The MUST have travel accessory: FRANKiE4 Active Flats

A sponsored post for FRANKiE4 Footwear

This giveaway has now closed and the winners have been chosen (Janine & Greta are the lucky winners and have been notified)

There’s nothing much I love doing more than using my passport. The planning of an overseas trip, all the trawling through AirBnB or hotels, reading reviews and planning that eventually leads to hitting BOOK for accommodation and flights, trains and transfers. That surge of adrenalin never gets old! There’s nothing that compares to the excitement and anticipation of a trip that you let your thoughts wander to every now and then, going back through photos and websites imagining yourself there, checking up for recent reviews, booking hotels and ALL of the day dreaming. Most of the time I am exhausted before my holiday even begins with my imaginary holiday  already played out in my head! That same pre-holiday usually has me looking at LEAST 5 kilos lighter too and wearing all new clothes!

While I don’t usually buy any new clothes before I go away anymore (experience tells me that I will buy a new top or dress on the first day and wear that everyday ignoring the other 45 I have packed) there is something I have come to make part of my pre-holiday planning ritual over the past few years. It’s making sure I have some FRANKiE4s ready to go. I’ve tested them out on the streets of New York and Hong Kong and a few months back I took a whole lot of brand spanking new active flats to London for a full and thorough road test.

Now for those of you wondering just exactly what an ACTIVE FLAT is, they are a more casual type sneaker that can handle A LOT of walking, chasing toddlers etc but more than that they are stylish and have a bit of street cred about them. They can be dressed up or down and go with everything. They are basically the kind of shoes I LOVE and wear 99% of the time. And being podiatrist designed, they are SO good for your feet…and comfy!

FRANKiE4 have a great existing range of active flats that I know you guys are already huge fans of: the likes of ELLiE, SOPHiE, NAT and JACKiE in an ever expanding range of colours and leather styles and that’s what I was lucky enough to get my trotters into while hitting the cobblestones of London in the Spring: the new 2 colours and studded styles of ELLiE (coming soon!) and a brand new flat on the block soon that hit FRANKiE4 this week: POLLY in 4 of her new colours.

6 shoes. 6 styles. 6 colours.  Let’s see how it all went down.

Spoiler alert: there were white jeans involved because there wasn’t a bloody toddler in sight! Praise be.

ELLiE III Pinned Gold & Black $229.95 (coming soon)

How hot are these gold pins? There’s not much that doesn’t go with this colour combination and the gold studs give these shoes an edge that I adore. These shoes don’t have the rounded toe of the JACKiE or NAT but are super comfy. I love mixing up the laces as well and were perfect for fitting into the cool streets of Notting Hill where we were staying.

ELLiE III Pinned Silver $229.95 (coming soon)

I love the different coloured laces against the silver so much with these (same as the blue laces with my beloved silver BETHs) it just adds a little fun to them. These shoes were the ones I wore the day of the big royal wedding and was happy to stand in them for many, MANY hours without any trouble at all. That functional foot bed really came into its own. As it did with standing in the odd beer garden…


Similar to the NAT in style (sitting lower on the foot) these shoes are a little sleeker and a real favourite of mine. They are comfy sure, but they just look good on and I especially love the punched out leather detail. And wore them I did…lucky I had 4 colours to choose from!

POLLY Silver $229.95

Again I love the detail on the sides of these pretties that are the perfect shoe to dress up or down. Everything goes with shiny I think!

POLLY Gold $229.95

These gold POLLYs were the perfect shoe to tackle Borough Markets with on a cool morning. You can see the spot punch out is slightly bigger but how good is that gold? LOVE these.

POLLY Blush $229.95

Similar to the white POLLY in punch out (smaller) spots this blush colour is an absolute dream to wear as it goes with everything. Who doesn’t love a touch of pink on their feet? Perfect for picnics in the park on a spring afternoon!

Each and every one of these shoes hit the mark for me for an OS trip. They could be worn over long periods of time and kilometres without any pain or discomfort. They look great and can be dressed up and down. They are good for my feet and they look cool. One or two pairs of these could make up your entire travel shoe wardrobe for a trip and that suits me for lugging around excess baggage. And back home they have been getting a solid workout too. Perfect for everyday home and work life they just look a bit cooler than a normal sneaker…they will be loved for years to come.

And thanks to fabulous people at FRANKiE4 I have TWO pairs of these bad boys to give away to BabyMac readers. Yep not one, but TWO of you will get a pair of these fabulous active flats for near or far worth $229.95 each!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me which is your favourite style and colour of these active flats and why. Is it the gold POLLY? The black and gold pinned ELLiE? It’s like choosing a favourite child, but have a crack and for a chance to win.

Leave a comment below, and make sure you are following FRANKiE4 on Instagram and check out the rest of the T&C’s here.

I know you guys are going to love these just as much as I do. Make sure you check out the new POLLY in 4 fabulous colours available online now and keep an eye out for those hot new ELLiE III styles available online in the next 2 weeks. These will sell FAST so don’t miss out!

Please comment below for your chance to win one of two pairs and tell me….
What is your favourite style, colour and why?

Thanks FRANKiE4 for the road test and for giving me two pairs to give away!


  1. I got side tracked looking at all the wine and cheese 🙂 Love your photos by the way, would love to visit the Borough markets someday. I digress (because I am basically piggy and all that cheese) I would love to win a pair of white Polly flats please, they would slot perfectly into my wardrobe! How’s that brick archway! And what’s in the packet? My favourite part of travel is the food!

  2. I think the Polly’s in white are my favourites! Although I really need them now, I’m 8 months in on a 10 month trip around the world (It would be lovely to have a pair waiting for me when I get home). My Nike thongs aren’t really cutting it with all the walking!

  3. Josie Kendall says

    Hi Baby Mac, I really love those Polly Silvers. Talk about stylish, comfortable, functional. What more could a girls ask for! Please pick me.

  4. Amy Cadusch says

    Polly in white – so versatile & I love a lower cut shoe.

  5. I love the Black and Gold pinned Ellie, I could see those on my feet walking the streets of New York and London just like you did. I’ve saved for 10 years for this trip, would be awesome to win some excellent walking shoes to wear.

  6. Lizzie Delfs says

    Polly in white! I came across Frankie4 through you and your blog. I now own a couple of pairs and my old feet are eternally grateful!

  7. Shai Knight says

    I love Frankie4… and I adore the Polly! Being a Mumma and a preschool teacher they sure will get a workout. Also on that: preschool teacher wages and a hefty shoe budgets and not exactly compatible 😩.
    I’d love them in white because:versatile. My feet have been less than pleased after a long ol winter in unsupportive flat boots.

  8. Oh Beth! I love Frankie4’s. You introduced me to my first pair via your blog, my Rose gold Beth’s. Since then I have added a pair of white Jackie’s to my collection. They are amazingly made and designed shoes. I would love to get my hands on a pair of Ellie III pinned gold & black flats!

  9. Polly in silver! Off to the UK next year and determined not to look like a travel slob…. Polly will give me style and comfort and the silver a bit of bling!

  10. Lauren jenkins says

    I’m all about the Polly blush. So damn beautiful and such divine sneakers x

  11. OMG those Gold Polly’s are amazing! As I creep closer to 40 (1 more year!) and with a bung knee I’m finding I need better supporting shoes. I’ve been living in my black joggers but that’s just not cutting it. I think a pair of well designed, comfortable but super cute Frankie4’s is the way to go. Love these pics 😉

  12. Kate Pearce says

    Polly in silver would be my choice. How did you fit all those shoes in your luggage?

  13. Alex Miller says

    Hullo Polly white!!!! They would be insanely perfect for my London trip at the end of the year 😁😁😁😁😁

  14. Julie Harris says

    I would love Polly in gold. I am doing some volunteer work at the moment as I need to get back into the work force after having kids. These look comfortable and young! Too things I need to get THE job. X

  15. I would LOVE the Polly in silver. I have a few pairs of the Frankie4 sneakers and these silver ones would make the sneaker collection complete… for now!! I’m a mum and a teacher to 3 year olds. My third baby is due in a few months and I’ve living in my Frankie4s at work and at home chasing kids around all day. Great pics Beth!

