Night swim

A month or so ago I was telling the girls how you can swim at night in pools. They were quite beside themselves at the prospect.

“But how do you SEE Mum?!”

I explained lights. IN pools.

From that moment on they were dead keen on getting a swim in the pool. At night. Both slept today in the car so they could be up a little later, so a night(ish) swim was promised. We headed down early evening for a drink by the pool. Some colouring in. Some chips. Some of Lady Mackay’s olive balls. And a night swim.

While we didn’t see stars (delirium set in) we saw the lights. In the pool. And the girls were as delighted as I thought they’d be.


  1. love it, kids are cool x

  2. It’s the simple things in life that make it all worth while 🙂

  3. My daughter thought we were being so naughty when we said she could have a night swim when we were in Bali last. She kept looking around waiting to be told to get out, even though dad was in there with her. Funny how their little minds work!

  4. I love the simplicity of children and their world. Beautiful pics xx

  5. Oh, bless them. Is Daisy just you in miniature? If she isn’t, then that photo maybe five or six from the end is totally lying. What a gorgeous place to while away some time.

  6. Breathtaking photos. How gorge is the back of Harps standing at the edge of the pool. Stun.ning!

  7. What an amazing spot. Kids love swimming in the rain. That idea always seems to go down well. Happy New Year Beth!

  8. By God you have an eye for moments Beth!

    Excellent photographs.

    Gabs x

  9. I have fond memories of night swims on hot evenings, nothing better! Beautiful pics of your girls, that place looks amazing. Enjoy

  10. Gorgeous photos! Love Daisy’s wavy post-swimming hair 🙂

  11. I remember swimming at night as a kid, it always seemed somehow a little illicit. But the light in our pool then became the centre of our games as a magic portal. Those were wonderful times.

  12. We had one of those on the way home from holidays at the caravan park we stayed at. Pool was open until 9pm, and I’m sure they would have let us stay longer (it was stupid hot) and a night under canvas in the camper trailer was not looking appealing but the swim hit the spot. The kids loved it.

  13. I’m very jealous of that little paradise. You say “farm” and I imagine a dusty outback shack with cows and/or sheep … not a fancy retreat with night swimming and gorgeousness!

  14. Your photos are always such a delight to see. Thank you so much for sharing. x

  15. Love harpers Mexican smock. Lily has some. They are great.

  16. Ohhhh beautiful, BEAUTIFUL photos. Loving that one with the sunshine on Daisy’s face and Harper in the background, so pretty xo

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