Styling You Turned 10 and I went along to celebrate!

You know me, tell me you are having a party and I will BE there. No matter how far or for how short a time, I will wrangle someone to look after the kids and hightail it. And this weekend was no exception, as it was Styling You’s 10th Blog Birthday. Nikki has been a blogging friend since March 2011 and we have a strong and beautiful friendship. I am her little sister that can be annoying, I borrow her clothes and turn up on her door whenever I need someone to stay in Brisbane. Her family have become much loved by our family, we go on holidays together and her long suffering husband has seen me worse for wear more than a few times after long nights out on the town.

Nikki has taught me so much about blogging over the years and has grown the most remarkable audience of loyal, fabulous women from all over this country. On Saturday she had a gathering of just 200 of them who were dead set the most amazing group of women. All dressed so fabulously, all giving zero fucks about this or that they were confident and inspirational and there was a certain magic in the air for sure.

I was lucky enough to travel up with my little sis Lucy who does some work with Nikki too…we were thrilled to escape for 2 nights to some warmth and sunshine – Brisbane turned it on with days in the mid twenties. It was DELIGHTFUL. Mags snapped me Friday arvo before I left. Tanned up and excited about not doing anything for anyone under the age of 12.

Saturday morning was very busy spent filling up gift cards, getting hair and make up and getting to wear some AMAZING Jan Logan jewels that were lent to me to wear on the big day. Talk about Logies moment…dead SET. Indecent Proposal eat your heart out. I wore this ring, these earrings and this diamond and ceramic cuff. Maaaaaaaaaaaate….

Got the full make up treatment too with a professional job. I felt 1 million bucks!

The room looked amazing filled with high tea, a photo wall, gift bags and of course the fabulous guests who were all there to have fun and connect in real life with so many friends they have met in Nikki’s community. I love these kind of events so much – seeing friendships come off the computer and into real life. There were some CRACKERS too – so many lovely women all came up to meet me and say hello and make me feel so loved too. Thank you!

And can we discuss this jumpsuit that Birdnest gave for me to wear on the day? Best thing EVER. So flattering, so comfy and hid all the bits I don’t love about my body and highlighted all the bits that are OK. I would never have chosen this but am so glad that I have it now as it will get FLOGGED. Love it so much. Add to cart my friends…ADD TO CART. I was also in the Frankie4 Alana’s in the new colour Pewter which is fabulous. So comfy.

We had such a lot of fun all afternoon, meeting wonderful people, watching a fashion parade, doing some shopping, and having a chat with the woman of the day – I had so much fun being the MC for the event…give me a microphone and I am a happy woman!

I’m sure there will be many more photos to come from Nikki when she gets them back from her photographer and of course I was too busy having fun to take any myself! But it was a wonderful event and testament to Nikki: filled with confidence and love and girl power!

Nikki truly is one of a kind in this blogging business, she is generous with her knowledge and expertise, she cheers everyone on and will always help out no matter how big or small. She is the original and the best when it comes to being women’s cheerleaders no matter their size or age. She champions Australian brands and has made many businesses on her recommendations. She is a treasure and jewel in this landscape.

I am proud to call her a friend and couldn’t have been been happier to celebrate the big birthday with her. Congrats Nikki – thank you for all you have done for me – all those phone calls and cheering up and mentoring and showing me just how it can be done. In family, in motherhood in business and in friendship. Love you long time x


  1. Bloody hell. Just when I thought I couldn’t cry any more. Thank YOU gorgeous girlfriend. It was just such an honour to have you MC the day. Thanks for letting me dress you (no Barbie dolls as a kid, soz). What a day! Need to hit replay on it. x

  2. Helen Cain says

    You’ve so beautifully captured the spirit of Nikki’s 10th Anniversary event. Thank you for your generous greeting of each of us as we arrived – I walked a little taller when you commented that my earrings (chosen the night before by my Insta friend and traveling companion Nicoll) were “extra”! Your MCing was brilliant – you said all that we were feeling and more. Still on a high (but oh so tired😳)

  3. Looks like an incredible day, how blessed both you & Nikki are to have each other in your lives. Loved your outfit, make up & awesome jewellery! X

  4. god your drinks always look so REFRESHING. could go a few.

    Nikki is the best. Spewin I missed the party!

  5. Such a fabulous event, thrilled I could be a part of it. You looked the BOMB! Adding to cart now!


    How bloody fabulous!! Everything and everyone looks amazing.

    I don’t usually comment but I just wanted to give Nikki a bit more love. I started up an online fashion boutique just over a year ago. When I was doing my research I reached out to a number of women who had started fashion websites as well as some fashion bloggers. There were many and I didn’t really expect anyone to reply (but you got to ask to get a No right). However, out of everyone I had 2 replies and one of those replies was from Nikki. I was absolutely astounded given how busy she must be and her advice was so valuable. She even replied to follow-up questions (which I felt bad asking). Anyway – I just wanted to back your comments about how she is so generous and how she supports small business. I will be forever grateful and she certainly has a massive fan in me!

    Congratulations on 10 years Nikki! I can definitely see why you have lasted in this business xxx

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