A stitch in time…

Today I had such a lovely day at one of Mrs Munro’s workshop here in the village on a gorgeous winter’s day.

It was my first time attempting her hidden core work and being not very crafty I was unsure I would be able to have a crack…but have a crack I did and what do you know? I did it! The workshop was held at one of the gorgeous homes in the village (you should follow along on Instagram for further details of workshops here) and run in conjunction with another mate, Miss Rabbit.

The day felt like a gorgeous weekend away with girlfriends, with a little craft involved, a stitch and bitch if you will where we learnt, chatted, ate and drank and created. Sounds pretty good right? Zoe cooked us a delicious lunch, the bubbles flowed and the fire kept us warm.

And I completely zoned OUT and INTO the spiral, I can see the appeal for this craftiness as the brain shuts down and you just get into it. So relaxing. Mine turned out VERY colourful (no surprises there really) but I loved the finished product and was very proud of my non crafty efforts!

Thanks for a great afternoon and stay tuned on all three Instagram accounts for details on more workshops coming up. What a great day!

You can follow Mrs Munro on Instagram here for more details of upcoming workshops here.

How was your Sunday?
Back to school tomoz? We are Tuesday!


  1. That looks like a brilliant way to spend a Sunday! I love what you created Beth.

    I got my craft on today by painting some watercolour flowers. I subscribe to a rad website called CreativeBug and I get to do all kinds of art classes for a super reasonable subscription fee. It’s really helped me build up my creative muscles.

    Today it was Fuji chrysanthemums and carnations, glorious!

  2. You are crafty Beth, you are crafty!!!

  3. Great job, it’s gorgeous and sounds like a lovely day.

  4. I what a perfect way to spend a Sunday. Xx

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