Visiting the Southern Highlands? Read this.

Every week I have so many people visit my blog looking for what to do when they come and visit this gorgeous part of the world. I thought I’d put together a list of all the things that I have from around here, from the blog that you might find useful. A little one stop shop if you will.

Lots of these posts are a number of years old and won’t have the most up to date places and there are new places opening up every single week it seems, so bear with me if there are things missing.

A good place to see what’s on is the Southern Highlands Tourism website. If you go under their What’s On tab you can get an idea of what is on the weekend you are planning to stay.

Need to work out where to stay? Stayz is a pretty good place to start for a house if there are lots of you. Otherwise this post may be helpful. Berida Manor has recently been updated and renovated (Winter 2017) too and is worth having a look at – it’s pretty cool.

Where to Stay in the Southern Highlands

Once you have your accommodation organised you will need to plan what to do and where to go. I wrote this post earlier this year that has ALL of the places to visit and how to follow them on Instagram. It should give you an idea of the places you may like to see and eat and shop at.

Who to follow on Instagram in the Southern Highlands

And then these two posts too.

Where to Shop in the Southern Highlands
Where to Eat in the Southern Highlands

If you are coming you MUST visit Harry’s Green Lane in Bowral for something to eat or drink. I don’t think I have updated it in these guides but it is well worth visit. The Press Shop cafe is also there next door and don’t forget Ludo (formally Red Tree Cafe) that is open for dinner. It’s a great place. I think the best pizzas in the Highlands can be found at Etcetera in Bowral.

And you may want to trawl through the archive at all my posts from LOCAL LIFE down here. There could be more information that hasn’t been updated in the posts above.

Hope all this helps…things are constantly evolving and changing but as at October 2017, this should be a pretty good guide to find things you need. Enjoy!

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