  16. I never used to be a sneaker type person but these last few years have seen me wear them more & more. Sure, my favourite pair only cost $12 from Big W (so not as classy as the Frankie ones your wearing)& after two years they are falling apart but I’ve bloody loved them & will still choose them over any other shoe I own if I’m ducking out real quick to the shops or school pick up. I’m sure Id look WAY better in the Ellie lll pinned gold & black!!!!

  17. I will need a Frankie 4 intervention soon. I have ordered the Polly in silver already but also am pining for the white and gold too. Now that I have seen the silver pinned Ellies my mind is racing! Oh I need more feet! I cannot go past a silver shoe – it’s a great neutral. Love your photos and adventures Beth.

  18. Polly Silver! I would absolutely LOVE a decent pair of silver sneakers (the $5 Ruby specials didn’t last so long and certainly didn’t hold up to hours of walking) and the silver Polly’s look like they would tick ALL the boxes!

  19. Justine Wilmot says

    I would love the Ellie in silver. I bought my first pair of Frankie’s a year or so ago after you recommended them. I emailed Frankie, firstly asking if they have a return policy because I have very narrow feet and have struggled all my life to get shoes that fit and secondly to say that I love them after seeing babymac wearing them! I was assured that they would fit my feet. They arrived only a few days later and surprise, surprise THEY FIT! I live in them and would love another pair to add to my collection. Thanks babymac☺️

  20. Linda Jenkins says

    I would love to win a pair of Polly’s in silver to replace my original pair of Nats in silver which are now worn out. I love my silver shoes as they are a great neutral for my wardrobe.

  21. Kate Moore says

    Hi Beth
    Frankie Polly silvers look fab – so comfortable but with a bit of style and pizazz ;).
    Look great with jeans but can dress up a casual outfit.
    Perfect for travelling and running my kids around with after school / weekend Mum taxi runs

  22. like Sam Sparro says “Black and Gold – Black and Gold – Black and Goooooold”
    B&G all the way – an every day shoe with a little PIZAZZ and god knows this mumma needs some PIZZAZZ!!

  23. Fantastic photos and outfits Beth.
    This post is great timing as just this week I decided to get serious about looking after my feet. I have a terrible bunion which is worsening due to my poor shoe choices. I saw an orthopaedic surgeon this week who said I was borderline for surgery but if I waited a couple of years and wore the right footwear I might slow down the progress and avoid surgery (at least for a while!). While walking from the appointment to my car I jumped straight on to look for some proper shoes that will love my feet back. I feel so confident knowing that they are designed by a podiatrist and physio.
    I would be so grateful to try a pair before I buy my first pair of Frankies. I would love the Pollys in gold.
    One question for you though… socks or no socks!??

  24. Polly in Silver – gorgeous!

  25. Although I would love to be winning these for an amazing overseas trip, in my reality they would be to soften the blow of returning sooner than expected to work after maternity leave. The Ellie III in pinned gold and black sure would add some glam to the dreary old country hospital I’m returning to!!

  26. Anne Brook says

    Going back to work means by trusty Nats are being worn hard every day…so I would choose a pair of Polly in silver to mix up the shoe-drobe a bit. I love the lower cut and a bit of silver makes everyone’s work day better !

  27. Great photos! Totally makes me want to go to London!
    I love the Polly in Blush. They would be the perfect addition to my ‘Mum wardrobe’, super easy to throw on with jeans but I think the colour is feminine enough to even wear with a dress.

  28. Annette Morrison says

    Hi Lovely 💕
    I would so luv the Polly White for my poor arthritic feet …. FRANKiE4 are the only shoes I can now wear but hey that’s okay they are stylish , functional and you can dress them up or down but best of all is their comfort … so yes I so need another pair to put on my poor old feet

  29. Patricia reynolds says

    Hi Beth.
    Gold Polly’s would make my day to day running around after the kids so much more fun and bearable in these comfy shoes.

  30. It would have to be the black and gold pinned ELLiE for me. A bit of sparkle on an everyday basic – I can see these transitioning from weekend casual to Friday workday smart casual. AKA I would flog these shoes to death.

  31. They are all so cute! My most favourite is Polly in Blush.
    Thanks for a great comp, Beth!

  32. The Ellie III pinned gold and black would certainly soften the shock to the system when I return to work from Maternity Leave. Without a doubt will add some much needed glam to the dreery old local hospital corridors!!

  33. I would love the Polly whites, love the slim line style! Thanks Beth

  34. Hi Beth. I would gift the Ellie Pinned Gold and Black to my sister, Kirsty. She has such trouble getting stylish yet comfortable shoes to fit her poor feet. She has struggled with arthritis in her feet since her early 30s. She is a brick and never complains and I would love to give her something beautiful just for her – she is turning 50 in a couple of weeks too. Thank you, Sarah

  35. Maria O’Loughlin says

    I love the Frankie Polly silver, classic, stylish, perfect under a gorgeous summer dress, jeans or nice denim skirt. They would be perfect walking for my trip home next year to London and Ireland next year.

  36. Oh my, I would love Polly in Pink Blush. I think I could literally throw the rest of my shoes out … having Polly would be just like owning the perfect nude lipstick 💗 I am obviously lying, I never throw shoes out lol … but Polly would become my new best friend and I would drag her along to every outing, whether she felt like it or not!! PS. I tell my kids I have a favourite (though never revealed) and they have to keep behaving well to maintain their status as #1 … smart eh? 😉

  37. Sally Ceeney says

    Polly in gold 😍. I absolutely live in my cream Nats, what other shoe can take me from the office during the day to coaching under 9 netball in the afternoon?!

  38. Anne Davis says

    Polly Blush would be my pick! I really love the comfort of sneakers but dont want to wear them for casual/traveling. I think I’ve seen too many ‘grey nomads’ in their 3/4 length pants/white ankle socks/bright sneakers 😜! No offence to them but I’d rather look a little more ‘on trend’ 👊😊

  39. I love the Polly in white. Perfect match to my everyday mum outfit of jeans and a tshirt.

  40. Julia Blair says

    Great shots Beth. Your trip was a great time of trying new things hey. Uh, Pollie white or silver are the go!!!
    My white converse leathers are actually now hurting my feet, and I just can’t go back to pain after settling down the plantar fasciitis I’ve had since last November. I wear this kind of style virtually all weekend so it would be giving my feet a sigh of relief to move into Frankie’s as we navigate the change from winter.
    BTW, Go white jeans girl! 😆

  41. How could I not choose the Ellie in Black and Gold.

  42. Beth, Beth, Beth…I want them all!!! Your London styling makes me feel like a kid in a lolly shop.
    But I NEED the gold Polly’s.
    P.S. What did you say to the Borough Market Bike Man to make him smile like that? 😉

  43. What a tough choice! They all look awesome. I think it comes down to Polly in white or gold…Too hard to choose. White? More practical? Gold? More fun?

  44. Hi Beth,
    I got side tracked looking at your amazing pics. I love the Polly in white. These look amazing and I love that they can be dressed up or dressed down and would be perfect for me for chasing after my 5 year old twin girls x

  45. Polly in gold is the best!! Just imagine being able to click your heels three times and say…there’s no place like Rome…there’s no place like Rome 🙂

  46. Polly blush would see me stylish and comfortable at work, crawling around with young children. Although any of these would do the same!

  47. Johanne Taylor says

    OMG those pinned Ellies! May even need to replace the older versions of Ellie that have been around the world a couple of times, but what colour? Black with gold! No wait, silver. Definitely silver. Hang on- black might work better as a statement. Although the silver is so versatile, I think I just live the contrast of the black and gold. Yes! That’s the decision made- definitely black Ellie III, for now.

