She’s here…Introducing FRANKiE 4’s latest addition….BETH!

This giveaway has now closed and a winner has been chosen. Congrats to Katie who won with this entry: “Beth, I’ve been following you a while and have been smitten with your choice in footwear for a long time. I’ve decided 2018 is the year to take care of my tired teacher feet so have started to build up a footwear collection that I can be proud of ($15 Kmart flats are cute, but, ouch!). I’d love BETH to join my modest collection and think that rose gold would be the most amazing addition. Wouldn’t you love a teacher with shiney shoes?! Thanks for the chance.”

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You guys! It’s time. She’s here. BETH is now available online and I feel as proud as I did introducing my girls to you on the blog. Ok, maybe not quite, but you get the picture….I am pumped! But before we get to the nitty gritty, let me tell you a little about her.

Last year I finally went up to Brisbane to visit Caroline and the team at FRANKiE4 after long admiring this fabulous Australian business and working with them for the past few years. It was when I entered the Indooroopilly store and met the team and sat down for our meeting that Caroline asked me and showed me the latest addition to their family: A hot little brogue in 3 sparkly colours that I instantly fell in love with. This shoe was SO me, I’m not a huge wearer of heels, I love the cool style of a brogue that can worn with ALL OF THE THINGS and it’s versatility to dress up or down so I quickly whacked a pair on and admired this beauty in the mirror. It was then that Caroline told me the news…this beauty…well her name was going to be BETH. If I was OK with that?


I squealed. Twirled. Stroked. Took photos, planned an instant holiday to put her to the test and when of course when we were done with our meeting called everyone I knew to tell them that BETH THE SHOE was coming!

My idea to take BETH to the streets of somewhere overseas seemed like a no brainer to me. After our trip to NYC last year where I tried out some of the Autumn/Winter 17 collection of boots and brogues I heard from so many of you about how your FRANKiE4’s are THE perfect travel shoe. They work hard over many km’s. They are comfortable. They are good for your feet…savings your soles as you go. They look good. And can be dressed up or down and when you are on a limited wardrobe as you can be with travel, they are THE go-to shoe. And it’s not just travel, every single day I wear my FRANKiE’s taking up every show option I have in my wardrobe.

So with my travel photographer with me (handy I am married to him) we booked some cheap flights and escaped to Hong Kong for 3 days to put BETH to the test. For me, there’s nothing like travel exploring to put shoes to the test…and let’s say that BETH did not let me down. Of course she didn’t….I am very reliable!

AND SPARKLY it would seem!

Releasing firstly in two colours (Gold and Blonde) she will be soon available in Rose Gold in February and then in some further colours (Metallic, Pink, Silver and Black) also in February.

She has laser cut leather (similar to the ALEX brogue) with a gorgeous white trim sole.

She is $229.95

Her technical features are:

Podiatrist & Physiotherapist designed Functional Footbed
Heel support, cradle and cushioning
Arch support
Forefoot cushioning
Patented Custom Fit Assembly; enabling a wide to narrow fit
Podiatrist & Physiotherapist designed Moulded Sole. Durable rubber outer sole, EVA midsole with an additional 4mm of cushioning under footbed.
Leather upper
Leather lined footbed
Leather lined with strategically placed foam lining to alleviate pressure on the skin

She is comfy.
She is bloody stylish.
She can go the distance.
She is sparkly (or not).
She works with LOTS of outfits.

And did I mention I love her? I really do.

Let’s take a look at a few of the colours that I wore when we were in Honkers. I had a selection of three: Gold, Rose Gold (available early Feb) and Blonde.

We explored the streets of Soho in the rose gold.

I gave the Blondes a very good walking through the food markets taking in the sights, smells and sounds on a busy weekday morning.

As well as the glorious PEAK where we took in the sights of the entire city below. What a place!

The Gold’s shone on a few boat trips that we took firstly over to Peng Chau.


And then in the evening over to Kowloon to take in the sunset over the city with the obligatory G&T or two of course!

On every outing, whether it was day or night, long walks or quick boat trips to a bar or restaurant, BETH was a winner. Comfortable. Great colours that work with everything you have in your wardrobe and able to be dressed up or down.

I loved everything about this quick trip with the highlight (of course!) being the SHOE.

I know you guys are going to love this versatile shoe for the Autumn and winter ahead with all these great colours and styles coming, I know that BETH will be an essential in your wardrobe either near or far.

And to celebrate the launch of BETH I am giving away a pair of the first drop of colours (Gold, Rose gold & blonde) that we have available from early next month which were the 3 that I wore in Hong Kong. Just tell me what your favourite colour is and I’ll choose one lucky reader to start of your very own collection of BETH.

Giveaway is open from Thursday 25th January 2018 until Friday 2nd February 2018 and is open to Australian residents only. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.

I am so excited to finally share this beauty with you all and I hope you love her as much as I do.

Leave a comment below to enter this giveaway or head online now to start shopping.


  1. Very nice, a difficult choice but love rose gold. And looking forward to black!

  2. Blonde all the way! These look lovely – as dies your trip. What a great excuse to go away – to try out your new shoes that are named after you 🙂

  3. Oh Beth, they are just stunning! I love the Alex brogue, and am certain I’ll be as smitten with the Beth, especially for Autumn and beyond. I’m torn between the colours, but can’t go past a bit of rose gold bling. Congrats again!! xx

  4. Rose gold is so my favourite colour – it is my jewellery, my accessories and was even on my wedding dress!!

  5. Renee Viney says

    Oooh so hard to choose and your pics make every colour seem perfect for every outfit….but if I HAD to choose one I think blonde would be my fave…or gold!….no definitely blonde…Agh!!

  6. They are GORGEOUS! I got rather into the old brogues over winter and bashed my tan pair to death when we were in Europe in September. I would love the blonde pair to replace those (and, let’s be honest, road test before buying ALL the Beths for winter).

    Pictures are utterly divine too! Yay for eponymous shoes.

  7. Rose gold would be perfect thank you

  8. Oh my what I would give to own a blonde pair of Beth’s. my body could do with some comfort after our accident. Congratulations Beth, I know these Frankie4’s will be a massive hit

  9. Lynn Carland says

    Gorgeous Beth! I have a six week trip to US and Canada with lots of walking this year and gold Beth would be perfect!

  10. My favourite colour is absolutely the rose gold! Just gorgeous! Crossing all my fingers and toes to win this one!

  11. How lovely! The BETH looks fab. Rose gold for me pretty please x

  12. Love the Rose Gold

  13. Loving this. The shoes, your fabulous outfits and Rob’s film is fantastic!!
    Clever hubby.
    I like rose gold and blonde but if I had to choose then rose gold.

  14. Rose gold, do they come with somewhere fancy to wear them?

  15. Jodie De Zuba says

    Gold for me! They look fabulous.

  16. Denyse Robinson says

    Love the rose gold and the blonde gold Great photos Beth

  17. Rachel Mudge says

    Congratulations Beth! I love the Rose Gold! Good luck to me hehe!! xx

  18. This shoes looks fabulous on you Beth, love the prosecco sparkle of the Gold!

  19. Definitely rose gold! I’ve got a bit of a thing going for rose gold. Will match my watch, phone and sunnies nicely 🙂

  20. Ooooh, love the blondes, classic but a tad different! Rose Gold super pretty too! 💕

  21. The blonde are gorgeous!!

  22. Oh! It would have to be rose gold for me! Gorgeous!

  23. Kelly Speirs says

    My favourite colour is absolutely the rose gold! They’re gorgeous! I’m crossing all my fingers and toes to win this one!

  24. Blonde please. I’ve had a foot reconstruction these would love my foot/feet. How divine they are 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  25. Blonde….
    Oh such tired feet
    Nurse feet
    Desire much
    Thank you for the chance to enter!

  26. The gold!! Love the gold! I promise I’ll take Beth to Europe later this year and give her a good workout.

  27. The blonde are fab!! They would go with anything and everything! Love 👞😍

  28. Kairan Meek says

    I actually think I love the gold. It’s not something I would normally choose but your fancy footwork sold it for me!

