Rainy weeks and goldfish brain

This morning I layed in bed and truly believed for about 20 minutes that today was Saturday. It was deeply disappointing when I realised it was 7.15am and that we had to run around for School. Anyone else feeling a bit like this at the moment?

On Monday I picked some flowers in my sister’s garden for her because I knew that the rains were coming. Still thinking about those roses, they were THE most beautiful pink, blouse-y pink blooms and smelt even better than you can imagine!

Plus I was trying to distract myself from the morning tea spread she had put on when I was meant to be fasting. Stupid Mondays. Anyway, that afternoon the rains did indeed come, and they haven’t bloody left. It has literally NOT stopped since about 5.30pm Monday. Mostly constant, sometimes torrential, they say over 400mms and no sign of it stopping. So much mud. And Frank not wanting to go outside. And footprints. And wet. Happy for it to stop anytime now and go where else it’s needed.

You guys, Biebs was AMAZING. We had the best time. Nailed the exit too so were home before midnight which was a Christmas miracle but to see the look on Daisy’s face, the pure joy and delight, to sing and dance with her together, I won’t ever forget it. I even shed a little tear!

I tell you what, I have a complete disinterest in pretty much EVERYTHING work related this week. Can’t seem to get it together. Not interested. Cannot focus. Can’t remember a bloody thing and entirely unmotivated. I’m putting it down to two things. NEW and YORK.

It’s next week! Like in just over a week!

The weather forecast on my app will almost be for when we arrive on Sunday 26th. I keep thinking things like “the next time the recycling bin gets emptied, we will be in New York!” I am both so overexcited and yet dreading leaving the kids. Isn’t it ALWAYS the way?! You can’t wait for some time away from your kids, a break and the minute you get it? You miss them! Rob has told me it’s impossible to miss the kids before you even go away, but I already am.

Lucky I am distracting myself with packing and thinking about what to take. This morning when Mags went down for her sleep I spent a good hour going through clothes and working out “looks” for the trip. Apparently I think I’m Erica from Real Housewives of Bevs now?! If only I had staff to put them together for me and photograph them…

I want to make sure I don’t over pack (because: SHOPPING) but it’s also bloody FREEZING. Like tops of 5 or 6 with still SNOW (can you even IMAGINE if it snowed?!!!!!!) and I want to look good. And like a grown up because it’s a KID FREE TRIP. It’s quite a business.

I got my hair done too.

Too much?

Maybe I shouldn’t have seen Biebs the day before the cut because I pretty much look like him now. AND I’M THRILLED ABOUT IT.

And new luggage I ordered online arrived this morning. And I can keep it out.


There’s documents to write for the two Grandma’s who are coming down and staying with the girls for a week each. Calendars to fill in, sleepovers to organise and all the while not mentioning it too much because the big two get a bit sad. It’s no wonder I can’t focus…one minute I am yelling in caps and the next holding Mags and crying because my HEART MY BABIES WHAT WAS I THINKING LEAVING THEM?

But I know this: time together as a couple is SO important. We need this trip. 12 years of marriage (we leave on our wedding anniversary) 3 kids, big moves and career changes, we need to laugh. And have sex. And sleep without being woken up. And have no plans. Eat dinner at 10pm. Have a long boozy lunch. And just be together. And as quick as this trip is here, it will be over again and I’ll be putting the recycling bin out myself. At least I will have a camera full of photos and a heart filled to the brim with good times.

Of course I will be blogging when I am away and sharing along (one of my favourite parts of travel is to blog and share the memories as they happen for ME so when I am sad I can go back and remember that we really DID have that adventure). Hope you’re all ready for a quick trip to NYC?!

But for now it’s back to forgetting what I had to do and putting on gumboots AGAIN and spending as much time with Maggie as I can and using her as an excuse over work. The boys have gone camping for the weekend (apparently where it’s not raining) down in the snowies so it’s a few days of solo parenting with the kids….

Maybe just the ticket for getting me on that plane quicker next week! Ha!

Hope you guys have a great weekend planned. We have a few events on in the village and other than that hopefully lots of downtime on the couch while it rains outside. Have a good one friends x


  1. I remember following your adventures when you went to NY with Mrs Woog. And then I was lucky enough to go for my 40th a few years later. Loved it so much. Have a brilliant time. Can’t wait to follow along this time. New York you are sublime. Enjoy the trip Beth xx

  2. I’m not happy to read you’re already sad to leave your babies but I’m happy you shared it. Next January Tim & I will fly to NZ for my sisters wedding SANS ALL FOUR KIDS!!! It will be our first holiday as a couple in 18 YEARS!!! We’ve had 2 nights away together in those years, 1 was our wedding night 17 years ago, the other the night of our 10th wedding anniversary. Already I doubt can leave my kids for 2 weeks but part of me is so excited to just be with my husband. ALONE! And yo do all those things you mentioned, especially the sleep.
    Have the best time & I’ll be looking to you for guidance because it’ll be the first time I’ve spent any time away from my kids in 9 years!!! ( yes I’m a lunatic but I’m not good at leaving my kids or having time to myself )

    • Will report back on all the things to remind you PLUS I can be your consellor any time you get sad because I would have done it, then come back and no doubts would be kicking myself that I wasted ONE moment thinking about not being with them. I’m here for you!

  3. I am so jealous but you deserve and at your little munchkins will be fine. Will your sister have her Bub while you are away? So looking forward to your posts.

  4. You will miss them but what a blessing to be able to go. Grandparents are one of the worlds natural wonders and sometimes under appreciated resources (clearly you appreciate them very much).

    We didn’t have grandparents with whom to leave our 4 so we didn’t have more a couple of nights away until the oldest was 21, living back at home after being away and sensible enough to be left in charge of 3 younger siblings down to 10 years old. It’s too expensive to pay for care for longer than a couple of nights sadly and kind friends would have helped but….4 kids!!

    So go, have a fantastic time, do all those things that are precious to you and Rob that are not child friendly and have a blast. Even long haul flying is a treat when you are not doing it with small children.

    We also find we need a bit of separate time at the start to recalibrate after all the stress of getting away, then we can enjoy each other’s company.

    • That’s it Claire….the flight without kids! Not having to change a channel, open food or drinks, take anyone to the toilet…BLISS. Thank you x

  5. Our Wedding Anniversary is also next week (perhaps we share the same date) and it will be our 39th. We have been thinking about spending our 40th in New York so I will be following your blog with interest.

  6. looking amazing hun!
    distracting oneself with boots is always an ab/fab idea!
    that time has come around quickly!
    I wonder how those actresses like nicle and kate etc feel everytime they leave their children!
    OMG could mags get any cuter! I love that she is saying bit cute! … too adorable!
    enjoy your inside weekend! we have it hot so must go and water!!!
    much love m:)X

  7. I can’t wait to follow along on your trip Beth. Your one very lucky lady. It’s been two years since I’ve had any sort of break and I’m desperate to get away with my hubs.

    • Thanks Beck, hope you manage to get a break sometime soon. We booked it in and just figured once we had we had no choice but to make it work!

  8. Christine says

    Those boots!
    That hair!

    Looking forward, once more, to living vicariously and following your NYC adventures.
    Have the BEST time for me!

  9. NEW YORK NEW YORK!! Was there two years ago for 8 days and loved every minute!!
    Have an awesome time! I can’t wait to read all about it 🙂

  10. Have a blast! Your heart will hurt with missing your kids but think how good it is for them to see their mum & dad happy & loved up ?? Selfishly can I ask that you please post about all of the food you eat?!? ? X

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