Monday meal ideas: that shopping staple…chicken

Hello there Monday! Instead of getting cranky about seeing you again so soon (but seriously, how SO soon?!) I am going to embrace you as the one day of the week where I get the most STUFF done. In fact, I had an online shopping delivery this morning at 6.05am. See? Stuff done! The one thing that is ALWAYS in every single shop especially for mid week cooking is chicken. Here are some of my go-to’s for mid week cooking to use up that chicken you KNOW you have in your fridge.

Chicken & Veggie Soup
Chorizo Chicken one pot wonder
Jamie Oliver’s Sticky Kicking chicken
Chicken Quesadillas

What’s your week ahead looking like? I don’t have much one…some visitors later in the week but mostly just keeping colds and sickness at bay which I can see is teetering on the edge for a couple of the girls. I hope that the week ahead for you is productive, healthy and filled with some ease and happiness…sounds good to me!


  1. Linda Jenkins says

    Hey Beth – did you know you can buy the Changs Salad dressing already made at Woolworths – just add oil ?

  2. Thanks beth!
    And tonight i thank my daughter for her delicious chicken and roasted veg!
    We’ve been out and to come home to that! … yum!
    We r Lucky to have lovely clever daughters!
    Much love m xx

  3. Hey Beth. Cooked the chicken & chorizo the other day. Loved it so much that I linked to it in a recipe round up. How good is chorizo!

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