  29. Rachel Mudge says

    Congratulations Beth! I love the Rose Gold, good luck to me hehe!! xx

  30. OMG LURV these! Gold baby gold! All the way. And just as an aside how fab does that HK getaway good and what beautiful photos your hubby has taken! Gold to all! 🥇

  31. I gotsta have those gold twinkletoe shoes!

  32. Oh what I would give to own a pair of Blonde Beth’s. My body including my feet need some comfort after our accident. Congratulations Beth, I am sure these Frankie4’s will be a hit

  33. Elissa Hunter says

    Oooh gorgeous!! Rose Gold would be my #1 pick!

  34. Greta Bridge says

    From one “natural” blonde to another, blonde is the colour for me! You look gorgeous in the pics.

  35. Susan Millican says

    Rose gold for sure

  36. Stephanie Kriewaldt says

    Love the Rose Gold! 😍

  37. Ooh gorgeous colours. I’m with the rose gold!

  38. I already love you and Frankie4, so a merger of the two is irresistible. Tricky choice, but I’d probably go for rose gold. Congratulations Beth. What an honour. Squee!

  39. Gabby Howlett says

    Gorgeous and so you Beth! I would love to win the gold BETHs. Favourite shoe label and favourite blogger all in one ❤️

  40. This shoe looks fabulous on you Beth, love the prosecco sparkle of the gold.

  41. Lauren warne says

    Such a beautiful addition to the FRANKiE4 family – I love a brogue with jeans all winter they are classic, stylish and timeless. I’ll take one in every colour. Statement pieces

  42. Hi Beth, congratulations! Such beautiful photos and images of Hong Kong. Not only have you tempted my travel bug but shoes!!
    Gold shoes at that!! I’m now thinking will I have enough $$ in my splurge stash by February…..when it comes to beautiful Gold shoes, I’ll make it happen! (Maybe a ban on gin & sparkles?….) I’m not going to be able to resist 😊😊

  43. Blonde

    B londe
    L ove the chance to enjoy them
    O h my sore feet
    N urse feet are the worst
    D ivine looking
    E legant

    Thank you for the chance to enter

  44. Karen Forster says

    Rose gold for me – so versatile!

  45. love all your getaway photos. The rose gold sounds lovely. looks like a great every day shoe

  46. The gold is absolutely stunning. When we got married 4 years ago I desperately looked around for some beautiful, comfortable gold brogues that I could wear for our long wedding day full of walking and dancing and never found them! Perhaps it’s time to renew the vows in a pair of these beauties? 🙂

  47. I absolutely love the rose gold! Pretty, pretty please *fingers crossed!* P.s. Fabulous photos from Hong Kong photos!

  48. Victoria Ashdown says

    Oh my gosh – the rose gold! It’s love at first sight 💕

  49. Gabby Howlett says

    Gorgeous! I would love the gold, would put such a sparkle in your step. My favourite shoe label and favourite blogger all in one, what more could we need! ❤️

  50. These are just what I need for my tired old feet on a big day at Blissful Babies . Rose gold would be beautiful to add to any outfit

  51. Congrats Beth, they’re beautiful! Love the photos too!
    My pick would be the Blonde xx

  52. Love the blonde! Congrats on a gorgeous shoe collaboration. Beautiful images – awesome looking shoes x

  53. Ooh Rose Gold looks so classic. Love them all though!
    Thank you Frankie4 for bringing out yet another beautiful shoe. And thank you Beth for showing us how good they look.

  54. Aren’t they just too glorious?
    I’m thinking the Rose Gold would be a fabulous choice to dance in around my classroom. I’m sure my students would be mesmerised. Hypnotised into working by jolly cool shoes! 😃

  55. I’m sold on the gold! Beth Gold needs to follow me to Sweden… let’s make her global. Pick me!

  56. I’m heading to the U.K in April and have been looking for a stylish pair of walking shoes. I love the Rose Gold.

  57. Jill Unsworth says

    Oh BETH! How awesome she would be on my feet in GOLD! She’s beautiful, classy and a little bad-assy! 😝 I’d love her and treat her well.

  58. Oh gosh, these are so fab! Love my existing Frankie’s for work and play, but it’s the year to embrace the brogue I feel – rose gold ‘Beth’s’ would be the perfect way to do this.

  59. Blonde please…I’m sure the blonde will work for walking the streets of Florence on my next holiday!!

  60. Gorgeous and such a hard choice. Rose I think pretty please.xo

  61. Rachel Noble says

    That’s got to be lifetime achievement right there! A shoe named BETH! I’m coveting the blonde colour although I’d quite happily take all three. X

  62. I’m really loving the blonde. Can’t say it’s a colour I’d normally choose, but with th eiutfits you wore they are definitely my favourite and a colour I can see mixing extremely well with my wardrobe!

    A shoe to your name! What an honour! Congrats! 👏🏻

  63. Oh they are fabulous! I love them all, but maybe the gold colour would go perfectly with my Melbourne black winter clothes 🙂

  64. You both make a great team ,model and filmmaker not to mention the Beth brogue in rose gold who I would like as my team mate .

  65. They are fabulous and perfect for my new job! Loving the rose gold.

  66. Rose gold Beth’s 😍

  67. I love the pics. Long time lurker of your blog here! My fave is the gold. I looove how you matched them with the gingham dress and black jacket.

  68. how to choose????
    can’t decide – get the kids to help!!!
    winner of the paper rock scissors war


  69. Definitely the rose gold Beth’s , love them. Your photos are gorgeous , what a handy hubby 😊

  70. How amazing to have a shoe named after you! If I had to pick, I’d say gold was the colour for me.
    Hong Kong looks amazing, I’m sure there are deets on the blog so shall go looking.
    Congrats on the launch!!

  71. How exciting! I love these and think the Blonde would be perfect for my trip to Paris in June! They would be comfy for all the walking I do and I’m sure they’d wow the Parisienne’s! 😍😍

  72. What absolutely stunning photos. Your travel wardrobe was ‘to die for’. To choice just one colour is so hard but I am going to go with blonde! How exciting to have a shoe named after you and such a perfect one💕

  73. I’m a blonde and my sisters names Beth! There you go it was meant to be, I must have a pair of blonde BETH’s in my life

  74. I really love the look of the gold but can’t wait to see the pink ones in the future!

  75. Oh they are gorgeous! They all look great but I think the gold look especially cool. I’d LOVE a pair of the gold ones please!

  76. Helen Cain says

    Congratulations Beth – these are a great addition to the Frankie4 range of fabulous shoes. I love the gold in particular – so versatile!!

  77. I can’t decide. I’m gonna need ALL THE COLOURS! But maybe the gold to start with 😊

  78. Rose gold Beth is the bees knees, though I will probably have to get some of the others too! How fabulous having shoes named after you.

  79. Jen Maddison says

    I love the simplicity as well as the class of the blonde. They way it can be worn with so many outfits and can be casual or super smart. Loved how they looked with denim and classic white shirt. Perfect combination.

  80. Jennifer Gale says

    Omg! The Beth! I love it! And the colours! I love them all… blonde would be most versatile…. but gold is so sparkly… and rose gold is so dainty… if I haaaaaaadddd to pick, I’d choose blonde. Please pick me! 😁❤️🤞🏻

  81. I LOVE the gold ones!

  82. Ohhhhhhh- love the BETH! Heart eyes everywhere for these.😍😍 I’d choose gold- perfect for everything! 👌🏻

  83. Good on you Beth! Gold for me please x

  84. We are headin to the UK and Europe for three months this year and I need to take Beth with me! I love the blonde.
    Congrats on the launch. Super exciting!

  85. I love them all and you make them look so great

  86. Yvonne Duke says

    My favourite style of shoe !!! I just love the rose gold !!!

