mates with an evening of bubbles and wonderful food and some dancing and karaoke like you have never seen before!

First things first, I got frocked up. Well, kind of. I even got my make up done as a treat to myself.

For those that may ask/are interested I am in this t shirt (size M) these jeans (size 32 when I am a size 14) and these shoes (they are seriously comfy but sexy and the softest leather straps you have experienced and these earrings (love them!). With a pre party champers and dance off with the kids before we left I felt ready for some fun!

My little sis & brother in law hosted the drinks for us with all my good mates from the village. We did the usual every one bring a plate and we just ate nibbles after nibbles. I swear this is the only way to entertain with a big group of people – no pressure for the host, endless food and no stress. AT the end of the night everyone takes their plate and leaves – hevs!

There was a gin & whiskey bar too – but of course there was!

And then of course a slow descent into shenanigans.

John FINALLY agreed to going into the dark world of social media by joining Instagram…make sure you follow him here because I told him that you would.

The highlight of the night would have to have been the bluetooth gold karaoke microphone that my mate Melissa bought with her (hooks up to your phone and plays music through it PLUS your own voice on a microphone). Heaven help us ALL….I have never laughed so much. Cottonwood Interiors may take a good photo but you have NEVER seen someone throw themselves into Whitney Houston like she did.

Check out the background here. Dedication!

And of course a birthday cake platter filled with home made custard tarts from Miss Rabbit.

Beautiful words by all my gorgeous friends and an inappropriate amount of Prosecco consumed by the birthday girl. I can’t thank my sister and brother in law and all my friends enough for the best night ever!

Have another drink Beth, go on.

We got home and into bed by 1.30am which wasn’t too late (thankfully we had to shut it down as Luce was off to Sydney 7am yesterday and I had a babysitter at home we had to let go home) but the 4.45am start by Mags was in the NOT IDEAL category. Plus the fact that we had Rob’s dad and step mum down in the afternoon for a birthday visit for me. There was roast chook and more bubbles but thankfully in bed by 9.30pm. EXHAUSTED.

But so happy. How lucky to have such wonderful, generous, kind and funny friends who made me laugh more than I can remember in some time. Thank you guys!


  1. Oh I am so glad you had an absolutely fabulous time!! That pic with John though – AMAZING.
    Happy birthday!

  2. Looks like such a good night was had! Happy birthday x

  3. The only way to celebrate being amazing, Beth. May the party keep rocking. x

  4. Happy Birthday Beth! ?

  5. Happy Birthday Beth! ??

  6. You look amazing! Happy 40th Beth. So glad you had a fab weekend. xx

  7. Happy birthday Beth! Looked like a riot of fun. X

  8. Think we all just discovered where Maggie gets her nose crinkle smile from 🙂

    Have a very happy birthday week Beth. x

  9. Happy Birthday and yes you do have special friends, very lucky indeed. I am a tad upset with you though. Where was the singing???? I would have loved to hear some of it haha. Enjoy your birthday week beautiful lady. You give us so much through out the year. You deserve it all back. x

  10. Looks like a fabulous night. The perfect way to ring in the naughty forties xx

  11. aww nice one we had a “danksgiving” party on the weekend (I live in Berlin) with turkey, roast potatoes and people bringing sides, desserts etc. Great fun!

  12. It all looks ab/fab beth!
    Just keep on keeping on celebrating your festival!
    Go you!
    Much love m xx

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