Full & Thorough reporting: The social edition

Goodness me we have had ourselves a social week at the Macdonald house. We’ve been to Sydney twice, I have eaten and drunk waaaaaaaaay more than I should have and had LOTS of fun along the way. Pour yourself a drink, have a seat and have a look at where we’ve been.

Monday night we headed up to Sydney as the girls (and all the senior class) were performing at the Opera House for the festival of Instrumental music. It’s such a great night – so many talented kids all coming together to showcase the best of public education. I was so proud. Rob and Mags stayed back at the hotel while I was at the concert (jet lag and 3 year olds don’t mix well for a long school concert). We stayed at the Quay West apartments which are such excellent value and HUGE. We had a 2 bedroom one which has killer views and 2 bedrooms and a sofa bed for us all. Highly recommend them – we have been staying at them for many many years.

The next day the big girls were given the day off school for a much needed family day. With the past month being filled with me away and then Rob, it seemed an age since we were all together just the 5 of us. The weather was awful (torrential, sideways rain) so we caught the train to the Museum where we stayed dry and warm and saw a great exhibition on mammoths. All the girls loved it and I was reminded again of how great it is for kids. Have to get to the Powerhouse again soon – maybe these holidays.

The girls LOVE the train. Such country mice who get excited about things like this – bless them.

We showed them where we used to live when we were young and carefree! Yurong Street in East Sydney for those playing along at home.

We were back home to the Highlands Tuesday afternoon as the weather got even worse. We had a post ball catch up with the committee in Zoe’s shed which is the most delightful place to bunker down. So cosy and warm and NO CHILDREN IN SIGHT. Plus! It comes with it’s own Uber driver who picked us up and home again (thanks John).

You can stay at this place details on AirBnB here (sleeps 6 all piled in together) perfect place for a relaxed girls weekend away I tell you – I wanted to book in myself!

There was one day of rest (and recovery for me) with my colds and cough not going away. I think I went to bed at 8pm on Wednesday night and slept right through till 7am the next day. I felt better for it. Then yesterday Rob and I went up to Sydney for a gig we had booked months ago to see The Tesky Brothers at the Oxford Art Factory. The perfect closer for a social week with my man and my brother, sister in law and sister and brother in law!

I wore another Little Party Dress that I bought a few weeks ago – perfect little number to wear with tights in winter. I think this style has sold out but you can click on WANT A RESTOCK for it here.

We started the night out for a drink at Huberts on Blight Street I think. SUCH a great French place and somewhere I would love to go back to for dinner. Fabulous cocktails and amazing atmosphere – you feel like you are in Paris…not Sydney on a Thursday night that’s for sure!

From there we went and had another drink a little closer to where we were headed this time Charlie Parker’s in Paddington filled with ALL of the beautiful people. This place was fabulous and somewhere I’d love to come back to – their restaurant looked especially good. I loved how the kitchen downstairs just looked like you were part of someone’s house. Definitely check it out if you are in this part of town.

Then we headed off to the gig and it was WONDERFUL. Live music really is so good for the soul. Superior people watching too.

Home in time for the end of the football and then up early and back home this morning for the girl’s public speaking. Back into!

So that’s been MY week, I’d love to know what you have been up to.
Also, got any good places you have been to that we need to know about?


  1. That dress is adorable on you! Just the thing.
    I’ve just had my usual work week here.
    No parties, gatherings, outings, trips, eating out or anything to report.
    I’m in the states, and it’s so interesting to see what you are doing a world away. I love these posts.

  2. It’s birthday week here not much happening other than making lots of fondant unicorn horns and ears.

    I am however trying to replicate Harry and Megs wedding cake for my mums birthday

    Wish me luck

  3. I have to tell you that dining at Huberts is as exceptional as the atmosphere.

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