Winter days at the beach

We’ve had such a lovely week up at the beach doing a whole lot of not much. We are that family that don’t go anywhere, do activities or the like when we go on holidays (same at home) we do pretty much not much at ALL until the kids start to really lose it, we’re all ok. So there’s walks on the beach, sand castle building, potato scallop eating, visitors and playing with cousins, lots of colouring in and movie watching, some board games and in between LOTS fighting with each other. SHIT the fighting!

For me, I have had a chance to do lots of reading and cross words, less cooking with Rob doing lots and lots of relaxing. Man, it’s been heaven. There’s something so good about the beach in the winter, rugging up and the short days…it takes much longer for the sun to come up over the headland and then before you know it, around 2pm it feels like the day is coming to an end.

Lots of fresh air and time offline, it’s been really good. In fact, I don’t want to come home.

There’s nothing like a change of scene for a change of mindset.


  1. It looks lovely. It is 9:15am & I have a serious craving for a potato scallop now ! Is that issue 6 of the Audrey daybook ? I am waiting to get hold of issue 6 as my letter to them will be their letter of the month.

  2. Katie Clews says

    So glad you’ve had a lovely time with the family Beth and even got some reading done!!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your school holidays. Ours went back yesterday and it was terrible – I love having the kids home. the house was so quiet.. Keep up with the reading too!!! So many awesome books out there and it sure beats the mindless scrolling on your phone…

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