Monday meal ideas: Bread

Whoosh…there goes another weekend that whizzed by and somehow it’s almost Monday afternoon? I had an interview on ABC Newcastle this morning about working at home with kids after that BBC video went viral on the weekend. The irony was not lost on me that as I took the interview I had Mags propped up on the iPad with Pepps hoping like mad she would stay still for 5 minutes or so!

So here we are, staring down the barrel of another week. I am starting to get just a little bit excited about New York which is now less than 2 weeks away. I have to start getting organised and getting some documents together on how this place gets run for the Grandma’s who are generously helping us with the girls. It’s going to be a FULL on few weeks, but worth it of course! Whilst there may be stress I have to make sure that there’s not stress eating…for me that’s grabbing bread and butter! While I might not be able to partake in bread eating, you guys can get stuck into some bread making! Here’s a few of my favourite recipes.

Pita Bread
Bread & Butter pudding (using hot cross buns)
Soft bakery bread rolls

I hope you guys have a great week ahead that it’s not too busy, or too anything for that matter. May it be “just right” and if you make any of these recipes, it just might be!


  1. I love having my home baked rolls, with pear butter and Moscato…?
    Or a bowl of soup and again a warm roll or two, with Zonin Prosecco?

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