Star Gazing

On Wednesday night (as I was OFF my face with tiredness) we headed up to school for a little star gazing as we were part of the (successful) attempt at the world record for number of people star gazing that was being hosted through the ABC. All the kids at our little school are learning about space this term, so this was the perfect timing for an event to be held.

While it was the last place I wanted to be (bed was CALLING) I had the best time up there with all the kids and families and local astronomers who brought along all of their equipment. The kids LOVED it and while we didn’t last long in the cold with Maggie (OK, mostly me) when we got home and watched the TV show that was on and saw people all across the country doing it, well it wasn’t hard to get swept up with it all.

Science and space isn’t really my thing – Rob LOVES this stuff and passes his passion onto the girls, I loved seeing all these kids getting excited about science and space and learning. Hearing the delights, seeing their faces, hearing the words COOL, well without virtual reality but ACTUAL reality, it made me happy.

Such a great initiative by the ABC, all the shows have been fabulous. Anything that gets kids excited about the world around them, is alright by me!

Did you star gaze too?
Learn anything new this week? I learnt HEAPS.
All these photos were taken by Rob too – great shots I think!


  1. Yep – I was a volunteer at ANU/Canberra where we had nearly 4000 on the oval! Such a great vibe – so many families! I hope you learned something new too Beth – never too old to have the science/space love!

  2. Hi Beth, firstly, welcome back from London! I agree, anything
    that inspires a love of the natural world in kids is a great thing! I agree, those photos Rob took of the night sky are really good, I imagine it wouldn’t be easy to get the definition of the stars. Hope you have an easy-going weekend đŸ™‚

  3. You are always welcome at our place when Wayne has his telescopes set up! The girls yes all of you and Rob will love it! If it’s too cold the fire will be on!

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