  48. Yvonne Duke says

    Love the soon to be released ELLiE in Black and pinned Gold !! They would be so versatile and make my feet so comfy while walking around all day !!

  49. Totally the gold Polly’s 😍😍😍 I could totally see myself wearing these daily to work, and all weekend running around after kids and their 4378544 sporting commitments ( as if weekends are for relaxing! 🤣🤔🙃😢)

  50. Ellie III pinned black and gold would have to be my pick. I’ve worn out my old black Ellies and they have been very faithful workhorses in my shoe robe. So comfortable. I would love a new pair but alas an audit of our expenses yesterday tells me there’s no room in the budget. Living is so EXPENSIVE. But I know a new pair of Ellie’s would make every time I wear them a holiday for my feet – and that might be as close as I get to a holiday for the moment too.

  51. Polly in gold for sure!!!!!!

  52. Ellie in pinned (black) – love love love

  53. Oh wow, I covet Polly Blush…they look super comfortable and in my job (Valet for a starionary company) I pound the City streets of Perth and these would be so sooper dooper chic…they really do look fabulous!

  54. Would love the black and gold pinned ElliE! If I win a pair I could actually tell my husband the truth about a new pair of shoes!!
    I won them! Instead of hiding them away and bringing them out for a ‘special occasion’ and say ‘oh honey I’ve had these for years! Just never get to wear them!’ Wink wink 😉

  55. I’m loving the slim line design of the Polly’s! And the dot detailing! Just so edgy! They look like they would be ideal for dressing up or down! Goodness knows how I would choose a colour! They are all divine!!! But considering we are about to enter warmer Spring days I think the white Polly’s would be gorgeous and fresh!

  56. Oh my word – how tough is that choice!!! So much gorgeous Frankie4-ness.
    I think I would like the black and gold Ellie. They look like they could be my going out at night shoe on holidays. (Off to the US with 7 girlfriends in Sept) Iwould love to be able to be that comfortable but a bit more dressed up as I head out for dinner and cocktails. 😊😊

  57. Janine Thomson says

    Love the black and gold pinned Ellie. Gorgeous pics.

  58. Lianne Dawson says

    I love my Ellie’s and would love a pair of Polly’s in shiny sweet silver

  59. I love the polly blush! They would be perfect for our upcoming trip to NY. It’s so important to have a shoe that is not only comfortable but also versatile while traveling.

  60. Oh London, this takes me back!! I love the Polly White so fresh and crisp to go with any outfit, perfect shoes for my next overseas adventures!!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  61. The polly gold paired with rnb fridays would be THE cure to get through the last workday hurdle… My feet would be in serious party mode *even if my plans are to stay at home and watch outlander

  62. Baby Mac!
    The Ellie’s are my favourite design, for 2 reasons…..
    My daughters name is Ellie and I’ve been eyeing these off for a while. My Kmart 8 buck pairs are all in the bin and I’m currently shoeless 🤣

  63. Ali Stewart says

    Polly Blush are my fave! Maybe it’s the scenery at the park with wine and baguette. They look super comfy and my feet need some serious shoe candy! I love them and would go with everything xx

  64. I’m heading to New York in October with my sister and would love a pair of white Polly’s on my feet for the walking I’m going to be doing. Thank you!

  65. I am in love with Polly! Would love to win Polly white! Chasing after two kids and suffering from plantar fasciitis I cannot love without my Frankie4s.

  66. I’ve been eyeing off Frankie-4’s for a while now and haven’t yet take the plunge. I love your blog and have tried many other products/businesses you’ve talked about and they have surpassed your recommendations. I would love for this to be the case with Frankie 4 also. I would love to try out the gold. Thanks!

  67. Love love love Polly in white. What a gorgeous and super comfy looking shoe! They would be the perfect addition to my toddler chasing wardrobe!

  68. Sally Frawley says

    In my 40’s I now have sore feet all the time because I insist on still wearing sparkly ballet flats. So how perfect would some gold Polly’s be?! Sparkly bilingual gorgeousness with some sensibility. Fingers crossed

  69. Polly in gold!!! My teacher feet would be in HEAVEN!!!

  70. Jo Rothwell says

    Gotta 💗 the Polly white for being the most versatile and fitting in with most outfits in my wardrobe – however those silver Polly shoes just keep catching my eye too! Spoilt for choice but one thing we know FRANKiE4 shoes are a woman’s feet’s best friend 😜

  71. I am LOVING all these photos. Making me desperately want to travel as well as own ALL the Frankie4’s. I think my favourite are the Polly silver or gold. Both so versatile and super comfy. I would love to win a pair xx

  72. Denyse Robinson says

    Hi Beth
    I would love the Polly in silver. I have been wanting a silver pair and these are gorgoeous.

  73. Ellie III pinned Silver is super SEXY 😍👏🏻

  74. Polly Blush … pretty in PINK 💖💖

  75. Lynn Cleave says

    Oooohhhh Beth – love your travels and these new flats (swoon!) Love that pic with the guy flirting on his bike the best haha
    It’s a tricky choice as they are all gorge but I think I’d choose the silver polly’s as I have black Ellie’s that I wear to work as a school nurse. Everything goes with silver. I have a big UK/ NY trip coming up and hate the sore feet I often get when walking – everything other than Frankies blisters my feet. A pair of silver shoes would go with all my outfits and give me a bit of street cred 😉 Thanks for modelling them all xo

  76. Sara graham says

    Hi Beth,
    I am heading to London in just over three weeks and i feel i could really work the ellie black and gold! I can picture myself striding up Bond St in a pair of these bad boys.

  77. I love the Ellie pinned gold and black. They pop. I have to wear steel capped boots to work and I crave being able to feel a little less dag, more glamour outside of work. I love flats but it’s usually have to find style and comfort.

  78. I think I’m kinda in love with Frankie4’s Polly in gold, modeled beautifully btw!

  79. Great photos of you in London. You need super comfy shoes when your travelling and sightseeing! How can one choose what they like best ? But I think the Ellie in the pinned hold and Black is calling my name ! They look super stylish !

  80. Amy Pereira says

    The gold POLLY’s look so hot on. I love the cut and style. Love your blog and insta page. Seeing someone real wearing the shoes is the best advertising. Must have a pair. Thanks Beth. 🤞

  81. Sarah Light says

    I love the gold Polly’s. Doesn’t everyone need a pair of gold kicks? Especially if they could save our soles.

  82. Emma-Lee Harper says

    Love the Blush Polly, because it’s like a hot pair of nude heels… but without the feet killing, ankle snapping heel.

  83. Am loving the shit out of the adorable Polly in white. Bright and white – exactly how I like my shoes……..and wine ;))

  84. Julie D Hodge says

    Slick, stylish Polly’s in silver for my sick, sore feet ~ yessss please Frankie 4.

  85. Corina Morgan says

    Ooh I love the Polly white! As much as I would love these myself, I would gift them to a very deserving friend of mine who has had a tough time of late. Thanks for the opportunity Beth 🙂

  86. Blush polly would get me round NYC this xmas. I love the cut out and the colour is not too out there,.
    I’ll take you in my suitcase babymac 😍😍

  87. Debbie Grah says

    Black and gold pinned ELLiEs for sure! Not only would they be perfectly comfy and stylish for chasing after the kids, they would look great at soccer training nights, Saturday soccer matches, swimming lessons, school recitals, school assembly, when I’m in school canteen, casual Friday, mumsy Monday, grocery shopping, climbing on the roof to retrieve the ball (neighbours will be watching!), mum’s night out, date night out – lots of reasons to be on my feet and looking stylish x

  88. Am loving the shit out of Polly in white. White and fresh – just how I like my shoes……. and my wine ;))

  89. Polly silver – we’ve not met but I feel we do need to. See the reason is simple, I’m stuck in serious home-bound-Mum-mode and I feel that your presence might simply catapult me into the style hemisphere (we’ll as much as my humble Country town will allow!). Apart from fact that I haven’t worn my orthotics since we partied like it was ‘99 (or much earlier 🤦‍♀️) maybe you’ll help me step forward without a bad back. Looking forward to meeting you, Emma (bad-back-Mum-casual-sandshoe-kinda-gal)

  90. I was secretly hoping for a surprise trip to the UK giveaway! Lol a girl can dream cant she? Anyhow I love the silver pollies, perfect to dress up or down as a busy mum of 4 little ones!