  87. Nice one Beth!! A blonde pair would be great

  88. Alicia Mackay says

    Beth!!!!!! You’re shoe famous!! I mean the shoes are exquisite and the photos – oh the photos!!!! I’m a little flushed at the colours and the scenery and the shoes and the Beth – Oh My!!!!!!!! Look I have to say, the rose gold are so feminine. A champagne and delicate aperitif kind of shoe. The kind of shoe that’s a classic with enough flair to surprise you later on – hang on am I talking about the shoe or it’s namesake? Either way – stunner!

  89. I am loving the Beth! The rose gold is divine and would be perfect foot attire for my upcoming 3rd year teaching prac – comfortable and professional yet stylish with a bit of bling.

  90. GOLD! That’s gold Beth, just gold.

  91. Alison Eskdale says

    They all look amazing but I do LOVE the Rose Gold!!!!!

  92. GOLD! That’s gold Beth, just gold…

  93. Leticia Moreno says

    Congratulations!. Every women’s dream ,to have shoes named after them. And what stylish and gorgeous shoes!!!.
    I love the blonde ones, they look great ,my feet will look fantastic and be soooo comfy……..and as they say”blondes always have more fun”( even if they are shoes )💃🏼

  94. One in every colour gorgeous style Beth

  95. Sue Buchecker says

    Woohoo. How lovely to have a pair of Frankie 4’s named after you.
    Love Hong Kong and you certainly have her a good workout.
    I would love the Blonde pair for a trip to Bangkok in June 😘

  96. Wendy Clarke says

    GOLD! Definitely GOLD😊

  97. Ah these are amazing! I am hunting for the perfect shoe to wear traipsing the streets in a New York summer – I think I’ve found a winner, Beth in blonde!

  98. Wendy Clarke says

    GOLD! Definitely GOLD 😊

  99. Gold! Gold! Gold! The ideal colour and not just at the Olympics.

    Thanks for the chance to snag a pair Beth and Frankie4. They look great.

  100. Absolutely gorgeous photos Beth…love your outfits!! The Gold Beth is definitely my favourite!!

  101. Cathy Ramsey says

    Decisions decisions but I can’t go past a pair of Blonde Beth’s. Would love the opportunity to get my feet into a pair of Frankie’s!

  102. Oh my Lord I would wear them all but for the sake if the competition it would be gold. The only trip we have planned is to the Gold Coast later this year which would be very fitting! I need me a pair of these.

  103. Ro McKenzie says

    These look so cool Beth! I’m loving the rose gold and gold, a bit of a departure from my usual silver and black but I’d def give these girls a go!

  104. They look so nice on you….hopefully the Blonde will look as good on me…Please! 😘

  105. Blonde all the way!!! You know it 🙌🏻

  106. This brunette fancies the blonde!

  107. Lauren Boase says

    I wear the ALEX daily to work and kicked myself for not getting them in silver…this afternoon when I recieved the email from FRANKIE4 about BETH I may have gasped with excitement! They are gorgeous- I think the first colour I will add to me collection will be Rose Gold and no doubt quickly followed by more ❤

  108. I love how classy Blonde Beth looked. She could go from a simple throw on shoe to dressing up any outfit. That style would sure suit me. Jeans, white shirt and Blonde Beth looked fab. But I can also see her with so many other outfits.

  109. Love the rose gold, but the gold would come a close second. They look great on you in these photos, such a fun way to road test a shoe.

  110. Jacqui Cook says

    Too hard to choose……sooooo Rose Gold!!!

  111. Ooh! I’d love a pair in rose gold…I’ve been stalking FRANKiE4 for a while, but haven’t yet taken the plunge – a ‘free trial’ might be just the thing to kick off a FRANKiE4 addiction.😜

  112. Think the gold is pretty shmick – love them!

  113. Good on you Beth! Love, love the gold!

  114. Definitely RoseGold Beth Brogues!! Congratulations Beth on your own Frankie4 shoe ❤️

  115. Oh my heart! 😍 All divine! But I think the rose gold would be my favourite. 💖 How bloody cool to have your own shoe! 💜

  116. These are definitely THE shoe! Hard to choose but I would have to say gold!

  117. What an honour to have such a beauty named after you. I could absolutely put BETH to the test in my job at a primary School. I need function and looks and BETH ticks both boxes not to mention the rose gold is the bomb diggity. Come on BETH come to Mumma!!

  118. Blondes have more fun right?? It’s gotta be the blondes, it’d be wrong not to! Thanks Beth (and Rob!) – the photos are beautiful, isn’t Honkers delightful?

  119. Kate Westhead says

    They are gorgeous! I love them all but my fave would have to be the rose gold.

  120. Loving the gold and every outfit you wore on your trip xx

  121. Macarla Shepherd says

    Stunning I would be grateful for a gold
    pair of Beth’s to start my Frankie4 collection.

  122. Of all the things to be named after you – a hardworking gorgeous shoe is excellent! I would positively ROCK a pair of gold BETH’s – I can see them brightening every day in my Primary classroom – and take me one step closer to my Ms Frizzle dream!

  123. Wow. You know you’ve made it when you have a shoe named after you! They really are so ‘you’! I’d go the Gold.. Feb is too long to wait for the Rose Gold! 😉

  124. Rose gold are perfection. Bestill my shoe obsessed heart.

  125. Kerry Hendry says

    Love all the colours but I am sold on gold.

  126. Georgina Yfantis says

    They all looking amazing. But Rose Gold is calling me and my feet.

  127. Totally head over heels in love with GOLD 😍

  128. What a great shoe! Love the Gold!

  129. Kerry Hendry says

    I love all the colours but I am sold on the gold.

  130. Have been a lover of Brouges since my teens. To find something comfortable, durable and stylish with out looking like grandma shoes is a god Send. Therefore terribly excited to be introduced to Beth. To choose between the Blonde and Rose Gold is difficult.

    So Innie Minnie Mynie Moe. Rose Gold

  131. Cath devitt says

    Blondes have more fun as the saying goes….but rose gold is sparkly magic fun times!!

  132. Kathleen Gordon says

    How gorgeous is the Beth. It’s blonde for me

  133. so very hard to chose, however….they do say blondes have more fun soooo…going blonde …

  134. If I choose the rose gold, will they transport me to all those fantastic places? 😍

  135. Beth the photos of you backlit in the gingham dress are so beautiful. Well done you and Rob. I love the rose gold ones. If I don’t win a pair think you’ve sold me on them anyway. Love to you guys x

  136. Leeanne Boyson says

    While feeling like a frumpy dumpy mum and checking my emails I came across your post – the blonde Beth’s would soothe my frazzled brain and more importantly sooth my runner wearing feet and smarten up any outfit!!!

  137. Looking Gorgeous in Gold Beth (actually looking gorgeous in every pic). They are certainly a versatile shoe that would be prefect for travel (does travel to School drop off count??)

  138. Looks like Beth got a good workin in Honkers! Love a good brouge and can just see me walking in style with gold on my feet! Loving your style Beth.

  139. Ooh! How excitement!! I’d probably go for Rose Gold first 🙂

  140. Sally Heppleston says

    Gold, pretty please! Thanks Beth. How bloody awesome. X

  141. Kate Fleming says

    A namesake shoe!!!!! Love your work Beth 🙂 Rose gold would be my pick xx

  142. Love the gold!

  143. I have been a brogue lover since my teens. To be able to get ones that are not only so stylish but to have the support and comfort is a god send. Especially for someone who has trouble with their feet but loves shoes. As for colour it’s between Blonde and Rose Gold. Probs go with Rose Gold first.

