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I had the lucky chance to get away on the weekend for a night away with some special women in my life…my extended family. My Mum had arranged our annual weekend away (otherwise known as the stitching and Bitching weekend) with all of the females on her side of the family. Being a catholic (and my Mum being one of 5 kids) I have 17 (!) first cousins and 3 aunties all on Mum’s side – this weekend we got to be away with 11 of them – all of the lovely ladies of my Mum’s family.

The weekend was originally created as a chance to get away for a few nights and spend time together working on their latest craft project as almost everyone quilts or stitches in some way (all except for me). For example, my project last year was to turn a wine bottle into a vase (which I did so successfully). This year there was not so much stitching, but plenty of *ahem* talking and nattering.

I arrived early Saturday afternoon to the beautiful house we stayed at in Wentworth Falls. It was FREEZING but I managed to get warm straight away next to the fire. I spent the next 24 hours chatting and chatting and catching up and eating and drinking (this year plenty of tea for me).

What a special time it was to be around so many special women all from the same family…all sharing our experiences and views on babies, birth, families, husbands and partners. It was so interesting to me to see that our experiences (although all from different parts of the country and different stages in life) were all shared, all common, and to know that we all come from the same blood – well it was a pretty special and rare occasion. There were plenty of laughs (and tears) and PLENTY of wine drank and delicious food eaten. I am sure that my maternal grandmother (Beth) would have been lurking about and having a look at the extended family that she created many years ago. It was also pertinent that one of us (me) this year was pregnant with yet another child to add to the family to see that the cycle continues on. I wonder one day if all of my sisters and our children will get together and do the same, and if one day Daisy and my other child (ren?!) will get together and do the same?

Family is such an amazing thing – a link to the past and to the future full of experience and knowledge that can be shared. The bond that you have with otherwise strangers – your blood – that binds you together whether you like it or not is something pretty special. I feel lucky to have such an amazing family that I am a part of – and feel so very fortunate to be able to be creating a whole other generation of my own – my beautiful daughter – to add to this collection of amazing women.


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful weekend!

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