  91. I love Ellie III pinned gold and black. These would be perfect during the day and easy to glam up at night with jeans or dresses. I don’t have an overseas trip planned but my parents booked me a holiday to Mooloolaba! Thanks Beth x

  92. Jennifer Shelton says

    It would be a white Polly for me although the blush comes in close. These shoes look made for walking and walking’ just what I would do. I think they would lift my look and comfort levels to a whole new place and boy could I do with that.

  93. Sam Neumann says

    The Polly in white. I have a number of shoes that are good for my two bung feet. All of them are black, bulky and fugly. It would be a game changer if a shoe this cute could also keep my feet happy!

  94. Well if I can’t get gold on my fingers I would happily settle for gold on my toes… so it has to be Polly in gold!

  95. I’d life a pair of Polly Gold. I teach Kindergarten and they already think I’m a beautiful princess(great for the self esteem), but if I turn up with a pair of gold shoes, their little five year old minds will be blown!

  96. IN LOVE with the Polly Blush 😍😍😍
    I’m Italy bound in October and these would be the ideal travel companion! I could even leave my daggy runners at home 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  97. I love Polly in white. Perfect for a queensland spring and summer I reckon. My poor old feet sure would appreciate a pair!

  98. Shut up! Those Ellie pinned silver are to die 4. Frankie 4 seriously the comfiest thing for your feet.

  99. Whilst I would love them all the Polly White are my favourite just because they would go with most of my wardrobe. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 👟

  100. Sue Buchecker says

    Fantastic blog post and loved your trip to London. Have been once last year but only for a few days so would love to go back and explore for a lot longer and a pair of polly in blush would be a perfect partner to explore with and why. Because they’re pink, why else💓💓💓💓💓

  101. If I could pick a pair I would pick the Polly Blush. Because I want something that is simply going to go with everything. With the kids I need to run out the door feeling comfortable yet still somewhat stylish! I love the look of these shoes in your pictures and will dream of one day being able to own a pair.

  102. Elise Schaefer says

    I love them all but as I’m such a practical girl I will go for ‘Polly Blush’ as they go with everything!!

  103. Wendy Clarke says

    White Polly’s for me please! My white Nats I bought last year are pretty much worn out and I need a replacement. Love the cut outs in the Polly, perfect for spring.

  104. Fiona Wadling says

    I can only wear shoes that fit orthotics after suffering a stress fracture in my foot . Frankie 4’s meet the brief AND I don’t have to look like a granny! My teen girls would love to see me in the Polly blush shoes , so I could be ‘ on trend’ with them and not a embarrassment 🤣

  105. Rachael Straker says

    The Polly Blush are soooo sweet and would be perfect for Mum life and wardrobe; easy to dress up or down, they would go with everything and look super comfy (which let’s face it, is super important when chasing after and carrying around little kiddies)!

  106. Brionne Peters says

    Hi Beth!
    I have just come back from a 3 week trek around California including a week at Disneyland wearing my trusty cream Nat’s! Love them so much and so comfy….and have been lusting after a black pair of Frankie’s so of course the Ellie pinned gold and black would be my pick – perfect way to dress up a pair of jeans!!

  107. Oh Lordy those pics! 😍 the Polly Gold have got to be the ones! Sure to spice up my favourite mumdrobe staple- jeans and a tee! With those on my toes I might just fit in with the fancy dance mums on a Saturday morning! And as the weather warms up I could wear them with a cute teeshirt dress! So many options. And my ooor feet would not know what hit them. To actually have support! Who would of thought!!!

  108. Loving all the sunny London Spring time photos! I’m a little bit in love with the silver Polly’s…because, as we all know, a good metallic is the perfect neutral that goes with absolutely everything. What more could I want…comfort, style and versatility!?!? 😁

  109. I’m in love with them all, but if I must choose a favourite it’s Polly Silver. A stylish, comfortable addition to my spring wardrobe. 😍

  110. Ooooohhh the SILVER POLLY’S are so very cool! I love the look of a sleek metallic shoe, but I am just doing total mum life at the moment and never have an exuse to buy any of the pretty and fancy looking BETH’S (do you totally love having a shoe named after you?). I practically live in my NAT’S, have pretty bad plantar fasciitis and they have been a game changer, so another pair of superb Frankie’s would be AMAZING! And the silver might just add that extra sparkle to my day 🙏

  111. I’d love the POLLY Gold for a solid all-rounder with a bit of spunk. I’ve got the cream NAT and would love to branch out into something slightly more adventurous!

  112. I love the Polly whites! I have a pair of the NAT whites and being a new mum whose feet seem to have expanded (well that’s not the only thing I suppose!), they are pretty much my only pair of shoes at the moment. I’d love a pair of the Polly white, especially as they sit lower and sound like they might flatter a good cankle 😂. Great article Beth 😊

  113. Polly in blush. I love pink! I actually just picked up my new (second hand but only ridden twice) pink bike. The Polly’s would be perfect to peddle with.

  114. The lust has to be shared equally between the Gold and Blush Polly. It’s rare to find shoes that can be both comfortable and awesome looking!

  115. Jessica McLardie says

    EEEEKKKKKK this FRANKiE4 question about picking your favourite is like asking me to pick a favourite kid!!!!!! If have to pick just one, I will go with Ellie III Pinned Gold & Black shoes, but I really do love them all equally xx

  116. Oooh it’s a tough one! I’m torn between the gold and silver Polly 😍 I thought silver but your photos of the gold make them look just as versatile!

  117. Caroline Pizzey says

    What a generous giveaway! Polly silver for me, please. Perfect for getting from the farm to the city … Thanks for the opportunity.

  118. Kat Smitheram says

    Argh! Can’t choose between the Polly in White or in Blush! Love the crisp, clean feel of the white (I love me some white converse) but the versatility of the Blush – I loved the pairing with olive/khaki. Gorgeous!

  119. Karen Jenkinson says

    Team ELLiE BLACK and Pinned G O L D!
    Omg! They are MY team colours! I am the Wellbeing and Education manager for a Queensland Intrust Super Cup Rugby League team and I am always wearing my black ELLiE’s to work, training and games – I have two pairs – I keep one “good” for match day! These new gold studded ones would be perfect! 💛🌟💛🌟💛

  120. Loving the Polly silver. My Cream Nats took me all through London with complete comfort.
    Love the look of the new Polly’s.

  121. Beth, long have I awaited some good overseas travel and at the same time, longed for a pair of comfortable sneakers that didn’t look like I bought them at the chemist. Luckily, my fiancé and I are looking forward to enjoying our honeymoon in December to the United States. Having never travelled further than NZ, he and I are thrilled! We’re so excited. I’m sure a pair of Polly White would do my feet and my suitcase justice as we trek our way around the country. As always – your travel log keeps me envious. I’m hoping to kick it up a notch (or a pair).

  122. I LOVE the black and gold pinned ELLIE! And so would my feet and my back. Not to mention my friends who will be so envious.