  144. Ebony Anderson says

    I’m SO EXCITED!! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of your namesake shoe! They’re gorgeous 😍 I’d have to go with the blond ones but it was a tight call with the rose gold ones coming in a close second. LOVE 💕

  145. Oooh love the Beth, Beth!! 😂
    I’ve never owned a pair of brogues but you showcased them so well, the rose golds would be for me ❤️❤️

  146. Holy sh*t these are AMAZING! I need the gold so bad, they are Beautiful, Extremely eye catching, on-Trend and well Holy sh*t they’re amazing! Did I say that?! You’ve sold me on the shoes and also on the HK trip 😀

  147. Rose gold is THE colour of the moment! So versatile! Love love love it.

  148. Michelle Fanning says

    Those photos!! 😍 Just wow!
    I saw the release of BETH earlier today and thought, that’s GOTTA be you!
    I’m a sucker for the Rose Gold…must be the model 😉

  149. Beth, I’ve been following you a while and have been smitten with your choice in footwear for a long time. I’ve decided 2018 is the year to take care of my tired teacher feet so have started to build up a footwear collection that I can be proud of ($15 Kmart flats are cute, but, ouch!). I’d love BETH to join my modest collection and think that rose gold would be the most amazing addition. Wouldn’t you love a teacher with shiney shoes?! Thanks for the chance.

    • Congrats Katie! You are the winner of the giveaway! I will shoot you an email for your contact details to get them sent out to you. Enjoy!! x

  150. Lisa Gibson says

    They look amazing! They’re all gorgeous but I’d start with the Rose Gold! 🤗

  151. The Rose Gold are gorgeous! They’d look great with everything!

  152. ✨Blonde ✨for sure. Debbie Harry would love them. 👞. Beautiful photos. 👠📸✨

  153. Well I’m a little pink obsessed with clothes at the moment, so I would definitely love the rose gold to complement! Rob’s photos are awesome, well done to you both.

  154. A Beth brogue, fancy!
    I’d like to start my collection with……gold ✨

  155. ✨Blondie✨for sure. Debbie Harry would love them. 👞. Beautiful photos. 👠📸✨

  156. How bloody fancy are you! I bet all those years ago when you started this blog you NEVER thought you’d have a show named after you!!!
    I have eyes off the Frankie boots for such a long time but cause I’m
    A dick who can’t spend money on herself I never go through with the purchase. Maybe this will be the year I do it…..maybe if I pass my first semester at Tafe it can be my reward?!

  157. First time in my life as a Blonde so Blonde Frankie’s would be perfect! Congratulations Beth, you & this range are simply fabulous!

  158. Oh Beth! They are all gorgeous. I’d be happy with any but if I had to pick I’d go for some bling with the Rose Gold xx

  159. Robyn Sellars says

    That’s pretty cool to get done named after you! Im a Frankie convert. My local shoe store has just started stocking them, and I treated myself to a pair over summer- so comfortable! I’ve actually never worn brogues yet, but I’ve been eyeing them off for winter this year. I’d go with the rose gold- I’ll be looking forward to seeing them when they come out. 😊

  160. Frankie 4 fan through and through. Gee to add Beth to my collection where it’s so hard to find classy, comfy shoes for big feet! Come on rose gold or blonde and visit my farm in CQ and walk me to school for those busy days teaching Kindy.

  161. Kutira Bandte says

    The ‘Beth’ is absolutely stunning, Beth. I’m in love with the Rose Gold – would love a pair for autumn!

  162. Damn girl is it hard being so stylish someone decided to name bloody shoes after you?? Since I’m not a shiny gal myself, those blondes really call to me, and you wear them so well with the plain white button down and jeans! So basically my #mumstyle right there

  163. Rose gold rose gold rose gold rose gold please! I love a flat and sparkles just make them even better!

  164. Gorgeous Beth: both the girl and the shoes. Would love a pair of the gold Beth’ shoes please xx

  165. Gold Gal, Gorgeous!

  166. Oooo rose gold!!!
    Love them. When I got the release email and saw they were named ‘Beth’ I instantly knew you were their inspiration. Congratulations!!! They are stunning.

  167. Lauren Needham says

    What an honour to have your name added to these glamorous shoes! Congratulations on your hard work. My mother-in-law comments on my love of shoes (addiction is a better word for it) and metallic silver slides I wear, all the time, so it would be wrong of me not to own these precious Beth’s too. I can totally see myself rocking out in the rose gold brogues!

  168. Rose gold please! Matches everything, my wedding bands included. Thanks for the chance to win.

  169. Nicole Olbourne says

    Wow! They are simply gorgeous and look so comfy (but not in a frumpy kind of way 😊). I love all of the colours but I think I wouldn’t be able to go past the rose gold – maybe they’d help me keep up with my three little boys!!

  170. JENNY Schulz says

    I love the Gold! I love Hong Kong, I go there for a conference every year but I’m yet to find a comfy shoe that will got the distance. It takes my feet at least a month to recover and I always lose a toenail! These might just be the answer!

  171. Mel Ciardulli says

    Any Beth’s would be a dream, for Frankie shies I’m bloody keen!

  172. Danielle McDonald says

    As I read the blurb I had a little flurry of all types of designs go through my mind wondering what they would look like and then I saw them – they look bloody perfect! The gold are stunning and that’s what I’d love to have! Such a lucky duck to have your own shoe! Well done! 😘

  173. Is it wrong to admit, I was first attracted to the colour laces? I would some Rose Gold Beth’s in my world. Thank you 😊

  174. They’re all so cute but Ive been hanging out for a rose gold pair of shoes just like this for ages!

  175. Annette Luchich says

    I have flogged my silver Ellie’s and they have had the razz – how I would love some gold Beth’s to wear to death on a trip to visit my two kids who both live os later this year – ps love the photos

  176. In the immortal words of Nancy Sinatra

    “These Beth’s are made for walking.
    And that’s just what they’ll do.
    One of these days some Beth’s are gonna walk right over to me…bombadabomdadabombadabom…”….and theylll be in gold – cue trumpets.

  177. Go you! How cool is that?!!

    I’d choose rose gold. I live in an all male household… a bit of girly-ness is called for from time to time!

  178. Rose Gold does not just belong on fingers, necks or ears!

  179. Ohhhh LOVE THE BETH! And LOVE the Honkers pics! My feet are so terribly sore in whatever shoes I where (during pregnancy my feet got bigger and none of my shoes fit me properly anymore!) So I’m desperate for new shoes that fit and are comfortable! I’d be so grateful to win a new pair of shoes, I don’t even mind what colour, as they all look so cool! 🤞🏽🤞🏽

  180. If you could kindly send a pair of the blonde to my Wife then I can take out these ear plugs because she might stop bloody nagging me about shoes.
    Cheers, Dan

  181. These shoes are absolutely perfect! Just love the pointy toe especially. And the gold! My gold Frankie sneakers look a bit worse for wear after being worn to death. I have a new, exciting job as an art teacher starting next week and am on the hunt for a pair of cool, closed toe, comfy shoes to wear on concrete floors all day. These are exactly the thing!

  182. If you could kindly send a pair of the blondes to my Wife I can finally take out these ear plugs because she might stop nagging me about bloody shoes!
    Cheers, Dan

  183. Danielle Hewitt says

    I would wear all three of these great colours but I feel my wardrobe is most lacking in the GOLD shoe department so I would choose gold. These would get daily wear in my life. Great shoes! And congratulations!!

  184. LOVE Frankie 4 shoes! My friends are a bit sick of my hearing about them and I even managed to convince some of the heel loving Mosman set to buy some pairs. But I love these!! Please?!? Go Beth!

  185. Gold, Rose Gold, Blonde mmm.. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe which one will I choose they are all so gorgeous! If I have to then I’ll go with my favorite Beth (clothing) style with shoe, hang on still can’t choose,!! okay decision made Gold please since I already have that gingham dress…. that was hard x

  186. Fabulous photos. Now to decide which colour. That black top.😍😍😍😍😍😍

  187. I love love love the rose gold! They would set me up for sparkly, happy days.

  188. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby Beth! She is gorgeous, with the cutest little features. The Blonde Beth would be fabulous for my first trip to Europe for our 10th wedding anniversary…and everything in between.

