BabyMac Spring Fling Lunch 2017

I held my first “Spring Fling” lunch on Saturday at the gorgeous Wombat Hollow in Kangaloon which was such a success! I am thrilled with how it all went and just had to share it with you guys – especially when the photos are as wonderful as these ones are. I cannot thank Nicki from Cottonwood & Co enough for them they are bloody brilliant.

This was a slight variation on my previous two At the Kitchen Bench series events with a longer form sit down lunch in between the cooking demonstrations and story telling that goes on. For me, these events were a chance to open my heart and soul up to the people that came along. They are well and truly the blog bought to life with me sharing recipes and home cooking, feeding and watering people as well as sharing the story of my blog over the past 11 years and how we made the tree change down here. This time I also shared some of my favourite blog posts over the years peppered in between my story telling which had myself and a few more of us all in tears.

We ate a gorgeous lunch of slow cooked lamb shoulder with salsa verde and roast potatoes and salads (all popular recipes on the blog) as well as canapés and everything except dessert (thanks to Mum and Aunty Trish) was made by me. We ate like queens, drank endless glasses of cold wine and prosecco and generally had the most wonderful afternoon. For me, this is like having 30 of my readers to my home for a home cooked meal, a little piece of my heart went onto everyone’s plates. What a privilege!

I can’t thank my crew of friends and family who help me with these events and work their bums off for me as well as talk me off the ledge when I am crying and doubting myself and FREAKING out right up until the last 2 minutes when the first guests arrive. My sister Luce, Zoe (aka Miss Rabbit) Mum and Tricia and this time around Mrs Munro and the extraordinarily talented Nicki who took all of these photos. I would not be able to do it without seeing your smiling, proud faces looking back at me. Truly.

To everyone that came, thank you. To everyone that came along to these this year, thank you. You travelled near and far, laughed at my jokes, hugged me like an old friend and really made me feel like the luckiest person in the world. These women (and men, let’s not forget Dave) were representing all of you guys that read this blog. You are all smart, warm, kind people who I was lucky to meet a few of.

I hope I get the chance to meet more of you in the next year to come. What a thrill!

Now if you will excuse me, I might just go and have a lie down!!


  1. Inspiring! Can’t wait to see you come to SA……….

  2. Do you have any idea of your Victorian dates yet? X

  3. Amazing Beth, just amazing. You are an absolute champ. Would love to come to one … one day! A girls weekend in the Southern Highlands… yes please. Well done to you.

  4. This looks amazing. I’m hope I’m around for the next one!

  5. Your Melbourne readers NEED YOU. I need you!! Live in person. I haven’t had a glass of bubbly in about six months, an afternoon with you would be totes worth breaking the drought for!

  6. Looks incredible! Would love to see you in Melbourne!!

  7. Beth may I ask where your dress is from? You look gorgeous!

  8. I had the best time Beth!.. thanks SO much for inviting me!.. you’re a star!’nn

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