Stitch and Bitch weekend 2017

Last weekend we picked up our annual Stitch and Bitch weekend which used to be every year but has been missed for the past 3 or maybe 4? Started back in 2008 I think…it was a chance for all the crafty females on my Mum’s side of the family to come together for a weekend to natter, craft, drink and generally catch up on life as well as remember the stories of our family from the past. There is something pretty special about these kind of gatherings…the keeping of the family traditions and secrets, as well as creating new memories. And, lucky for me, you don’t have to be all that crafty to join in (my craft is usually emptying a bottle of Prosecco). You can see some of our past ones here:

2009 Stitch & Bitch in Wentworth Falls
2010 Stitch & Bitch in Kangaroo Valley
2011 Stitch & Bitch in Burrawang
2012 Stitch & Bitch in Moss Vale

This weekend was extra special because we were celebrating my Aunty’s 60th at the same time. She is the youngest of my Mum’s family (she has 2 older sisters (one couldn’t make it who lives in Tassie), a brother who passed away and her younger sister). This year we chose the Bundanoon Guest House which was perfect for the 14 of us…it’s always so hard to try and find somewhere for that many people to stay, and an added bonus that no one had to do the cooking and meal planning. Friday night we settled into a misty and cold night with a few drinks and dinner at the local pizza shop down the road.

While Saturday was a chance to do a little wandering, some shopping and looking at gardens that were open for the Bundanoon garden ramble. The afternoon was particularly lovely as we sat in the sunshine and used the art supplies of my cousin who is an amazing artist herself. How lovely to have the time just to sit and natter, talk secret womens business whilst having a little creative outlet as well. Heaven I tell you!

After our afternoon art session we headed indoors to get dressed and enjoy a magnificent dinner for the birthday girl.

Dinner was very special as we all sat around and talked about memories of growing up. Of aunties looking after sister’s babies…similar to what we all do for our kids now. Talking about my Grandmother, Beth, who I didn’t really know that much about, about raising families, about our futures and hopes, frustrations and joys…all the while enjoying a feast that was bought in for us. I won’t forget that dinner in some time that’s for sure.

Nor will I forget the cake that my cousin Jo had made for Krinny. A magnificent ode to her sewing skills…wasn’t it something else?!

A very happy birthday to my Aunty Krinny who looked after us all so much when we were young. And what a lovely weekend it was…let’s not wait another 3 years or so for the next one!

Do you head away for an annual girls trip of some kind?
A stitch and Bitch?
Or perhaps just a Mums on the loose?
They are great fun – hard to organise but worth it so much…do it!


  1. it looks like a lovely afternoon beth
    I had an only women’s lunch for my 60th and
    it was a fabulous day!
    that cake is amazing … or was!
    love the photo of your sisters and mum
    much love m:)X

  2. OMG beth!
    just saw the video of mags!
    she is a natural! … adorable and priceless!
    love the checking of the top knot and the hip shifts
    belly dancing talk!
    I did ballet and calisthenics for 10 years when I was growing up and seriously she has it!
    much love m:)X

  3. What a wonderful Ode to a wonderful weekend Beth. Thankyou so much for being there to help celebrate my birthday. As well as celebrating all the amazing women in our family. Sister Susie did an amazing job organising it all.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity for the women in your family to get together and that sure is an amazing birthday cake. Over 22 years ago I joined an incredible group of ladies at playgroup. We moved to Brisbane from Sydney 12 years ago and during that first year my husband organised a surprise playgroup girls weekend in Noosa. Every year since we have been meeting up in Noosa for food, fun and of course friendship. Cheers to the power of wonderful women.

  5. You’re all so alike! I love the cake.

    I’m lucky and blessed to have a daughter and two daughters-in-law. I love it when the four of us get together … it can be chaos with all the grandies, but so much fun. There is nothing like the chorus of girlie laughter to lighten the soul. x

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