  189. Vicki Voss says

    How exciting for you Beth..I had a pair of Ellie’s but my son’s dog ate them…blonde brogues please and I will keep them out of reach of the dog 😋

  190. Allyson Wolhuter says

    Oh Beth I need these on my feet. I get blisters and arthritis and I would love to be wearing you on my feet. I won’t ever be able to forget to check your blog while I’m wearing my Rose Gold Beth’s💖

  191. I’ve been waiting to see the BETH! Fabulous. My fave is rose gold.

  192. Congratulations Beth! I love the look of all their range but they are out of my price range unfortunately. I would love a pair of Blonde, so comfortable (and stylish) for work.

  193. Love them all, hard to choose, when you’re wearing BETH, you just can’t lose!

  194. Belinda Galbraith says

    Haha it’s like you’ve read my mind! I love this post for the great fashion inspiration and watched your trip to HK with much interest as we are going there in April. I was actually thinking of getting some new Frankie’s just for this trip as I know (from your blog) how much walking we’ll be doing over there & I think the Beth’s in rose gold would be just the ticket to all day comfort while I explore and consume ALL of the dumplings!

  195. Sally-Anne says

    Beth, your a women of many talents!!
    I await eagerly for your new blogs to be posted on the facey and make sure I get time to read them in the day.
    I’m pretty sure the rose gold would look pretty fab on the barkly tablelands at the next ladies day I go to at the bark hut.
    Let me know what you think 😜😜

  196. Amanda Smith says

    Oh I would LOVE the Blonde! Can see me wearing these all winter with my favourite jeans.

  197. Corina Morgan says

    I’m heading to Italy/Greece in September! I would love a pair of gold Beth shoes to hit the streets with 😍

  198. Corina Morgan says

    I’m heading to Italy/Greece in September! I would love a pair of gold Beth’s to hit the streets with 😍

  199. Wow, they are gorgeous, well named too!
    Loving them and how you’ve styled them – great photos – if I must choose one colour then the blondes for me would be a fab addition to my “shoerobe” – can see me wearing these on high rotation to work and weekend. Perfection.

  200. Donna Spackman says

    ROSE GOLD!!! Your trip looked fantastic too!!

  201. All lovely but if I am so lucky to win I’d love the blonde BETH.

  202. Lovely shoes all of them.
    If I’m lucky enough to win I’d love the blonde BETHs.

  203. They are a seriously good-looking shoe!
    We are moving to Amsterdam in April and feel like I might need to lift the wardrobe a bit in the style stakes to be on par with all of those trendy Europeans! The gold would be gorgeous please and thank you 😊

  204. I’m not a heel wearer either and think the Blonde Beth’s would be an awesome addition to my wardrobe. I have changed jobs and increased my work hours so there are more days to get “properly dressed “

  205. Kylee Rotherham says

    The blonde would be my favourite – perfect for work and play, and easy to integrate into my existing wardrobe. These look fantastic! 😊

  206. Jackie james says

    Hi Beth , I’d love a pair of Beth’s in blonde … It would give my poor old NATS a day off, as I live in them !
    Keep designing Frankie4 … It’s so great to feel modern and comfy all day in shoes ! Jackie

  207. Blonde. Because blondes have more fun!!

  208. The magpie in me loves the bling, so Gold would be my colour of choice.

  209. Tamara tpwnsend says

    Its pretty cool 😎 having a shoe named after you!!! Cannot go past the Rose Gold!

  210. I’m dying to get my hands on a pair of these in rose gold for my beautiful mumma. She’s had so many issues with plantar fasciitis and feet in general and has struggled to find comfortable shoes. She’s such a trooper and tried to push through on our girls trip to London and Paris last year but I could see how hard the walking was for her. This would absolutely make her day!

  211. Gold adds a bit of bling to every outfit. I am not a heels girls but adore brogues. Congrats Beth on having a shoe named after you

  212. Woweeee! So fancy! (Having a!shoe named after you!) I would choose rose gold!!!!

  213. Squeeee!!! A beautiful shoe named after you and such fabulous colour ways. Impossible to choose but rose gold by a nose. Congratulations.

  214. Desley Wimbridge says

    I am so wanting to try a pair, but nervous to order online in case of size being incorrect. Winning this comp would solve that problem! I would have to say rose gold would be the winner for me 🙃

  215. Fabulous pics! Your trip looked awesome.

    ….and they prove the 💫gold💫 goes with everything!!!!

    Keep up the great work 😚

  216. *Squeal* Fabulous, you’ve really made it when you have a pair of shoes named after you! I’m sucker for rose gold, will definitely be checking these out 🙂

  217. Beth looks so comfortable- it’s so my style! I became a Frankie 4 convert a couple of years ago. Rose gold It is! . Great photo shoot in Hong Kong.

  218. It’s been worth the wait to see you looking FABULOUS BETH in Hong Kong. Beth you’ve always known how to shine but now WOW!!! I love the Rose Gold 💗

  219. Lyn McGloin says

    Rose gold for me!!!! Got some travelling plans this year and the feet need to be happy!! 😁😁 and definitely on trend!

  220. The rose gold would definitely put a pep in my step! Thanks Beth

  221. Never thought of myself as a brogue girl but these are HOT in any colour. I am hoping some of your fashion savvy style will rub off on me if I win a pair!

  222. Debbie Phillip says

    Think I’ve got Gold Fever!

  223. Rose Gold for life!

    Congratulations on having a fabulous thing named after you, you fabulous woman!

  224. Gold gold gold! Because it’s the best neutral ever. Goes with everything.

  225. Omgeeee what an honour dahls! Can’t believe you are like a famous model now with your own shoe and errything. A pair of rose golds for my birfday would be heaven on earth. And bravo to Rob too his shots are so beautiful and that vid of you doll! Seriously cool. Happy new year and all that also xxx

  226. Lovely introduction opportunity to find my next “perfect” pair of shoes. Blonde please.

  227. Gold – to go with these golden years of raising 3 girls (6, 3 and 4 months), and my golden age of 41 😆 and a bit of 😬☺️

  228. Frankie4 are about the only shoes I can wear all day long. Would love a pair of these in rose gold. Georgeous!

  229. Liz Gorman says

    LOVE the rose gold. Can see myself rocking them on the school run this term! 😍

  230. Susan Hughes says

    How could you not want BETH in rose gold, they are so on point!

  231. I am 18 weeks pregnant with my second child and I would love a pair of Blonde Beth’s to run around after my three year old toddler in. I may have to get my hubby to take me out somewhere nice so I can show them off.

  232. Tania costello says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Frankie4’s – the blonde color would be great to wear!

  233. Rose Gold. Just because and why not!

  234. Karyn Hearn says

    Oh Blonde all the way. Loved the mini travel doc on HK. All the Beth’s looked stunning in every spot 😉

  235. Amy Hannah says

    Wow, love them…and the photos! Rose Gold for the win!

  236. Loving these shoes and colours! Perfect for busy mums.

  237. Its hard to go past Beth in Blonde. What a bombshell she is. Classic, cool and clearly bonkers for Honkers! xx

  238. I think Blonde would complete all of my work outfits!

  239. Gail Virgona says

    Reliable and Sparkly. That’s SO you.

    My daughter asked me my favourite colour today! I kid you not. My son called out from the other room. It’s gold! So true. So true.

  240. What a special Australia Day Honour for you Beth. Gold for you and gold for me bubble sister!

  241. How exciting it must be to have a shoe named after you! They say that blondes have more fun – surely if I wear the Blonde Beth my feet will have more fun?

  242. Charlotte Henry says

    Rose Gold Beth! Always Rose Gold xx

  243. Congrats Beth, they look awesome! Would love a pair in gold, I can see myself wearing them in my first year doing canteen duty as a school mum! ❤️ From a fellow southern highlands resident

  244. loving the new BETH in any colour!

  245. They 👀 like a very stylish 🕶 travel 🎒 companion 👫. 🌹 giold🥇my colour of choice , just to up the anti. Not winning would break 💔

  246. GOLD!
    This tired mumma of 5 could use a pair of these divine Beth’s. Practical and sparkle in one. Gold for the win!

