A visit to the Bohemian Traders Boutique

What do you do when you are holidaying nearby the Bohemian Traders Boutique up here on the Cenny Coast? You call Em and say meet me there in 30 mins is what! I have been wanting to visit here in forever having long been a huge fan of Em and her amazing label and business that she has built up over the past few years. What a success story it is…I remember Em from the days when she used to blog…always such great value and so smart. Her success is testament to her amazing eye and skill of designing and the success in her hard work.

She 100% a babe too.

And what fun we had checking out the new Spring Summer range and getting my summer wardrobe sorted. If you follow along with them on Insta you would know Shae from their shop who always looks AMAZING. I love her Insta stories with her ability to style things…I was so excited to meet her in the flesh and have her sort me out.

Thought I would share with you guys what I bought and what I tried on and some of my favourites from the current collection. Shopping online can be tricky for knowing the length, cut and style so to be able to head in there and check it out in person was so much fun. And expensive. Ooops.

You can check out their Insta Stories for all the videos and clips too.

This was me, looking natural. I am 100% NOT a fashion blogger. I tend to make really bad faces and or have my mouth open from laughing, swearing or shouting. See?

I am quite tall around 174 cms and usually wear a size 14 bottoms and size medium/large tops. I swear a lot. I am wearing my Frankie4 Maria slides that will be available this month.

Ok in this shot you can see the Stepped Hem jeans that I LOVE. Flogging these already so much this Spring. And I LOVE this Gingham Billow blouse that flows and sits beautifully. I have the laid-back shirt version of this but I really love the sleeves on this one. I figured one gingham top is enough though right?

Stepped Hem Jeans $159 (size 32)
Gingham Billow Sleeve Top $159 (size M)

Next up was something that I had to ADD TO CART immediately, and I am talking all of the things. This will be known as my Summer uniform going forward.

I added another two of these swing t shirts in both white and black. They are THAT good. They cover all the things in the stomach area which for me is my main problem area …these have stretch and are truly a great t-shirt. As for those pants. They are a drop crotch stretch in khaki and they are a SMALL. I know. I was shocked too. They will be flogged so much. I love that they need to be on the smaller size…a bit more structure to them. I wouldn’t have known to do this without Shae and Em telling me to.

And then I added in the Blazer (size M) that dressed it up immediately. Love this blazer, who doesn’t love a blazer?

Say YES to blazers.

Swing T shirt (I got in black and white) Size M $59
Drop Crotch Pants Size S $139 (the khaki ones are only available in a linen mix online I think) but these other colours might have the stretch in them
Black Blazer Size M $189

Next up I found a new found love affair with this navy box style top. You guys, THIS TOP. Covers the guts but looks great with the deep v. I have a deep love for this top.

And I had been wanting to try those wide leg jeans in forever. I didn’t get them, but they are stretchy and comfy AS. I love the seventies flare to them. Shae showed me how to do the proper tuck. Can’t remember the last time someone tucked in my top, was quite comforting.

And then we moved onto a black dress version of this which will be my beach go-to. I love this style…this is the kind of over the swimmers thing I would wear. I am not very girly.

Black Deep V mini Dress $129
Navy Oversized Deep V tshirt $89
Light Wash Wide Leg Jean $159

Then it was back into those skinny stepped hem jean with the blazer in another colour and that same deep v t shirt.

Stepped Hem Jean $159
Navy Deep V t shirt $89
White Blazer $189

Then I found some shorts to go with that HOT t shirt. I love these style of shorts having 3 pairs already (black, khaki and denim). I am in a size Large in these. Love the stripe!

They are short though…but I love the cut that could be dressed up or down.

Utility Short Navy & White $129 size L

And finally another summer uniform that you will see me in ALL OF THE TIME soz in advance to the school mums. This skirt! LOVE it. Matched with that swing t shirt again.

Two Tone Denim Skirt size 30 $139
Swing T shirt size M $59

How much fun was THAT? So much! Felt like Pretty woman! Even though I probs should have lost a few kgs and had a spray tan I had fun, have some great new clothes that I LOVE and will get a decent work out this coming summer. Now to get the body having a workout as opposed to the credit card and I will be sorted.

Thanks Shae and Em for having me!

What’s your fave Bohemian Traders item at the moment?
Do yourself a favour and grab that deep V t shirt…you won’t regret it.

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  1. Navy blue yacht maxi dress it is fantastic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I think you have to go back and buy that gingham top, Beth. It really is the bees fucking knees on you.

  3. Ummm, amazing! Hope I see a few pieces in the flesh in NZ. x

  4. Hi Beth

    A new reader here 🙂 Is the long black and white shirt dress you are wearing by the pool in one of your Maldives photos from Bohemian Traders? If not, do you mind sharing where you bought it from?

  5. Love this post so much. Love seeing you try on so many lovely BT clothes. I love the Deep V and swing Tees as well – they sit beautifully and there is nothing else like it out there. I was wondering if you know what size you were wearing in the wide leg jeans? They seem like they would make good summer jeans – more flowy than my skinnies.

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