  123. Brodie Dobson says

    Polly in white!! I’ve never owned white shoes. 😳 not even as a kid. My mum wouldn’t let me. I feel like I’m old enough to own a pair of white shoes now… 37yrs old today 🥂🍾👟

  124. Ohhh Miss Polly get in my trolley!!! Those gold Pollys are gorgeous! As my mother always says “always go for gold!”

  125. I’m in love with the silver Polly’s- would be the best for Spring 😍 Perfect for chasing the 3 yr old in the park 🏃🏾‍♀️

  126. I love the Ellie’s Frankie 4’s they suit my odd shaped toes. I have worn my black pair to death. Would love to win the Ellie III pinned silver with the navy laces they look amazing and would be a nuetral colour that would suit most things in my wardrobe and my soles would love it. No more cramping!

  127. Andrea nimmo says

    Polly white and silver 😍😍. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of flats that I can wear with jeans and dresses coming into spring. These are amazing

  128. Your beautiful modelling photography work makes me want them all Beth but my absolute favourite would have to be the black and gold pinned ELLIE. Thanks

  129. Donna Brooker says

    Love all your photos Beth! I am off to Italy with my husband in two weeks for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. First holiday ever without kids. I am beyond excited! I don’t have any decent sneakers and my tired 50 year old feet would really love the Polly in silver.

  130. Think I need to book a holiday as stylish as the black and gold pinned Ellie! Picking a style is as hard as picking a holiday

  131. I love the Polly White style. Working in Events, white sneakers are actually our event uniform and I live in shoes like this, walking 20,000+ steps per day for up to 10 days in a row. I’m currently wearing converses but they are killing my feet and I’d LOVE to try a pair of Frankies. If they are as good as you say I’m sure I’d have my whole team sold in no time!!

  132. I am a Nat lover! I wear the black ones to work and have just bought cream Nat’s right before the Polly’s were released! I would love a pair of Polly Gold to fancy-pants up my feet! Haha Thank you

  133. Marianne Pollock says

    I love the gold Polly, nothing better than comfy but still cool. I’m at an age ( hello 40 ) where I really need to look after and protect my feet, sadly no more heels for me! I have one pair of Frankie 4’s and really want to try some more. Thank you xx PS love re-living your London trip – beautiful pics

  134. Ooooo, I have been dreaming of getting a pair of Frankie4s for years. I have loved them all. But the time has come with those Ellie III pinned gold and black! I love all of them, but those bad girls are something special.
    They are perfect for work or play.
    I love the photos Beth and can’t wait to go to the Borough Markets. I too will need to take a photo in that archway. So cool. 😘

  135. I love the Polly Whites! Since having a baby five months ago, I’ve found my feet flatter and fatter (well I guess my feet aren’t the only that’s expanded either 😂) and my cream NATs are practically (no pun intended) the only shoes I own. And the lower sit of the Pollys look like they might flatter a good cankle. Would love to snaffle a pair so I can make my fancy new mum outfits (poo explosions, wee, breastmilk) look so much fancier. Great article Beth.

  136. Hi there, I love the Polly Whites! After having a baby five months ago, I’ve found my feet to be fatter and flatter (well I guess my feet aren’t the only things to have expanded haha!) and I practically (no pun intended) live in my current cream NATs (pretty much the only shoes I own!). The lower cut of the Pollys also look like they will flatter a good cankle and I would love to add these to my current newborn wardrobe of poo explosions, wee and leaky milk stains! Love the pics Beth.

  137. Katie Lathbury says

    Oh! Polly in Gold, I did think blush first but everyone needs a bit of shine. I am slowly building my collection of FRANKiE 4’s and I have been slowly waiting to add another without my husband noticing the Credit card bill 😂
    They are they perfect comfortable foot ware so you can still look stylish chasing after little ones 💖

  138. Anne Farrar says

    LOVE EVERY PAIR! But if I have to choose I’d say the Gold Polly would be my fave. ❤️
    They would go with most outfits as they’re a lovely neutral colour. They look super comfy too which would help me because I have foot probs & need comfortable, supportive shoes. Gorgeous looking shoes that fit the bill are hard to find. ❤️

  139. Hey Beth! I’m loving the black Ellie with gold studs – and the Nats – I’m basically a black white and a pop of colour wardrobe when I travel. These gorgeous flats would take me to New York and in next level comfort!! Please please !! Love your travel snaps too – fantastic !!

  140. Marjorie Daley says

    Beth, they all look great but I’d choose Polly in White for my upcoming trip to California with the three kids aged 11, 8 and 7. My Ellies need some long service leave after 2 hard years on the road!!

  141. I would absolutely love a pair of Polly silvers to carry me through the next part of life’s journey. My Nats have served me well, but are beginning to look a bit exhausted and nearing retirement. I would love to replace them, as the thought of not having my stylish little Frankie friends to support me is a little upsetting.

  142. Black and gold pinned Ellie. Love Frankie4. Have 2 pairs already, but not the active flats.
    Great pics

  143. Would have to go with Polly blush, my current holiday footwear $8 Big W whit faux converse- not so stylish or super comfy but needs must. Love the photos all drool worthy 🤗

  144. Black and gold Polly me up please!! They are just so damn cool 😎. Why- my new shoe fetish’to match my earring one 😂😜 Feet turning heads on the street. Who’d of thunk it!!

  145. I would love the Ellie Black and Gold Pinned. I’m going to London next April and I know they would be perfect because last time I went I packed 4 pairs of shoes and the only ones I wore were my black Ellie’s. I had hurt my Achilles before I left and these shoes were amazing and let me walk 10 plus km’s most days!

  146. First of all – thank you for introducing me to Frankie4 shoes, I would never have known about them if not for your insta posts! When I recently started a job in hospitality (after many decades of office work) my feet stopped talking to me. They were pretty peeved about me being on them all day walking thousands of steps above what I was really able to able to manage without stumbling on the door at night desperately seeking a bucket of magnesium to soak in whilst sipping a bucket of mojito. But, I remembered your stylish footwear posts and tracked myself down some Jackie’s in blush, my feet and I are so relieved! No more painful toes and throbbing heels, hallelujah 🙌🏻 … Only problem is now I want to wear Frankie4’s everyday not just for work! So if I could add the Ellie black with gold pins to my wardrobe I think my feet might just forgive me for the years without Frankie4, and I would be stylish with happy feet….. lifegoals right there!

  147. Love each and everyone but if you twist my arm, I’d have to say the Ellie pinned silver would be my pick. Fingers and toes x

  148. Hi Beth!
    I’m commenting on behalf of my mum who desperately needs a pair of FRANKiE4’s but in true mum-style, won’t spend the money on herself to get them. We’re going to Hong Kong together in October and whilst I have my favourite JACKiEs in blush, she doesn’t have any FRANKiEs even though she has a dodgy foot from a terrible car accident a few years ago and from over 30 years of nursing. I can’t say enough good things about my FRANKiEs so I’m hoping she can experience a pair for herself so we can both hit the ground running in Honkers. She has no idea I’m writing this but I bet she’d love the POLLY in blush because it’s her favourite colour. Thanks so much, Beth! x

  149. I love the Polly in gold, i bought a similar style 10yrs ago and they were such a great travel shoe. They took me to UK and USA, i’d love a more comfortable replacement to join me of future adventures.

  150. Purchased my first pair of Frankie4 flats this week – The rose gold Beth! Felt like I was floating all day wearing them. Now the addiction has started. Love the Polly in white and silver to wear with all the summer outfits!!

  151. Oh gosh! This is timing! What a great giveaway, Frankie’s are my total saviours at work and play. My cream NAT’s are starting to fall apart from so much wear so I think I’d like to replace them with Gold POLLY’s! Please 🙂

  152. I’m now the proud owner of Nats in white. But now I have FOMO cause those Polly’s in white and the Ellie in Black have created a size 7 hole in my cupboard.
    While I dream, I’m packing my bag for NY with My Nats firmly in place. Most comfortable shoes ever!!