  247. Jane Sheardown says

    Exciting times Beth! Congratulations 🎊🎉. I absolutely love the Blonde. The Beth Brogue would be amazing to win .

  248. Sarah Roberts says

    Gotta love a touch of sparkle with every Beth step … so rose gold it is for me.

  249. Oh, spoilt for choice! They all look so stylist and would enhance any outfit but my personal fav is the ROSE gold. I would love a ROSE gold pair 🤞🏼 pretty please 🙏🏼

  250. Great to finally see your photos from Honkers, they’re worth the wait! And new Beth, oh my! I love the look of the gold (so shiny!) but I think the blond is more me and will go with my wardrobe better

  251. I think these are the hottest shoes I have ever seen! 💘 I am coveting the rose gold.
    I went to Hong Kong in September with girlfriends and I definitely needed these in my life, you are totally rocking them.

  252. The links are working for me to buy a pair so I’ll have to enter your competition! I love the blonde, and will wait patiently for the silver to be released. Thanks so much.

  253. The links aren’t working for me to buy a pair so I’ll have to enter your competition! I love the blonde, and will wait patiently for the silver to be released. Thanks so much.

  254. I always struggle to buy closed shoes as such, as just don’t love them on my feet. But considering my wardrobe choices are quite similar to yours, I am definitely buying some of these. Would love the gold ones…or rose gold I think. Love your Hong Kong pics. I took my 12 year old son for a visit there in May/June….it was stinking hot the entire time, but we loved it anyway.

  255. Rose Gold for me! These would be great as I need a shoe that ties as I have a narrow foot. It looks like we all need them! Thanks!

  256. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If I had you Beth
    Would you dance with me too?

    Dancin’ shoes must be rose gold 😉

  257. I saw these on their website just the other day and desperately wanted to buy a pair. But money is tight right now. To win a pair of the gold ones would be fantastic!

  258. Rose Gold- gotta love a little sparkle!

  259. The blondes are beautiful and tick all the boxes for style and comfort, am yet to find a shoe for long term comfort. Thanks for the opportunity xx

  260. Gold! Having just lost 10kg (25 kg to go!) I feel I like a winner who deserves gold shoes!

  261. stunning. Blonde for me please. the photos are great, especially those of you in the dress. Wear more dresses Beth, you look fab 🙂

  262. Andrea Jeisman says

    Oh Rose Gold makes my heart sing!!! Beth – I am obsessed with Frankie’s. You are one hot lady!

  263. This. Is. Gold. And so is the Beth I am dreaming of. 🙏🏼

  264. Oh GOLD of course!

  265. Rose gold puh-lease!

  266. Ohh hard to choose! Love the golds… Maybe rose gold x

  267. Blondes have more fun!! So help this brunette out with a Blonde pair 🙋🏻‍♀️ Love Frankies!

  268. Carolyn Apostolou says

    How exciting for you BETH! They are all gorgeous and I’m sure are going to be a best seller. My favourite colour would be the Gold.

  269. Lauren Moulds says

    I ADORE the gold, so damn beautiful’ x

  270. Oh the rose gold are FAB!! Awesome photos of your trip!

  271. These look amazing! I’d love the rose gold!!

  272. I’d be happy with any colour, but I think I like the rose gold the best. They are all gorgeous though!

  273. Fiona Arthur says

    I bloody love the rose gold! I’ve never owned a pair of brogues before. I’ve got rheumatoid arthritis which cancels out the majority of cute shoes – I’ve had to get rid of my beautiful heels #sob. I usually get standard black shoes that work with my orthotics and they cost a bomb so I spend only on work shoes. I don’t think I’d even need to wear orthotics with these because they’re podiatrist designed and made. P.s. how amazing are your holiday pics. Hk never looked so good!

  274. The blonde are lovely but I can’t help coveting the rose gold! Gorgeous shoes in any colour and gorgeous pics of both Beths!

  275. Alll completely delicious and exquisite…but I can’t go past Rose Gold ❤️

  276. These are just stunning Beth! I have recently invested in a few pairs of FRANKiE4 heels (which I adore) after their recent Sydney pop up, but would love the opportunity to road test a pair of their flats as we lead into the cooler months. All of the colours are beautiful and versatile, but I think the Blonde BETHS are a classic and would work really well in my shoe wardrobe! 🤞🏼

  277. Megan Fegan says

    Absolutely has to be rose gold…. a little bit of sparkle makes every day a great day 😃

  278. Megan Fegan says

    Rose gold please….. a bit of gorgeous sparkle makes every day great 😃

  279. Wilma McKenna says

    Wow, they are absolutely beautiful, I love all the colours. I’m sure anyone wearing these would feel a million dollars.

  280. Love Hong king , love the gold, love the pointed flat, love blonde so good… like sooooooo good

  281. Blonde Beth’s would work so well with everything I have!
    Love them and LOVE the Honkers photos x

  282. Yes please, I’d *love* the rose gold, just because I don’t own anything in rose gold and it seems like an absolute must ❤️

  283. Wow they all look fantastic I can see a pair in my future in the blonde with jeans, becoming a staple

  284. I’ve been coveting a pair of brogues for ages and these look fantastic! I’d love a pair of Blonde for work & good for your feet too – win!!

  285. Cath Carlisle says

    Beautiful Blonde Beth’s!! Bootylicious

  286. Rose Gold to go with my Nicole Fendel earring. Maybe one day I’ll pound the streets of NYC with my own Beth Rose

  287. Michelle V says

    Beautiful photos!!
    My fave would be gold but they are all so lovely it is difficult to pick!!
    I’m curious to see the black version too.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these beauties!

  288. they look absolutely fabulous! We’re hearding os this year and they look like the perfect she for our European sojourn ✈️

  289. Larissa Peters says

    Ummmmmm let’s see. How do I choose when they all look so good on you and you have styled them to perfection? Perhaps blonde (to go with my hair), although a hot metallic never lets anyone down. Ummmmm, aaaahhh – WAY TOO HARD TO CHOOSE!

    Ok – Blonde it is! Congratulations Beth – I love them and what an absolute buzz to have a shoe named after you. xx

  290. Looking good Beth ( you and the shoes 😀} I would choose gold-bling and comfort sound like a perfect combo

  291. Hannah Majtara says

    My favorite color is navy 😋 but my fave BEH color is rose gold 👌🏼

  292. Rose gold for sure – can’t wait for the pink already

  293. Absolutely love the Beth in the rose gold !!
    I bought my first pair of Frankie shoes last year after seeing them on your Instagram and I havent looked back.

  294. Wow, you’ve made them all look fabulous! I’d chose the blonde for my next trip ✈️

  295. These photos are just gorgeous! I absolutely love the one of you in the middle of the street with the world moving around you.

    For me… has to be Rose Gold. LOVE! xx

  296. Oooooooh nervous – I read your blog every day while eating my lunch, it’s part of my routine, but this is my first ever comment ………… these shoes are DIVINE
    Rose Gold are simply beautiful. xo

  297. They are gorgeous. I love the blonde ones.

  298. Blond for me, live the pics

  299. So many amazing pics! The shoes look amazing! I LOVE the rose gold!

  300. Gold Lo-tops baby!

  301. Beryl Hickey says

    Rose Gold for sure

  302. The rose gold are stunning! They look great with your outfits, inspirational styling. Congrats on getting cutie comfy shoes named after you!!!

  303. I adore that rose gold. It would improve the school run immeasurably! x

  304. Natalie Rose says

    The Rose gold BETH is to die for! Shiney, with a little sparkle to brighten your day with flair, comfort and style! Beth you are a wonderful ambassador for FRANKIE4

  305. Therese whybird says

    LOVE FRANKIE4….changed my life and my feet…..I have worn my silver Ellie’s to death….so I would have to say silver….but the ROSE GOLD is divine too……

  306. I’d absolutely love a pair of the rose gold! They’d match my wedding rings 😉

  307. I was struggling on the Frankie4 website to pick my fave out of the blonde and gold options (they’re both 👌). Then I saw the soon to be released Rose Gold Beth and found my hands down favourite! I would love to get my hands on a pair of these!!

