Some ways I beat the mid winter blues

I just had a trawl through my blog and it seems that EVERY year at around this time, I seem to get the mid winter blues. Huh. Well, it’s mid for us down here because we really don’t seem to see a change in the weather and temperatures until at least mid to late October. The endless fires and ash and chopping and stacking, the cost of heating, well it can get a gal down so here are some ways that I like to spark myself up in the depths of a never ending winter. Not to mention what has played out this week in Canberra, it’s a sad state of affairs and many of you (like me) might be feeling a little off. Thought I’d share some ways to beat these blues in case you were feeling a little meh too…

1. Bring some of the outside, inside.

I’ve had some blossom popped inside for the past few weeks (well it was sticks before it was blossom) and it not only looks good, but it can remind you that hope and warmer weather is on its way. I keep my secateurs in the car and have been known to pull over and chop from the side of the road.

2. Go for a walk

It is SO hard to be motivated this time of the year to go for a walk, but man does it make you feel better. I haven’t been doing this lately and have totally been suffering because of it. Time to get out into nature again and get the blood pumping to make myself feel alive again! Not to mention the benefits of your headphones up LOUD with some good music.

3. Treat yourself like a toddler

Having a toddler, I know that she lives a pretty good life! Optimum naps situations provided, good meals, chopped fruit, lots of water and comfort food, creative play, reading books, puzzles, drawing, exercise and early bed times. I reckon if you follow some of these guides you will instantly feel better. Last week I put myself to bed at 7.45pm and I went STRAIGHT to sleep. No devices. I felt a million bucks after that. Highly recommend!

4. Get Baking

Most people have flour and eggs and butter on hand so it’s a cheap way to make food to feed the family plus it makes you feel better. The smell, the process, the end result…everyone is a winner!

5. Take yourself out for breakfast…at home!

I love more than anything a fancy pants breakfast at a cafe. The whole thing just makes me happy…but why not do it for yourself at home post school drop off? If you have a big breakfast it will last you through till dinner too. Eggs, chorizo, haloumi, avocado, herbs, corn fritters, poached eggs, sourdough with lashings of butter. Cook it up, put in on nice plates, make a strong coffee or pot of tea and treat yourself. This simple act of self care and love will be worth it…better still, ask a friend over for it to join you!

6. Find something in season and get your hands on it

Right now there are GROANING lemon & citrus trees all around us. Friends that have them will be thrilled you take some off their hands, and if you can only buy them, grab anything thats in season as it will be cheap as chips! Whack it in bowls inside, get cooking, re-gift the goods back to the person that gave them to you as lemon curd, or preserved lemons…you get the drift! My dining table at the moment has a big bowl of lemons on it with the new cloche that Rob bought me for my birthday and it looks awesome.

7. Throw some shite out

Last week I cleaned out my wardrobe and boy does it feel better. Drawers that close! Hangers that are orderly – a little clean out and tidy up will make the world of difference and give you a touch of a spring clean! Plus going through your wardrobe will remind you of things that you might have forgotten you had…getting to the bottom of the drawer will do that!

8. Spend some time with people younger AND older than you

Babies and wise older people will always out things into perspective. We have so much to learn from them so do your best to hang out with both of them if you can. Tomorrow we are celebrating Aunty June’s 94th birthday and Dottie who is 1 will be there too – perfect!

9. Entertain for yourself!

I do lots of entertaining but rarely treat ourselves to a good platter. I say treat yourself like a guest with some good cheeses and platter action and a drink…that will do for dinner!

What are some of the ways that you make yourself feel better?
It appears that LOTS of mine involve food!
Hope you all have a good weekend friends x


  1. Thank you for the self care inspiration, Beth! I treated myself to your corn fritters the other morning after school drop off. Made a nice coffee and sat out the back with a magazine. Was so nice! Mumma takes care of everyone, but it’s so lovely to take that little but if time for ourselves sometimes. You’ve got some great ideas there, but sending you a cyber hug as well 😘

  2. all good ideas thanks beth!
    I will have one of your breakfasts for sure! … deliciousness!
    love mx

  3. I love to buy a magazine and go out for lunch BY MYSELF. Such a treat and I often do it for my birthday as well a celebrating with my family and friends. Or if the budget is tighter then just go and find a new magazine to try, or get one from the library.
    Buy an electric blanket. We only got one recently as my husband thought he didnt like them!
    We have an open fire which was rarely lit on week nights. I decided to sometimes light it during the week as well. The ash is a pain as you said but it is so cheering and cosy.
    Find a new podcast to listen to while going for the walk. Happier with Gretchen Rubin is unfailingly cheering. I have just found My Open Kitchen (thank you Beth) and it is a gem.

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