  153. Such a tough choice but the Ellie pinned black and gold are my pick as they have that ‘wow’ factor. Now I just need to book an overseas holiday to test them out 😉

  154. What can I say I’m a pink girl so it’s the Polly Blush for me.

  155. Justina McAlister says

    Oh the silver Polly’s look fabulous! Would love to try this style with my spring wardrobe, chasing my girls around on the weekend. Fingers crossed 🙂

  156. Polly Blush, May have had something to do with the idea of summer picnics and blush shoes, with wine!

  157. Polly in blush look so divine. Blush goes with absolutely everrrything. Love ya work Babymac ❤❤

  158. Polly Gold, be still my beating heart! I used to treat my feet like crap wearing thongs and cheap unsupportive shoes but after 12 months of pain, plantar fasciitis and post tibial tendonopathy, I learned the hard way that you gotta treat your feet well. I love my frankie4 shoes, I religiously wear my orthotics and my feet are so happy. These shoes would certainly slip into rotation and brighten my summer wardrobe. 😍

  159. Lisa Smith says

    Hey Beth, I really love the Ellie III Black Lea! They look divine and super trendy! We are off to NZ in a couple of weeks so would be perfect for our road trip with the kids. They would also be perfect for work. Thanks for this amazing opportunity to win some funky shoes! 🙂

  160. Bron gleeson says

    I love the Ellie silver with the dark laces ! I have been really keen to get some Frankie’s to wear as I have heard how great they are for hairdressers on their feet all day. Silver will look awesome with the ever popular black uniform !!

  161. Bron gleeson says

    I love the Ellie silver with the dark laces ! I have been really keen to get some Frankie’s to wear as I have heard how great they are for hairdressers on their feet all day. Silver will look awesome with the ever popular black uniform !! Fingers crossed 🧡

  162. Oh me oh my!!!! So many to choose from!!!! But I love love love the first ones with the gold pins!!! Divine Dressy Casual and Sassy all on one pair of shoes!!!! Loving too the Blush Polly 💕 simplicity with a soft colour for lots of occasions

  163. Sarah Farrer says

    Miss Poly wore white and she rocked the look. She said to her dolly to come quick quick quick. So they ran up and down the streets in style style style!

  164. Sarah Farrer says

    Miss Poly had a white Frankie who was the look look look. She said to her baby we got style style style. She’ll be back on her mac for more on her bill bill bill.

  165. Cassie Adkin says

    Hi Beth, hubster and I are off to Croatia in 7 weeks on our honeymoon, 25 years in the making, better late than never! I have been struggling with what shoes to pack having only been to Singapore as a young thing, flown there by now Husband to see him while his ship was in port there when he was in the R.A.N. I would love to wander the streets of Split in Polly Gold, would take all my shoe packing worries away!

  166. I think the Ellie in black with the gold pins would lift my street cred enough and is less painful than a tattoo.

  167. Jayne Wills says

    Polly is the shoe I have been waiting for. Similar to my favourite sneaker but with all the benefits you get from a Frankie4 shoe. The day after I took my Jackie’s out of the box Polly was released. 😔 The silver Polly would make the perfect accompaniment on my birthday trip to Hawaii in October. (Just sayin’) 🌺🏖🌋

  168. I’m in love with the Ellie Pinned Gold & Black! A Mum of 4, who has lived on a single income (Thankyou to my loving husband for making it easier for me to stay at home with my babies) for the past 9 years, these would be the first pair of decent shoes I would buy myself ! The Polly white & silver would have to come a very close second!

  169. Polly! So cute and practical but also a looker. I’m not sure which colour is choose as white or blush or gold would all be neutral enough to go with anything!

  170. I love the Ellie III in silver! I love silver shoes- they go with everything and look a bit cooler than regular trainers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  171. That is such a hard call between the polly in white (classic) and the polly in gold (fun). I own some blush Nats already but the slimmer look polly is looking quite tempting. I have quite wide, difficult to fit feet and my frankie shoes are the comfiest. I think I’d have to say gold because fun always wins.

  172. Polly in blush would suit me fine! I desperately need comfy shoes for my upcoming trip to Vienna in October to visit my daughter and toddler granddaughters who live there. We have saved like crazy for this trip and daughter has lots of walking/sightseeing planned for us in this beautiful city. Comfy shoes to fit this flat footed nanna would be a treat.

  173. Joadi Sylvestre says

    I would love the Polly Blush. They would go with just about anything. I am getting over a fractured ankle and can only wear flats at the moment but I need something with a bit of support that looks cute too. Given that these are designed by podiatrist, I think they would be the perfect fit for me. Very recently a physio recommended Frankie4 as a good shoe for me to try. I remembered you mentioning them before and wearing them on your Honkers trip, so perfect timing!

  174. Love, love, love the Polly in white. Classic, stylish, versatile but best of all ridiculously comfy! I really need a new pair so I can retire my well and truly clapped out shoes I have at present

  175. The black Ellie’s with the gold pins are fantastic!!

  176. Love them all! My pick would be Polly Blush…gorgeous for my end of year trip back to the UK to visit my family 😍

  177. I love the white Polly. I mean, what’s not to love! They are white, they are comfy, they look cool & they are good for your feet. As I have got older with a few back & hip issues, I have realised that shoes are more than just shoes. They are comfort, they are support & they are an investment. And you know what, I’m worth the investment!

  178. Polly is the shoe for me
    I would wear them with such glee
    Gold to sparkle my way through the street
    Oh, wouldn’t a new pair of kicks be a treat

  179. So need new white active flats for spring so would love to win a pair of the Polly in white and then I would be able to buy a pair of the Nat in Mint (which I adore).
    Thanks for chance of entry in competition

  180. Miss Polly had a fan who was broke broke broke
    She loved the silver but her cash flow was no joke
    Home on mat leave where the play is shite 😊
    But some Polly’s would ease the pain of sleepless nights

    I’d wear them to the park on the slide slide slide
    I’d wear them everywhere full of pride pride pride
    This mummy has to go and whip up tea tea tea
    Beth please send these Polly’s here to me me me

    • Congrats Greta! You are one of the lucky winners of the giveaway! Thank you so much for entering…will send you an email if you can keep an eye out for it and get back to me with your contact details I will arrange for delivery to you. Thanks xxx

  181. It must be my proximity to the Gold Coast because it has to be Polly in Gold for me… fabulous with white jeans (and black for that matter!).

  182. I think either the Polly in Pink Blush or white would definately fit into my Mum wardrobe nicely. Even more so now that soccer season is only 1 week away from being over

  183. Do let us know when these black and gold pinned beauties are available. Oh, and see if you can swing us a discount code too please – that would really help get them over the line for me!

  184. I loved following your adventure to London Beth and it makes me want to go there now! I am so crushing on the POLLY’s in white. They would be such a versatile shoe to have in my wardrobe and would work very hard for me. Wearing them with shorts, jeans, dresses there would be endless possibilities. I’m also heading to China later on in the year and I could take them for a spin on the Great Wall of China! How awesome would that be? xo

  185. Hi Beth,
    Love all these pics – looks like an amazing adventure – I think thats just what I need. Right in the depths of toilet training my 2 and a half year old at the moment!
    I am lucky to have a couple of pairs of Frankie4s already and I know how great they are for literally any occasion! I love the POLLY’S in white to replace my incredibly well worn and loved NATS in cream – I think there are about 5 days that I haven’t worn these since I got them!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win these! x

  186. Hi Beth, I would have to say the Polly’s in white look amazeballs. My tired feet need some proper shoe support from Frankie4footwear! They just might help me keep up with me toddler and newborn. Worth a shot right!

  187. thank you beth for the chance!
    I’ve been so preoccupied with not so nice things this year!
    so thought … gotta be in it to win it! … shoeahollic that I am, couldn’t resist the opportunity!
    I love them all, but the last ones on the picnic in London would do nicely<3 … I could do with a pick me up please … polly blush!
    btw in one of the photos it looks like you are chatting a guy up on a bike! mmmm!