  308. Blonde for this blonde. Though I get help now with the hair … the feet need help too…. aging is a bitch ……

  309. You look stunning in every single photo. I love the new Beth shoe and think I love the blond the best. If I could look half as hot as you do in my Beths, i’d be a very happy camper!!

  310. You look stunning in every single photo. I love the new Beth shoe and think I love the blond is the best. If I could look half as hot as you do in my Beths, i’d be a very happy camper!!

  311. Kelly Matapo says

    What a magical journey your story took us on! Your clever photographer really captured some beautiful moments, and the Beth look stunning in every shot! I’m a size 12 shoe and can’t wait to get my hands on a blonde pair of The Beth! So glad Frankie4 even thinks of the larger footed babes!

  312. Would love to try something a little more adventurous than my Stone Birkenstocks. Metallic might be a little too out there for me so I’d go for Blonde. Hopefully the start of a new love affair and comfy feet for cooler days.

  313. I have fantasies about gold shoes…I LOVE them. And I love these in gold…so, obviously, my favorite ones are the gold ones (and would perfect you complete my shoe selection in my ‘capsule wardrobe’ for my trip to London and Paris next month!!

  314. Gold AND blue laces?! Bloody stylish indeed. My favourite for sure xx

  315. Jessica Birchall says

    I’m going to have to go with the theme of the ad campaign for Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3…GOLD EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

  316. The rose gold are beautiful.
    I’m pregnant with my second bub so a pair of these would be great support for my tired feet as I chase my cheeky toddler around all day!

  317. Blonde for me. Instant classic. X

  318. Rose gold for me – instant classic x

  319. Wow – how fun to have a shoe named after you! Now you’ve got me wondering what I would ‘look like’ as a shoe… I adore that Blonde colour and can see it getting flogged all autumn long. 😍

  320. BETH! Holey smokes! How exciting, she is gorgeous! I need to start saving STAT because each colour sounds divine. The gold is just too smashing to go past (until the pink arrives!) Well done F4F!

  321. They would look fab on me 😄

  322. Love love LOVE the rose gold! I need one cool thing in my “mumdrobe” (active wear or jeans or I just don’t go) and these would make the jeans look awesome!

  323. Christianna Elliott says

    A gorgeous shoot in a part of the world that I’d be keen to explore too! A rose gold pair would make the perfect addition to my collection. 🙊

  324. BETH! Holey smokes! She is gorgeous.
    I can’t go past those gold ones! So looking forward to the pink edition!! Well done F4F!! (Sorry if my comment has posted twice, three times, it won’t show up!) 🤪

  325. How amazing does Beth look, both the human and the shoes!! I cannot wait for rose gold and pink Beth’s to come on line. They look perfect to wear to work and for play. Great work!!

  326. Wow these shoes look they are actually made for walking,stylish and comfort ,If I had to pick just one colour, I’d have to go for gold for sure I reckon

  327. Wendy Clarke says

    Rose gold all the way!

  328. Ooooooooh so pretty. Love all the colour!!!

  329. The Beth’s are awesome loving the rose gold to add some bling to school drop off!! Great job Beth and team x

  330. I would love a pair of blonde BETHs. They look fantastic and are perfect for my sore feet when I’m in the classroom. Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  331. Welcome to the Frankie4 family, Beth. Rose gold is lovely and down the track, navy would round out my shoe wardrobe perfectly.

  332. I love the rose gold! I’m a frankie 4 fan and a baby mac fan so a perfect collaboration for me!

  333. Hmm it’s a tough one… I’m torn between the rose gold and the blonde, but I think the blonde just wins out! Love them!

  334. Oooooh! The gold are gorgeous! I’ve just turned 41 & in desperate need to some funkification… aka as getting out of a frumpy Mum rut… Beth gold seem like the perfect answer!!

  335. GOLD ALL THE WAY BABY! I have just had my lovely bee man out at work today extracting golden honey, I have a gold bee ring and gold (and Pom Pom!) bumble bee earrings…so clearly I need gold Beth’s to complete the look. Also…am on a panel with Styling You at a conference soon…clearly I’ll need the latest Frankie’s on my feet!

  336. Niki Condon says

    OMG wow …… decisions decisions decisions 😩 but definitely would have to be the blonde BETH ! I’m in love with you Beth.

  337. The blonde would fill a gap in my wardrobe perfectly and be very welcome on my tired teacher feet.

  338. Ann Hogarth says

    I would adore the gold ‘Beths’! I have terrible trouble with shoes giving me blisters. So I’m saving up to buy a pair of Frankie’s 😊 Plus you can never be ‘too’ sparkly

  339. I think Rose gold would have to be my fav, love that they are named after you! What a great design.

  340. Rose Gold all the way! Christ on a bike my poor mummy feet could do with some stylish cushioning 🙌

  341. Bout time they did a Beth! I love all of them but I think I’d wear the Blondes to death 😍

  342. I love the rose gold! I would also love a trip to Hong King after looking at your spectacular snaps!

  343. Jacqueline says

    They are all 👌I would love blonde Beth’s 😍

  344. OMG, I very much need some grown up Beth shoes! At the age of 41, it’s time to both update my wardrobe but rock it too!. A pair of Beth’s would provide me with a smart, yet comfortable option, something other than the shabby thongs & runners I sadly rely upon.

  345. Sarah Miller says

    Blonde please! 🤞 Congratulations … hope you gave yourself a pat on the back for achieving something so great 💝

  346. I NEED the rose golds in my life!! I can walk to school pick up and still wear cool shoes instead of daggy trainers!!

  347. LOVE the rose gold! They’d be my first ever pair of brogues and they would be so so loved. X

  348. Katie Bowers says

    These shoes are just gorg! Love the blonde colour, feel like it would go with any outfit. Day to night, office to bar! I need a new pair of comfy classy flats that transition from situation to situation as I often leave the house at 6am and don’t return until 2am 🙈

    Love all the colours, love the style would love to win! X

  349. 🌹🥇would be perfect to walk the streets of London and Paris in June.

  350. Simone Dora says

    Rose Gold – they are gorgeous Beth😊

  351. Shelley Nelson says

    Oh my… the rose gold 👌🏻

  352. Wow what a great competition from Babymac and Frankie 4. Loved seeing how the “Beth ” complemented every outfit from jeans to a dress. A stylish but comfortable shoe is worth its weight in gold and gold is definitely the colour I would choose.

  353. Susie Morrissey says

    G …. Gorgeous
    O …. Of course
    L …. Laden with
    D …. Divine deliciousness
    Would be amazing to own a pair of these magic shoes called “Beth” … but they must be Gold !!!!

  354. Emily Hewitt says

    Amazing shoes Beth, I love them all but the blonde is my fave! Your talents know no end. Thanks for a chance to win 😊

  355. Michelle Liston says

    I defs need a gold pair in my life! Love love love them!

