An Italian cooking class

Yesterday afternoon we were treated with a wonderful cooking class in the cucina preparing dinner for our group of 24! We made some fresh pasta with pesto, Beef Peposo (a local speciality with red wine and pepper) and some tiramisu for dessert. It was just about the perfect way for me to spend an afternoon: food, prosecco, family and friends all coming together to prepare food for people that we love. In Italy nonetheless!

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The end result was delicious!


  1. Oh yum ! Our dinner is a bit late tonight & those photos have me dribbling 🙂

  2. a year in Tuscany beth?
    you are having a ball!
    how wonderful for you all!
    your photos are telling the story! ab/fab!
    love m:)X

  3. Oh my I am SO jealous. So glad you and your family are having a fabulous time x

  4. Oh shut up!!! That’s my all time favourite, I spent my honeymoon a zillion years ago in Tuscany so many beautiful memory’s … met us there. And now as you are there my beautiful daughters are playing in Frienze doing what young women do! Your photos are amazing they make me happy and sentimental…Beth your amazing! Xxxx

  5. Outstanding – I made ricotta gnocchi with blue cheese and sage sauce for dinner with chocolate ricotta cannoli for desert……..

  6. Perfecto, Beth. What a wonderful day. x

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