  188. Polly white, so perfect for playtime with my little people coming into spring.

  189. I would love a pair of Polly shoes in silver! I walk a LOT so comfortable shoes are essential. I am in serious need of a ‘mum uniform’ shake up and could do with being more adventurous with my clothing and shoes. Silver shoes would be a fun change!

  190. Hi Beth I love the Ellie in the pinned silver. My feet are long and narrow and impossible to buy shoes for. If I get the chance to go on a similar overseas jaunt that you love the Ellie would be a much appreciated accessory.

  191. Susan Johnson says

    The Polly in white is screaming my name. After purchasing the Maria slides I cannot wear anything other than Frankie4’s now. I’ve just ordered a pair of White Nat’s to try on but the Polly is super cute too and both ideal for my busy Work/Home life. They are extremely versatile and thanks to you, Beth and Nikki, I’ve had some tips to help me style my outfits. Shelly is my next purchase as we are heading to Bali for 2 weeks in October and a woman can never have too many shoes 😉
    Thanks Frankie4 and Beth xx

  192. I recently started a new job in aged care and my feet are so sore at the end of each day. I have heard about Frankie4 and how comfortable their shoes are. I would love to try the Polly pair as they would be perfect for work.

  193. I recently started a job as a aged care worker and my feet are in agony at the end of every shift. I would love to try a pair of the Polly as i have heard about how comfortable Frankie4 footwear are and they would be perfect for wear.

  194. Michelle D’Silva says

    Ooh, they are all gorg but I think the black Ellie pinned are my favourite. Versatile and edgy. I’ve spent 2 week’s on crutches (think my netball career is over 😫), and with around 4-6 more to go, I am sick of wearing runners! I’d love a pair of stylish Frankie4s to get me through the next couple of months.

  195. I love your pics Beth. I used to live in London and when I used to travel back & forth (in my other life without kids), it was seeing the footpaths that made me feel home again. Your kids of the footpaths made me all fuzzy inside! My pick would be Polly White. They look super comfy, stylish and sleek. It’s been years since I’ve been to London – who knows, maybe one day! X

  196. Hi Beth , love the Polly in silver !! They look so stylish and comfortable. Perfect for shopping, coffee and kids taxi service 😎xx

  197. Kim Carracher says

    Love love love the Polly in silver! Id like to say I’d be wearing these around London like you…..but with 3 kids under 4 at home, I just need them to chase after them!! X

  198. Oh they are all gorgeous photos of you and your fab shoes. But I think I love the Polly in Silver the most. What s fabulous time you had in London!!!

  199. Pinned gold and black! Woah! They’re amazing and will proclaim business to the students I teach and give me my feet a bit of love and respite!

  200. Kylie Ramachenderan says

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the polly blush – a little pop of colour as we (hopefully) go into Spring soon(er than later)!! but gosh – HOW do you pick just one!?

  201. Oh gosh – so jelly of your London trip!! How good are white jeans btw? My new favourite Mum uniform (as long as toddler is not too close, ha!)
    I love the Polly’s but not sure if I would have the silver, white or blush. Maybe blush though, they’d look cute with some of my dresses! And I’d just have to get a pink top to go with my white jeans then!

  202. Picking my favourite child is easy! I know you’re not supposed to say that, but it’s the one who isn’t three because the three year old is certifiable. She’s lovely, really, but also fucking insane. And my dentist asks why I clench my teeth. Anyway, heaps harder choosing a favourite shoe but I’ve gone with the Polly in blush. We need some neutral, calming, comfortable shoes in this house.

  203. Love you, love FRANKiE4 and love silver Polly

  204. Polly in blush – easy! Mainly because look at the size of that punnet of raspberries in your second to last pic showcasing the glorious blushing Polly, just a casual, lazy afternoon picnic in London with European cheese no less. Beth = mic drop.

  205. Kate Underhill says

    Polly white gets my vote. I’ve only recently bought my first pair of Frankie4’s and can’t ever see myself wearing another shoe. I’m looking for something to wear in the change of season from winter to summer.

  206. Nic Barnard says

    Oh wow- what a hard decision…….! Love the ALL! Think my fave would have to be Polly in Blush.
    My NATS have been worn to death so def in need of a new pair.
    Love recommend ding Frankie4 to all my friends and fam. 🤞

  207. Ohhh Polly white or blush…too hard to choose. Like choosing a fave child (ha! That’s probably easier!)
    Also, great pics from your fantastic adventure!

  208. Oh London..sigh…it’s been way too long! It’s Polly in blush for me. Like Kate M’s famous nude pumps, they are the perfect neutral and go with everything!

  209. Karen Lennon says

    After having some black Ellie’s for years, the black and gold pinned new Ellie’s look superb! Also the Polly in blush would be so fab and go with everything as we move into Spring.

  210. It can only be Polly and Gold. How can one go past them? I see myself just upping the ante at work with a bit of bling. Kicking through the glass ceiling with some dazzle dazzle!

  211. Linda Nelson says

    I can’t go past the Polly Blush. Practical and super versatile.

  212. Hi Beth I would love the silver Polly. These would go with any outfit, so versatile and as a mum of 2 young girls I definitely need that!

  213. Love my Frankies, finally stylish slipper like shoes! I love the Polly White, they look nice and low cut! 👌

  214. claudia leahy says

    Love the gold Pollies Beth but honestly as a teacher and mum of 3 any of those gorgeous shoes would be a god send!

  215. Ooohhhh! Polly in Blush would be lush! (My 14 year old would JUST DIE if she knew I rhymed!!) A superb spring flat to break up my monochrome melancholy after a long cold winter.

  216. Ooooh! Gold Polly’s would be the bomb ❤️

  217. Helen linning says

    Awesome pics – fabulous styling and of course the hero of all outfit – Frankie 4. The black and gold pinned Ellie’s would rock the summer looks to come as well as keep my feet happy and healthy!!!

  218. Hi Beth,
    I LOVE your IG and blog. Your beautiful London holiday brings back memories of my contiki trip many years ago as a 20 year old, I’m hmm a few decades older now!!
    I have spent MANY hours hunting for a beautiful pair of sneakers that are a great cut and dont make me look like an aging try hard skater girl!!
    The Polly white looks to me like it woild be the perfect solution.
    I’d love to win a pair.
    Keep up the great work being an awesome Aussie woman.

  219. Cath Brabrook says

    Polly Blush for standing on the rugby sidelines and Polly Gold for on the days where you need a little lift and something to make you smile. Love the quality and origibality if this brand, strong enough for us country gals. x

  220. Jess Latter says

    Oh my word, the gold Pollys were made for our darling Aunty Penny – or Lady Penelope as we like to call her (and as she prefers to be known). Golden slippers fit for our own very special lady!

  221. The Polly looks amazing – but white or blush!?! Probably the white.
    So versatile, and will go with anything.

  222. I’d love some Polly in white! My nana feet are screaming out for them (double bunion and hammer toe at 50 anyone?).

  223. My daughter is a nurse and swears by these shoes. I fancy the black and gold and I know my feet would love them too. It’s so difficult to find comy shoes. My doctor even recommends them.
    Black n Gold

  224. Well – don’t you look gorgeous in each and every one of these pics. Is it the London getaway? Is it the amazing clothing and styling? Is it the fabulous Frankie 4 kicks? I’d say it’s more the comfy toe rappers topped off with the sights and styles.
    My pic – drooling as I type let me tell you – is blk and gold pinned Ellie’s. She is one hell of an awesome kick! Stylish and comfy! Need her in my life. STAT

  225. I’d love a pair of Polly in blush.
    I’m a sucker for anything blush and my feet these days refuse to settle for anything less than quality 😉

  226. Ooh ooh ooh love me the Polly Blush! Just a gorgeous neutral shade with a hint of prettiness 👍 definitely perfect for my 30 min walk to work everyday. Also on the school run. Into town. Probably even wear them as slippers! 😉

  227. Sarah White says

    Hi Beth, I’m a mum of three who struggles to get out of the door most days. My first pair of FRANKiE4 shoes would be an ideal go-to shoe as I wouldn’t have to think about it, just pop them on and go, yet still feel stylish and not like a drab, tired mum. I would love to feel fab in the Ellie Pinned Silver 🙂

  228. While there isn’t a chance in hell I’ll look as fab as you do Beth, my pick would be the white polly and the gold because I’m a rose gold freak-a-deak!