  356. Tracey Carter says

    Would lurv some sassy Blonde Beth comfort fo add to my wardrobe …..please 🙏….and thank you …. and a massive congrats ✨✨

  357. The golds are so divine I would love them! And perfect timing as I’m heading to NYC in April for my husband and I’s 40th birthday!
    The Beth looks like the perfect Frankie4 to walk me around the Big Apple! 🤞

  358. Tracey Carter says

    Would lurv a pair of sassy Blonde Beth to add to my shoedrobe…. please 🙏and thank you and a massive congrats ✨✨

  359. Rose gold 💗 would love to have a pair of these beauties.

  360. Love me a metallic pair of shoes and these are GORGEOUS! Well done to everyone involved! I am also all about the brogues and flats and whatever else isn’t a heel. I’m only short but who needs to be short with shoes this fab anyway? ❤️❤️

  361. I’ll take all the colours, but if I must choose, then it is defo the rose gold! Trip looks amazeballs, you sure know how to jam pack a few days with all the good stuff! Oh and I’m a size 41, thank you Frankie & Beth

  362. Beth your shoes, like you, are gorgeous. I would definitely pick Rose gold as they go with everything. I think I will have to get a black pair when they are released to wear to work. As a midwife I’m always on looking for comfy yet stylish shoes for work 😄

  363. CARLY Hicks says

    I am pretty sure a Gold pair of Beth’s would fit in nicely in the shoe cupboard!! Hard choice because I am torn between the Gold and Blonde x

  364. I am loving the Beths, especially in the rose gold. Would love them in silver too. They look funky as well as functional….2 birds…

  365. Freaking loving these shoes 💗💗 gold is my ultimate 😍. Losing my mind over them

  366. Karli Lancaster says

    Oh heck those rose gold babies would cheer up a drab back-to-school outfit QUICK STICKS! Love them!

  367. I think I need some Beth’s to wear to work for my poor little feet. My feet hurt 😔

  368. Rose gold are very specki…..Frankies are fab!! Thanks for the intro to Beth!!

  369. Congratulations Beth!
    Rose gold would be amazing to wear 😊please

  370. These look great, rose gold would be my favourite.

  371. How hard is it to find flat, sensible shoes? God, I hate the word ‘sensible’ but when you use a walking stick, it’s a practicality you can’t ignore.
    Along came ‘Beth’ screaming out to join my Lili Tan.
    I choose Rose Gold, but let’s be clear, I want all three. Should I win, Beth in Rose Gold would be reunited with her siblings in my robe very quickly thereafter.

  372. Stunning- LOVE them- PLEASE PLEASE have a beautiful gold pair for me 🙂

  373. Elizabeth Sparrow says

    What a fabulous pairing… the ‘Beth’ in me (Elizabeth) adores the gold pair xx

  374. I would love to try a pair of FRANKiE’s and Beth in gold is calling my name… ✨

  375. Love the rose gold! :0

  376. Jessica Grealy says

    They are super cool. I would normally say rose gold for everything but those gold ones are speaking to me. Love the gold!

  377. My stupid feet would love to try out Beth in any colour! I have yet to meet a new pair of shoes that I have not had to prepare my feet with bandaids for days and days.
    Big hopes that Beth changes that!

  378. The blonde would be perfect for my own trip to Hong Kong in a few weeks.

  379. Rose gold would make me feel like I was walking on sunshine!

  380. Jen Whiteway says

    Wow – these are gorgeous shoes! Been wanting to try this brand for awhile and this is good motivation to do so!! The Rose Gold BETH is just stunning – definitely my favourite colour and sure to be a fave shoe! Thanks for the chance to win! X

  381. Rose gold is absolutely lovely, definitely my fave! But the gold and blonde are gorgeous too!

  382. Gold gold gold!
    Really any colour that is different from the brown elastic sided work boot I wear all week, often crusted with cow poo or chook manure!

  383. Such a difficult choice!! They all look gorgeous but I think BLONDE might be my choice. For a start anyway – will probably need others. 😊

  384. Oh I love this style, thank goodness comfy shoes are tren-day and not uncomfy ballet flats (ouch)!
    I like them all but I’d go the blonde.
    Beautiful feature and modeling!

  385. Jen Quirk-Moss says

    Beth, they are fabulous!
    Loving the rose gold. Can’t wait to nab a black pair.

  386. Blonde Beth for the win! Perfect for my Autumn capsule wardrobe I’m working on at the moment.

  387. Jodie crane says

    Love, love, love. Rose Gold please 🧡

  388. The blondes!! They will go with EVERYTHING! Fabulous

  389. The Blondes! They will go with EVERYTHING! They are fab!

  390. I think blonde. What a gorgeous pair of shoes Beth! Well done team and fingers crossed. Xx

  391. Oh my God …… I love them . I will do love them and appreciate them . Please get me out of my mum thongs 😂🙏🏼

  392. Blonde! 100%. My gosh they are beautiful and I would absolutely love a pair. We’re off to Japan later in the year and they would be perfect! We’re taking the kids so no doubt i’ll Be buying all the travel gear for them and won’t have much $ left for me.

  393. Blonde FTW 👊

  394. Congrats Beth! Great pics….love them all…but would have to pick the rose gold! 🌹💛

  395. Catherine Andrews says

    That gorgeous Rose Gold. And just in time for Winter! 😍😍😍😍

  396. Esther Diepeveen says

    Congrats Beth! Great pics….love them all…but would have to pick the rose gold! 🌹💛

  397. Rose gold, definitely. They look like the most perfect footwear, especially my poor teacher feet that need to look magnificent but also treated with TCL, being on them all day.

  398. Esther Diepeveen says

    Congrats Beth! Great pics….love them all….if I had to choose it would be rose gold! 🌹💛

  399. Oh the rose gold😍 they sure would be a treat for my poor feet, I have planter faciaitis and a heel spur. 😩🙌🏻

  400. Those beautiful photos! What a fun looking trip and those shoes! Well, they look the bomb. Can I please have a pair of the blonde Beth’s? I swear I will put them to good use. School runs, grocery shopping trips or something else equally glamorous! Glamour I will look anyway in a pair of those 😉

  401. Melissa Thom says

    Cant go past the beautiful blonde – don’t blondes have more fun? Imagine what i could get up to with those beauties on my feet. Stunning shoes and such gorgeous colours x

  402. Joanne Moore says

    I’m very keen to get these babies on my feet. I know Frankie do deals for nurses but seriously wish they’d do a deal for teachers too. Love them

  403. These look gorgeous! (As do you!) Loving the photos and styling of the outfits with the shoes. Looks like you had a fabulous time.

  404. Gorgeous! Rose Gold 😍😍

  405. Ruse gold! Please! For my awkward tall self!

  406. Love love love the beth shoe.
    As a brunette. ……i have always wanted to try being a blonde
    Now is my chance.

  407. Jen Sexton says

    Gold!!! Wow they are just beauties!! LOVE!!

  408. Love love love them all. As a brunette, I have always wanted to know if blondes do have more fun. Thanks for the chance at winning a pair.

  409. Kate Jenkins says

    The rose gold are totes amaze 😍

  410. Kerry McGuffie says

    Would LOVE the Blonde Beth. Will go with everything and no sore ankles with these beautiful shoes saving my soles!

  411. Congrats Beth, they’re gorgeous 💙

    I’d love to win a pair. I’ve spent the last few months working hard to get fit (10kgs lost so far)… but all the running has left my legs and feet super tired and sore (plantar faciatis ☹️)… I recently upgraded my trainers and now it’s time to upgrade my work / casual shoes and these would be perfect.


  412. Ohh my, these are devine! Rose gold is a winner for me.

  413. How good is Hong Kong! and how good are these shoes, just love all the colours. Hard to choose between the Blonde an the Rose Gold for me but I’ll pick the Rose Gold!

  414. Rose Gold please! You won me over with that beautiful little video in Hong Kong 🇭🇰

  415. Stunning pics! I would love the blonde pair. 😍

  416. Congratulations Beth! Such stylish shoes to have named after you! I’ve always hoped for a pair of Frankies. I’d seriously be happy with any colour but if I had to choose I’d go gold!
    Many thanks Beth xx

  417. Blond is HhhhhhhooooT! And boy do you make travel to Honkers look mighty inticing x

  418. Great shoes and a great giveaway, Beth.
    I am a little concerned that your winner, a teacher, cannot spell a simple word such as shiny correctly. This is one of the reasons that I home school.


  1. […] I’ve worn it here with a favourite cami underneath (because HEATWAVE), the fabulous and famously flattering Bohemian Traders distressed skinnies and the brand, spanking new BETH Derby flats from FRANKiE4 Footwear (you so need to check out this new style named after my girlfriend, BabyMac). […]

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