The food and the drink

If there’s one thing that I’ve done this past week and a half is eat. I’ve got the whole eating part of the loving and praying down PAT. If you can’t go nuts here, well then there’s no point to being in Italy at all I figure. The breastfeeding sweet cravings have not gone unnoticed with my heart being taken by all things gelato and dolci, but never fear, there has been pasta and pizza a go-go too.

Oh my, what a sad world it would be for you if you didn’t love food.

IMG_1780 IMG_1876 IMG_1884 IMG_1990 IMG_1994 IMG_1995 IMG_1997 IMG_1998 IMG_5524 IMG_5539 IMG_5657 IMG_5705 IMG_2250 IMG_2408 IMG_2410 IMG_5786

And the end result? Going on two sets of thighs.



  1. OMG! isn’t it gorgeous bet! meaning mags and everything Italian!
    la dolce vita! … sigh! … “eat, pray, love!”
    all good! love m:)X

  2. Even more sad when you do love food but eating all the things you enjoy makes your body sick. Thankfully a table laden with goodies is still a feast for the eyes so it’s not all bad!

  3. Oh my! I think I’d put on so much weight in Italy! But you just can’t pass up THAT FOOD! Yum yum!

  4. I’d come home the size of a house but I’d be happy. Food looks sensational and of course needs to be eaten. Mangia! mangia!

  5. Rowena / Vintagenobility says

    It’s my turn now, spending hours orrnn the couch; just waiting n scrolling…please keep on feeding me with these photos Beth! Pretty sure I’ll be visualising some of these beautiful scenes when it’s my ‘go-time’!

  6. I had a dream two nights ago that I was with you and Harps and I were secretly working our way through a box of jam doughnuts after you’d told her she’d had enough. You were distracted breast-feeding Mags so the two of us were snaffling them. Mind you, you were eating a custard filled pastry at the same time. And then the staff (yes the staff) came out to tell us that dinner was ready and we all wailed “more food” before dutifully going inside to eat more. So basically the best dream of my life.

  7. Ya gotta love a daggy, saggy pineapple bum! 😉

  8. Omg those steaks on the BBQ & those pastries. Nom nom nom!!!!!

  9. Oh my GOD is that a doughnut with caramel dripping down? I am practically dribbling on my phone. Loving the pics of your trip – and that last one made my laugh out loud. Thank you as always for sharing. Larissa xx

  10. The food looks amazing & those little legs are just too gorgeous

  11. I couldn’t eat the pasta, pizza or pastries 🙁 but got my fill of caprese salads, gelato and Spritz!

  12. I’ve put on weight just reading your post ?

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