  229. My spring and summer wardrobe are seriously lacking a pair of plain white sneakers. I want fancy comfy ones and therefore need the Frankie Polly’s in White. I love all the colours and Beth you style them so well, but plain for me please!

  230. My spring and summer wardrobe are seriously lacking a pair of plain white sneakers. I want fancy comfy ones and therefore need the Frankie Polly’s in White. I love all the colours and Beth you style them so well, but plain for me please!

  231. Beryl Hickey says

    Polly put the kettle on,
    Polly put the kettle on,
    Polly put the kettle on,
    We’ll all have tea. (White please)

    Love your photos and was so happy you got to go the wedding.

  232. P – practical and purposeful
    O – outrageously comfortable
    L – light and bright
    L – likeable …. well, lovable actually!
    Y – youthful

    BLUSH – what I’d do if this acrostic poem, (circa 1995) was ever read aloud!

    🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #init2winit

  233. Dianne Hartle says

    I’m torn!
    Definitely Polly I love the white but also love the blush 🤷‍♀️ What’s a girl to do?
    Cross my fingers for the Polly Blush and buy the Polly white on the side!!
    I can see Polly Blush in my traveling future especially as the soon to be Mother of the Bride 😍

  234. The gold POLLYs would be amazing as they are rad and they are gold and they are shoes…👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  235. I absolutely love the Polly silvers! Those stunning photos show just how versatile they are and quite Frankly we should all own a Frankie (new slogan right there *you’re welcome*)

  236. Sarah White says

    Hi Beth, I am a mum of three who struggles to get out of the door most days. My first pair of FRANKiE4 shoes I would imagine to be my go-to shoe as they are stylish and would make me look less of a tired and drab mum. I would feel fab in a pair of Ellie Pinned Silver 🙂

  237. Blessed with bunions from aged 13 (thanks dad!) this E width toting, orthotic adorning mum’s taxi to three boys under 11 is in need of some serious, but stylish COMFORT (in caps, because: approaching middle age with genetically bad feet), for ALL of the school pickups, kindy drop offs, Saturday sports, trips to the park, just the endless running around after small people …. then perhaps to mix it up for a bit of glam, out for date night with the (sometimes conveniently elusive) husband!

    The gorgeous POLLY in SILVER would fit the bill and looks to tick all the boxes for this FRANKiE4 first timer!!!

    • Congrats Janine! You are a WINNER!!! I will shoot you an email – please get back to me with your details and I will arrange for your pair to be sent out to ASAP. Enjoy xxx

  238. The ElliE in black and gold, because I would never think to buy shoes like that and they’re just gorgeous! Now I can’t get “Black & Gold” out of my head…

  239. Kelly Arthur says

    E very girl needs Frankie4’s
    L oved by my feet
    L oving the look
    I ‘d so appreciate a new pair to upgrade my one and only ratty pair of Frankie4’s
    E xcellent for my busy Mum life

    S aving for the much needed holiday
    I nvesting in support and comfort
    L ittle kids to run after
    V ino and Frankie4’s are an excellent combo
    E urope is my dream destination
    R ejoice in knowing your feet are smothered in support and love

    Thank you Baby Mac for giving us Frankie4 lovers the chance to add to our wardrobe.

  240. Rebecca Johnston says

    I love those Polly Golds MORE than I love my favourite child… Just kidding, I don’t have a favourite child, I love those Polly’s more than ALL of my children. Please pick me!

  241. Polly in blush 😍 because let’s face it the amount of use these great looking shoes will get I wouldn’t be able to keep the white ones sparkling for long. Wish I invested in a pair for my first ever UK trip earlier this year. My poor little feet would have thanked me. Amazing photos Beth 😀

  242. Debbie Eustace says

    Wherever we go my husband loves to see a place from the pavement up. For me that is just total misery. After a day walking my feet, knees, hips and lower back ache and I whinge for the rest of the time making his life miserable. I have tried well known brands of walking shoes and hiking boots but not Frankie 4. I would love of pair of the very cute Polly shoes in versatile white to not only walk in great comfort but to look stylish and trendy to boot.

  243. Annette House says

    Ooh I would love a pair of Polly in blush, she would extend my adopted frankie4 family perfectly.

  244. Kim findlay says

    After just joining the Fankie4 club my feet refuse to go in my old shoes anymore even my bunny slippers have been dumped. I would love a pair of polly white, while I already own the Beth in black I feel I would have all bases covered.
    Love your pics

  245. I love love love the Polly in white been admiring these for a long time on here….I love them all of course
    Would wear them all the time go with everything and so comfy
    Love your look Beth admire every thing about you!!

  246. Ellie III in silver, with blue laces are life. A little bit of sensensibility with a little bit wild and crazy, like the woman who wore them.

  247. Hi Beth, I’m Becky 🙂 Been jumping into your world of words, pics, videos and recipes for almost four years now. I was recommended your blog from a friend at work and at the time I was just few weeks behind you in your pregnancy with Maggie. I knew I was hooked to your blog when I said to a friend… ‘oh my friend has just had a baby girl too’ only to realise I was speaking about you!
    I love being part of what you share so thank you for sharing what you do with me.
    I was just thinking that it’s pretty cool that parts of you are sprinkled across many other people’s lives….from recipes (Lamb mince wrap is on high rotation in our kitchen), new technique for hanging washing, finally learning how to wear and style drop crotch pants, deepened love of a well made bed to a shared appreciation of a freshly mopped floor. Can’t help but think it would be cool to share the same pair of shoes too! I can’t quite choose between polly in silver or white. But if you had to twist my arm then oh OK… White please!

  248. love love the polly in silver…because lifes to short not to have a little bling. These would look great with most of my clothes and easily dress up an outfit…or wear to the park chasing my Mr 4. brilliant and oh so comfy. dreamy combo.

  249. I’d go for the Ellie III pinned gold and black. I’ve walked the last year in sneakers, and I feel great in them, but sometimes worry that they are a little dressed down. I love that these have all the features of comfy sneakers but just look fabulous and can be dressed up or down. Perfect really!

  250. Hello

    I am just wondering about the grey cardigan/poncho-esque number you wore with the white jeans

    Where is it from cause it’s divine

  251. Ellie III black with gold studs … what more needs to be said? Black with gold studs, has to be the NEW black, yes? Gorgeous and go with anything 🙂

  252. The Polly gold look amazing! Would love these – dress up or dress down! Go with every thing!

  253. Kerrie Hammond says

    As a woman of some substance, with cankles, the lower sitting, silver Polly will be the answer to my sneaker prayers. I have tried on the Ellie’s and Nats but my cankles spilled over, and that was before the 5pm swell of the day kicked in, so I am FRANKiE4-sneakerless atm.

  254. POLLY BLUSH – love the look!

  255. So hard to choose!!!! I have a top 3 but to pick 1 I’d probably go the blush Polly because it would be so versatile. The gold just has to get an honourable mention though!

  256. Karen Mcpharlin says

    I love the Polly silver. Its casual, practical but not ugly. As a mum of a month old and 10 year old I need something that will work for playgroups, school run and coffee with friends. All the coffee. I lived in my blush Nat’s when we went to Europe. A nice holiday isnt doable in the forseeable future. Some pretty shoes will help.

  257. Love your photos! I’m off to NYC next year with my husband to celebrate our 40th bdays and am on the hunt for some gorgeous but beautifully comfy shoes to explore the boroughs! I am convinced that Polly in gold would be perfect!

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