Monday meal ideas: What to do with that chicken

Good morning friends! Hope you had a good weekend? We had a pretty quiet one with lots of chores and pottering about the house and then a little play in the afternoons (all done and dusted by 7pm of course!) And this week is the last before the end of the term….bring it on!

I will always find some chicken in my trolley and fridge each week, it’s a staple and a go-to in all its forms: whole bird, smaller pieces on the bone and skin on, breasts or thighs and mince. And there are SO many ways to make them but sometimes you just need some inspiration for that 500gram packet sitting there looking at you.

And I have some ideas for you for the week ahead! Here are some of my favourites that will likely make our table this week.

Perfect roast chicken 
Chinese Lemon Chicken
Chicken fried rice
Chicken & vegetable soup

Got anything exciting on this week? I have a new sticker chart printed out to get me motivated with better exercise and eating until Christmas (I am sure it will go to the wayside through the holidays) but it’s a start! We are off to Byron Bay for a family reunion with Rob’s side of the family all next week heading off on Friday. Can’t wait for a change of scene and some warmth! And then the second week of the holidays will be LOTS of work. Ah the balance of it all.

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. I am so on board yet again for the “lets not be a fat mole for Christmas” – honestly, wasn’t it just yesterday we were doing that but no, alas it was last year or was it the year before? God who knows… one thing I do know for sure is that I am the fattest mole I have ever been and things have to change. I am on board Beth. Started yesterday, jogging and eating better… the alcohol is out of control so trying not to drink either… see I am all or nothing, totally unsustainable but willing to try, ha ha ha

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