At the Kitchen Bench with BabyMac – 6th May 2017

I’m so thrilled to be able to share a little of our first event held on Saturday. It’s always nerve wracking getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new – especially when it’s all up to you! I have been wanting to create an event for people that would bring the blog to life…and this did exactly that!

A beautiful location in the Southern Highlands, some great readers, some food, some story telling with Neighbour, some drinking and LOTS of laughing in between. It could not have gone better!

It was an intimate afternoon fireside, and very special indeed. I am so excited that I get to do this all again on the 20th May. And lucky for a handful of you…there are still some tickets left. You can buy them online here.

I was saying in an email to Dave (there’s a photo of him above…he bought a ticket for his wife’s 40th and they travelled all the way down from Brisbane and made a weekend of it!) this morning that I know how precious people’s time (and money!) is so it is such a thrill for me to meet and connect with some of YOU who are as much as a part of this blog as I am. It was a privilege and honour to have them there, feed and water and hug them. Thank you to each and every one of you who came along!

And Dave, we love you.

I also hope to bring this show on the road…some sponsor searching and I will be starting with Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide in the next few months, some regional areas and of course some more down here so I can create an excuse for you and some mates to make a weekend of it down here in the gorgeous Southern Highlands.

The blog…come to life. So much fun!

Lastly a very special thanks to all those who helped me. Neighbour, Miss Rabbit and my gorgeous sisters and Mum and Aunty Tricia who all helped out in the kitchen. Dream team!

Anyone coming on the 20th?
Where else do we need to take this show?


  1. I’ll help you in Brisbane x

  2. Newcastle for sure!

  3. PrincessPony says

    I’d love it if you came to Port Macquarie!

  4. I will be there on the 20th with my Mum, it’s her Mother’s Day present.

  5. Yeeeees Brisbane!!

  6. Looks like a wonderful day Beth! Can I bring a wee bundle (due in June) when you come to Brisbane?

  7. Thank you so much for the pleasure given not only to our Dave and Monica but to our extended family who have so loved your posts.

  8. Yay I can’t wait till you come to Brisbane!

  9. Linda Batman says

    I’m coming on the 20th! Can’t wait!

  10. I will trundle to Brisvegas from the Sunny Coast !!! Hands up in the air I say hands up in the air ahahahah

  11. Can’t wait to go to the Melb one

  12. Sam Spring says

    Beth I had a fabulous afternoon. So pleased to finally meet you in person. The location was great, as was the food and the entertainment! Thank you for delicious food, bubbles and fun. It was lovely to see a family supporting each other so well and delightful to meet them all, especially Dot. Thank you for being you.

  13. Tamworth!

  14. As a recent reader of your blog and a resident of the NSW far Nth Coast I noticed the Lismore Road and Casino Bowling Club signs (any connection to this area).

  15. You know how I feel about you!!!! ? Make it Brisbane…sooooo many reasons why that would be sensational

  16. I was wondering who the special bloke was in the photo. Good on you Dave ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Jacq Lives Here says

    Oh so pleased you’ll be running more in the Highlands! With #Budget2017 and a house move in May, I just couldn’t make either of these dates, so will be waiting with bated breath for more dates!

    Also – a NEIGHBOUR sighting! Any chance of you gals doing another podcast soon? I miss your banter!

  18. Just a tad excited about the 20th! Traveling down from the Gold Coast and making a long weekend of it with my husband ? Even though you’re coming to my neck of the woods later on, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit such a beautiful part of the country. See you soon Beth!

  19. Please please please come to melbourne!!!


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