Heaven on earth found at Ocean Farm

I think I stumbled across Ocean Farm for the first time on Instagram maybe? You come across a photo that literally takes your breath away and you dream one day…one day we will get there. And bonus! It’s just 45 mins from home. I wanted to head away somewhere after my birthday with the family, somewhere special that we could all be together and make some memories so I went ahead and made it happen. Worked. Saved the money. Booked the place. And asked everyone to come along.

It was even better than I thought it would be. This place is SPECTACULAR. Situated in Gerringong, NSW it’s nestled in the bends after Kiama with the most amazing rolling green hills and uninterrupted views to the ocean, only dotted with the odd cow or train passing through. It felt like we had all travelled overseas…maybe to Ireland or Scotland, maybe New Zealand…it had all my favourite things in the world all together including my family.

We watched the view. We sat in the sunshine and read. We walked. We chatted to cows. We ate and dean and ate some more. We played board games. We slept. This weekend filled my heart and soul and packed my mind with unforgettable memories. Truly magical.

I don’t know if we will ever be back, I hope so. I hope that one of these photos plants a seed for someone else one day…one day.  There’s nothing better than a new travel goal to work towards is there?

Now it’s back to reality with some much needed quiet time, no celebrations, some exercise and no eating…it’s been QUITE the week!

How are you guys?
What’s been happening?

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  1. They are some stunning photos Beth. It’s been a couple of years since I was last down that way. Makes me want to visit the area again. So glad you had a fabulous birthday festival xx

  2. Beautiful, beautiful photos!

  3. Well it certainly has taken my breath away and I am only seeing the photos. What a beautiful place to visit. So love seeing you and your family together. I don’t have that so it warms
    my heart. Thank you for sharing and so glad you had a 40th birthday to remember. Go back there for your 50th lol.

  4. You do life well Beth, actually extraordinarily well. Thanks for sharing it with us x

  5. Gorgeous pics Beth. Mum actually looked at booking this house for her 70th but was booked. Off to Berry instead

    • We are going away for Rob’s Mum’s 70th in Berry too next month – wonder if it’s the same place. You MUST come back to this place it’s dead set amazing x

  6. Susan, Mum to Molly says

    I just can’t believe how green it is there, when Sydney is bone dry – we’re already being regularly choked by control-burn smoke.

    Your festival of forty look fab! So glad you’ve been well celebrated. 🙂 Back to the wonderful everyday eh?

  7. This makes me even more excited at the fact that we will be down there on the weekend!!!

  8. All looks gorgeous and super pics beth!
    We r in sunny hervey bay where all is ab/fab too!
    Much love mxx

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