Shed Birthday Party

Yesterday afternoon we went around to our friends John & Zoe’s flash new shed for a birthday party. It’s almost the end of the year, some of the kids have finished at school for the year, they are heading OS on Monday to Europe and the UK for Christmas and there was a birthday to celebrate.

I feel so lucky that we have such a wonderful group of friends that we get to enjoy time with throughout the year. Whether it’s a girls dinner, a kids birthday party, a paddock bonfire or a get together at the pub, they are all such great people, with great kids who all get along, young and old.

I feel very lucky I get to call them my friends. Last night reminded me of those special bonds.

I have a sneaking suspicion this won’t be the last party at this shed….

Are you in end of year Christmas party mode around your place too?
What’s on this weekend?


  1. That pic of you, your sister Luce & baby Dotty – cute as a button x 3!

  2. Still two weeks of school left but definitely in Christmas party mode. Went out with my bookclub group for dinner last night to an amazing new eatery run by Mark Briggs, who was the Young Chef of the Year winner a few years ago. Such a treat to have world class chefs cooking in our little town! This morning our first ever school float entered into our local town’s Christmas Parade, it was so much fun and the kids (and adults) had a ball! Dinner tonight at the local pub with good friends and then a quiet day tomorrow I think. Loving this time of year!

  3. a great shed and party beth!
    we went to a special friend’s 80th yesterday! … not your normal octogenarian! a Sydney girl!
    we had super weather and fabulous food and I’ve never eaten so many delicious desserts!
    oh boy!
    btw you look so relaxed in those photos!
    love mxx

  4. Sonia South says

    Beth you absolutely nailed it with every single one of those photos.

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